This summer, transform your curiosity into creativity and your ideas into impact


8 weeks


Age 13-18

*Selective Admission Process


Flexible (Virtual)

Application Deadline

12th April 2024 (For 1st Cohort)

Incubator Dates

Cohort 1: April-May
Cohort 2: June-July

Embark on a Journey of Innovation and Growth.


Tailored Professional Mentorship

Receive hands-on guidance and problem-solving from industry professionals to help you reach your goals.

Stand-Out Factor with a Launch Project

Thousands of students want to pursue what you want to pursue. An original launch helps you truly stand out and show passion and commitment for your chosen field.

Project Launch
Competitive Advantage for College

Competitive Advantage for College

Top colleges accept less than 10% of student applications. Put a feather in your cap that 90% of students will NOT have.

Students Developing critical thinking

Enhanced Creative Problem-Solving

Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through real-life challenges and creative projects.

Leadership and Innovation Training

Evolve as a leader and learn innovative thinking through our structured program.

Leadership and Innovation Training
Network with Like-Minded Peers

Network with Like-Minded Peers

Our highly selective process means you'll be in the company of other smart, motivated and ambitious teenagers like yourself

College Catapult helps you go above and beyond

in showcasing initiative that puts you in the top 10% of students


Whatever your interest may be we work with you to design a custom plan to help you formulate and bring your ideas to real life.

8 Week Incubation Programs

Step-by-step Launch Process

Mentored By Industry Professionals

Business Incubator

Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Are you ready to transform your innovative ideas into actions that leave a lasting impact?

Research Incubator


Do you believe your research is destined to redefine industries and set new trends?

Tech Incubator

Future Tech Visionary

Do you envision yourself leading the next big breakthrough in technology

Leadership Incubator

Change begins with a small first step.

Are you geared up to lead, inspire, and make a difference in your community and beyond?

View Details for each Incubator

Key Milestones

Refining your idea

Ideate - brainstorm - debate and settle on the most promising version of your idea that we want to go to market with.

Customer Discovery & Validation

We think it's a good idea, but it's nothing without customer validation. Let's test out the waters through some primary research and further refine the value proposition.

Product Development

We're convinced the idea has potential, let's now develop the product and get moving toward launch.

Business Planning

To be viable, your business needs to make more money than it spends. It's time for costs estimates, projections, and a full fledged business plan.

Go to Market!

Devising marketing and sales funnels, monitoring statistics to course-correct and persisting until you hit the first set of customers.

Launch and Demo Day!

We're proud of what you've accomplished. Let's present your work and successes to a panel of industry leaders. Prizes, grant money, scholarships and more await.

Key Milestones

Week 1

Introduction to Research Methodology & Paper Writing

Research papers are very different from essays. First we lay the groundwork for how a research paper is to be written and what needs to be done differently.

Week 2

Topic Selection & Literature Review

Half the work is choosing a good topic – not too broad but not too narrow; something you can actually tackle in a high school paper.

Week 3

Research Design & Methodology

Will it be primary research or secondary or both? Let’s design the methodology to ensure robust and defensible data collection.

Week 4

Data Collection and Analysis

Learn techniques to avoid common logical fallacies and research mistakes. Draw sound, publish-worthy conclusions from your research.

Week 5 - 6

Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Before the rest of the world sees it, you must become your own harshest critic – revise, edit and proofread the work to make it publish worthy.

Week 7-8


Let’s show the world what you’ve got. We’ll help you get published in a credible forum.

Key Milestones

Week 1

Ideation & Concept Development

Ideate – debate – refine & finalize the idea into a user journey which can be implemented.

Week 2

Prototyping & User Experience (UX) Design

Let’s build it out! But first, user experience is paramount and needs careful planning & mocking up using low-fidelity tools for rapid prototyping.

Week 3

Front-End Development

Time to get started on the development of the prototype into an actual functioning front-end.

Week 4 & 5

Back-End Development and APIs

Now let’s dive into the back-end – where the magic happens. Get guided instruction throughout this tricky stage.

Week 6 & 7

Testing and Deployment

You made it – literally! Let’s test, test, test and get initial user feedback to refine the product further.

Week 8

Launch and Marketing

With the initial bugs out of the way, you’re ready to unveil your invention to the world and a panel of specialists.

Key Milestones

Week 1

Ideation & Concept Development

This is the most flexible incubator; it can take any form. Let's brainstorm together to determine the best format for you to display leadership and build a concrete roadmap.

Week 2

Planning and Logistics

Working backward from the launch date, we build and plan the timeline and interim milestones and tasks to be achieved.

Week 3

Marketing and Promotion

A successful launch needs good marketing – identifying target audiences, channels through which we find them, promotional communication and more is designed in this phase.

Week 4 & 5

Content Curation

This is the back end of your launch – all the content needed for a successful event/panel discussion/series of talks etc.

Week 6 & 7

Management and Operations

It may look easy but there’s a lot that can go wrong on the day. It’s time to plan for the tech platform, backups and ensure all operations are smooth on the day.

Week 8

Event Execution & Evaluation

You did it! You’ve pulled it off. Now, for reflection and evaluation – the most critical part of the process – which will become the cornerstone of your college essays and presentation to industry experts.

Get personally guided by experts

Our expert mentors work one-on-one with each student cohort

Dipankar Sanyal

Serial entrepreneur Founder of CashnGifts (scaled to 2 million + users) Currently building Clever Harvey

Specialisations: User Engagement, Digital Marketing, Community Growth


Rahul Sharma

Serial entrepreneur | Lawyer | Real estate consultant

Specialisation: Lawyer, Tax and Real Estate, Financial Markets

Dr. Vimal Ghorecha

Senior tech consultant and CTO

Specialisations: AI, ML, rapid prototyping, app development, systems architecture

Sriram Subramanian

Ex-Consultant at PWC & Brown University

Economics, Policy, Business Strategy and Anthropological Research

Puneet Acharya

2X Founder. Expertise in Operations and Growth

Specialisation: Coding, Operations and Product-led growth

Partha Chakraborty

Serial Entrepreneur | Ex-Venture Capital

Specialisation: venture capital, AI, consultancy

Madhu Agrawal

Founder, Callido Learning and Clever Harvey

Specialisations: Law, Finance, Business Operations and Growth

Zenobia Zaveri

Building Clever Harvey

Specialisations: game design, user experience, customer service and architecture

Who Are We Looking For?

Do you envision yourself leading the next big breakthrough in technology?

Is your creativity destined to redefine industries and set new trends?

Are you geared up to lead, inspire, and make a difference in your community?

500+ students successfully incubated

Could you be next?

Application Deadline: 12th April 2024 (For 1st Cohort)

Selective Admission Process + The Fee if selected for the College Catapult Incubator Program is ₹1.25 Lakhs

Key Cohort Details


Ages 14-18

Program Duration

8 weeks

Cohort 1

April to May

Cohort 2

June to July


Applications Start: February 11th

  • Applications open for interested and eligible participants.

Application Deadline: February 25th

  • Deadline for submission of applications. Teens are encouraged to apply quickly due to the high volume of applications received.

Shortlisting Candidates for Interview Round: February 26th

  • Applications are reviewed, and candidates are shortlisted for the interview round.

Interview Shortlisted Candidates: February 27th – February 28th

  • Interviews are conducted with the shortlisted candidates.

Announce Results: February 29th

  • Results of the selection process are announced the day after the interview.

Divide Groups and Allocate Mentors: March 1st

  • Selected candidates are divided into groups and allocated mentors.

Start Incubator: March 1st

  • The incubation program officially begins.

Applications Closing Soon