Career Paths in Different Streams


So you’ve picked a stream, but the question “12th ke baad kya socha hai?” never ceases to follow. To understand the answer to it you must first understand what you’ve gotten into and how that might align with your goals, interests and future career paths.

Within the streams, there are fields you can opt into based on the subjects you like or your general interests. Read on to discover what the career paths are!

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Career paths in Science

Though there are multiple possible career paths and disciplines within the science stream, some skills are common to all.

The skills you’ll pick up along the way in any science career path:

  • Observation
  • Classification
  • Quantification
  • Inference
  • Prediction
  • Communication

Now, let’s discuss the different career paths in Science based on your interest.

1. Research and Academics

If you are curious about the secrets of the universe, want to dive deep into understanding the way things work, and have an abundant capacity to absorb new information and think critically to ask the right questions, then pure science would be the way to go.
The basic career paths you’ll need to follow to pursue either research or academics as a professor can be summarised as below

Pursue BSc. → Get a Master’s Degree → Get a PhD

2. Medicine

If you are a humanitarian in nature, find meaning in helping others and are obsessed with how the biological realm functions, then going down this path could bring you a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

One of the basic career paths you could pursue for a career in medicine would be

Clear NEET UG → Pursue MBBS → Get Specialisation with an MD/MS

VR in Medicine

3. Engineering

If you like working your brain to understand complex problems and do critical analysis to come up with creative solutions then engineering could be the right pick for you. Despite the multiple options available in engineering, the way to become one more or less follows somewhat similar career paths.

Clear Entrance Exams → Pursue B.Tech → Pursue M.Tech/MBA

4. Architecture

If you are the kind of person who absolutely loves to explore homes you’re visiting for the first time to understand how well it’s structured, if you find yourself daydreaming about floor plans and want to see your own architectural ideas in application, then pursuing this path could the best decision of your life.

The path to becoming an architect is pretty straightforward.

Clear NATA Entrance Exam → Pursue B.Arch → Pursue M.Arch

What subject or specialisation you choose to opt for might open up more specific pathways to achieve your goal. Discover all the ways to get into your desired field

Career Options in Science

Career paths in Arts

If you’ve chosen Arts as your stream you will probably get to pick up the following skills through your course career paths.

  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Social Responsibility

But despite the commonality of the skills you’ll develop, how you apply it within the various career possibilities in the stream will differ. Let’s see what are the broad possibilities and what career paths might fit you best based on your interests.

1. Academics & Research

If you are intrigued by the way society works and want to delve deeper into the roots of different human cultures then pursuing research and academics in this field might just be the thing for you where you’ll get the opportunity to spend long hours poring over every little detail that has shaped humanity.

Following is the basic of the career paths you can follow to get to your dream career in this stream.

Pursue BA → Get a Master’s Degree/ integrated Master’s & PhD

2. Law

If you are moved to action whenever you see injustice, if you are good at processing all information available to come up with the best possible reasoning to get to the desired result, then pursuing law could get you to the career of your dreams.

Though there are multiple sub-divisions in the field, here’s the basics of the career paths you’ll need to follow to get there

Clear Entrance Exam → Pursue BA-LLB

3. Design & Arts

Are you the type who has the last page in their notebooks full of doodles? Do you think you have the best sense of colour combinations and an intrinsic knack for understanding what constitutes good design? If so, then following Design and Arts for your career could take you to realise all your artistic dreams.

Like in any other field, there are multiple directions you can take based on your specific artistic interests. The career paths you might have to pursue would be

Clear Entrance Exam → Pursue B.Des/BFA

4. Media & Communication

Do you like probing into seemingly suspicious things to uncover the real truth? Do you have a way with words and people? If you answered yes, then following the path to a career in media and communication might be highly rewarding for you.

Here’s the basic educational and career paths you need to take to get it.

Clear Entrance Exam → Pursue BMM

Given below are some of the possible specializations you might want to pursue, along with the information on the pathways you can take to pursue the specific careers.

More Career Paths in Arts

Career paths in Commerce

Through the two years you’ll spend learning the different concepts applied in the field of commerce, here are a few skills that you’ll definitely get a taste of.

  • Numeracy
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Excel/Sheets
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tax Literacy

Now, based on your own personal interest and the skills you find yourself picking up more easily you should be able to understand which of the career paths in the field of commerce would suit you the best. Here are the few major ones.

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