Career as a Probationary Officer

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If you can multitask if you are good with numbers, and if sitting in a room crunching numbers makes you the most productive in the room, if you are good at managing crowds, and juniors, and have great people skills, you are a good candidate to become a probationary bank officer.

Read the blog to find out more about working as a probation officer, the best banks to work for, and much more.

What does a Probationary Officer do? 

While employed by the bank, Officials are responsible for a variety of tasks. The list that follows highlights a bank PO’s responsibilities:

  • Managing the loan and mortgage sectors.
  • Ensuring efficient bank administration.
  • Solving consumer issues through engaging in interpersonal communication.
  • At the branch, the PO serves as the public relations officer.
  • Handling financial tasks such as bill paying, investment management, marketing, statement writing, check clearing, cash flow, ATM cards, demand draughts, bank management, and account drafting.
  • A newly hired PO will be given responsibilities for loan issuance, investment approvals, funding distribution, and budgeting as they become accustomed to working in a banking setting.
  • Obtaining the loans’ clearance through documentation of loan activities and visits to defaulters’ websites.
  • Controlling the bank’s administrative work and taking favourable decisions in favour of the bank.

Job Titles of a Probationary Officer

  • Assistant Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Senior Branch Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • Assistant General Manager (AGM)
  • Deputy General Manager (DGM)
  • General Manager (GM)

Career Path to become a Probationary Officer

Path 1: You can complete your 12 from any stream. You can then finish your B.Com./BA. You can then continue with the Bank PO Exam.

Path 2: You complete your 12 from Commerce. Then finish your BA/B.Com. You can also continue with CA/ICWAI. You can then continue with the SBI/RBI exam.

Path 3: You can complete 12 with commerce. Then finish your B.Com./B.E. You can also continue your MBA program in finance.

Path 4: You can complete your 12 with commerce. Then finish your B.Com./B.E. You can also continue on to earn your investment banking certification.

Read this blog to know in detail how to become a Probationary Officer

Salary of Bank Probationary Officer at different stages

An initial in-hand wage package for an IBPS Probationary Officer would range from Rs. 52,000 to Rs. 55,000. In addition, HRA, special allowances, dearness allowances, and other benefits will be provided. The net in-hand salary for an IBPS PO is between Rs. 52,000 and Rs. 55,000 after deductions. The gross salary for this position is around Rs. 57,000.

Is Bank Probationary Officer a good career option?

  • When a candidate is hired in the banking sector as a probationary officer, they have a variety of opportunities for development. A bank PO can quickly progress to positions such as manager, assistant manager, assistant general manager, and others. Because the Bank PO employment is transferable, the individual will probably move away from their current location as they advance.
  • A PO’s professional progress is rapid. Depending on the openings in the bank, one can receive a promotion every three to five years.
  • Numerous applicants have been drawn to the banking industry over the past several years by the industry’s rising market, employment stability, opportunities for future growth, good pay structure, and favourable working conditions. In the past ten years, the banking industry has expanded beyond all recognition.
  • Being a bank PO is seen as a lucrative and white-collar job option. The Bank PO exam is taken annually by candidates. The job offers several prospects for professional growth and a bright future in banking.

Skills required to become a Bank Probationary Officer

A person looking for employment as a probationary officer must possess the following skills and credentials:

  • The candidate needs to be capable of managing the staff, thus they need to be excellent at inspiring others.
  • They ought to be well-versed in finance, accounting, and economics. They must be knowledgeable of all governmental financial guidelines.
  • He or she should be able to respond to client questions and issues, or, to put it another way, they should have outstanding customer service skills.
  • He or she must be trustworthy and able to respect secrecy when it comes to the bank’s financial dealings.
  • He or she should be very good at verbal and written communication, as well as negotiation.
  • He or she needs to be able to work well with others in order to be effective.

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Top Recruiters for Probationary Officer

With time and advancements, a bank PO has a good possibility of becoming a successful bank manager, deputy manager, director, or chairman. In the future, candidates might work in investment banking. There are many reputable banks in India that could provide you, as an officer, with a good platform. The list can be found below.

  1. SBI
  2. Canara
  3. Syndicate
  4. Allahabad
  5. HDFC
  6. ICICI
  7. Cooperative
  8. Bank of Maharashtra
  9. Punjab National Bank
  10. Oriental Bank of Commerce

Courses to upskill as a Probationary Officer

The goal of banking and finance diploma and certification programs is to give students the most recent knowledge and skills concerning the industry’s developing specializations. They also assist banking executives and professionals in becoming knowledgeable in their particular fields of employment. Below is a list of the best certification courses:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Chartered Mutual Fund Counsellor (CMFC)
  • FRM
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • BAT Course

Qualifications to become a Probationary Officer

Degrees in India

You can apply for a probationary officer position if you have a graduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline and a minimum GPA of 50%. 

Undergraduate courses you can pursue to become a Probationary Officer 

BA in Banking and Finance3 years
BA in International finance and planning3 years
BBA(Hons) Finance and Banking3 years
BCom (Banking)3 years
BSc in Banking and Finance3 years
BSc(Hons) in Economics3 years
Bachelors of Business (Banking)3 years

Degrees Abroad

At the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels, you can study banking. Depending on where you study, a BSc in banking is often offered at the undergraduate level and can be completed in three or four years.

Many colleges and institutions throughout the world offer courses in banking. You can look into more lucrative career alternatives and work with renowned financial and banking organizations with a global degree in banking.

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Interesting books on finance and banking:

  • The Man Who Knew
  • Fault Lines
  • Lords of Finance
  • The Man Who Solved the Market
  • The Spider Network
  • More Money than God

We wish you well in your endeavours and trust that you now fully understand how to start a career in banking.

Folks, that’s it for now. We’ll hopefully see you soon.

FAQs about a career as a Probationary Officer

How much does a bank PO make?

The starting salary for IBPS PO is Rs 23700/-. Aside from that, there are allowances for medical expenses, house rent, travel, and so on. As an employee continues to work for the bank, several increments are added to their IBPS PO salary.

Can I become a bank teller after finishing 12th grade?

You can apply if you have a 50% graduation or postgraduate degree in any field. You are also eligible if you have a 50% or higher in your final year of graduation or a cumulative 50% or higher in all years of graduation. If you are in your final year of graduation or post-graduation, you are eligible to apply.

Which bank pays the most for a PO?

Among India’s public banks, the State Bank of India has the highest salary range. The salary structure for SBI PO is as follows: The starting salary for an SBI PO is Rs. 27,620/- with four advance increments.

What is the best degree for a PO?

To be eligible for the bank PO exam, one must have a graduation degree from a recognized university. You can pursue a degree in any field of your choice, such as a BA, B.Com, BBA, or B.Sc. You can apply for all bank exams after graduating.

What is the minimum age for a bank PO?

The IBPS PO exam has a minimum age limit of 20 years and a maximum age limit of 30 years. The upper age limit relaxation for reserved categories is as follows: 5 years for SC/ST candidates.

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