Do you ever wish you were in your teacher’s position when you observe them? Do you love instructing and are you regarded as the class expert? Do you wish to impart your expertise and educate the next generation of smart people? Then it is almost clear that you are considering a teaching position.

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What does a teacher do?

A teacher is a qualified individual who instructs students in accordance with national curriculum standards in their particular fields of expertise. They are responsible for distributing assignments, marking tests, recording progress, and maintaining contact with parents. Their other responsibilities include: 

  • Use visual and audio aids to present courses in a thorough way that will encourage learning.
  • Promote interactive learning to deliver tailored training to every learner.
  • Produce and disseminate educational material (notes, summaries, assignments, etc.)
  • Evaluate student progress, keep track of it, and give grades and comments.
  • Uphold a clean and organized classroom
  • Participate in regular meetings and cooperate with other educators, parents, and stakeholders.
  • Create and carry out instructional in-class and outdoor events and activities.
  • Report any suspicions of neglect, abuse, etc. by keeping an eye on the behaviour and psychology of the students.
  • Attending seminars, conferences, etc. will help you advance and broaden your professional knowledge and skills.

Career Path to Becoming a Teacher

Path 1: You can complete your 12 from any stream. After that, graduation can be pursued in any stream. You may also continue with a bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed). You can also pursue a master’s degree in education (M.Ed). You may also pursue a PhD in education.

Path 2: You can get your 12 from any stream. Then earn a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed). You can also pursue a Masters in Education (M.Ed). You can then pursue a PhD in Education.

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Salary of Teachers at different stages of career

A Teacher’s salary varies depending on relevant years of experience gained; for example, the starting salary of a Teacher with less than one year of experience is INR 2.90 LPA on average. However, with increasing experience and knowledge, a teacher’s highest salary can reach INR 5.30 LPA. A teacher’s salary is also affected by the industry in which they work. A government school teacher’s salary typically ranges between INR 2.3 and 8.4 LPA, while a private school teacher’s salary ranges between INR 2.80 and 5 LPA.

Experience Average Annual Salary
FresherINR 2.45 L
1-4 yearsINR 2.65 L
5-9 yearsINR 3.11 L
More than 10 yearsINR 4.02 L
20 years & aboveINR 5.06 L

Skills required to become a Teacher

  1. Communication:
    The finest teachers are those with strong communication skills because they interact with students regularly and productively. These include the capacity for active listening, professional but approachable body language, and verbal and written communication.
  1. Critical Thinking
    Teachers sometimes face time limits while trying to solve a variety of difficulties. They deal with conflicts amongst students, update class plans, and reply immediately to challenging queries from pupils.
    Being a teacher requires having the capacity to quickly synthesize the information at your disposal and make wise decisions using critical thinking abilities.
  1. Organizational Skills
    As a teacher, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, including organizing lessons, attending meetings, and grading. You must be both mentally and physically organized if you’re going to handle all of these things successfully.
  1. Creativity
    When instructing at any age level, passion is crucial for maintaining the pupils’ attention. To keep your student’s interest during class planning and delivery, use creativity. Maintain your sense of humour, be adaptable, and be aware that what works for one student or class won’t always work for others.
  1. Patience
    Teachers need to be patient, especially when handling challenging classroom situations. They frequently have to repeat explanations of ideas and deal with disruptive or difficult in-class students. A teacher’s patience will also be tested when dealing with students’ parents, coworkers, and administrators.
    A teacher must handle everything with a cool, collected tone while paying close attention to the current challenge.
  1. Technical skills
    Teachers must be knowledgeable in the subject matter they teach. Naturally, different jobs call for a range of abilities, but even teachers of young children need a high level of proficiency. Good general computer skills and the capacity to comprehend, utilize, or lead are among the technical abilities required of teachers.

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Is teaching a good career option?

  • You will experience a level of job satisfaction as a teacher that very few people will. Teachers likely have a greater impact on a child’s life than parents do. You’ll return home filled with pride once you see the students’ tangible results.
  • Teaching offers a very obvious path for career advancement if that is something you are interested in. There are options to advance as far as you’d like to, from department leaders to head teachers.
  • Each summer, with roughly ten weeks off, teachers have the chance to unwind and recharge. You can use the gap to advance your career or, as many people do, take some time off from academic pursuits entirely.
  • Teachers earn pensions after retiring. These are frequently more substantial than the standard private sector retirement benefits. Although every state is different, several of them permit teachers to retire at age 55 if they have contributed to retirement funds for 30 years.

Types of Industries hiring A Teacher

  • Government Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Tutors
  • College and Universities
  • Public Schools
  • Municipality/ State Government school
  • Art Colleges and Academy

Top recruiters for Teachers in India

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • WhiteHat Jr.
  • Byju’s
  • Vedantu
  • Any private/ public school

Courses to upskill as a Teacher

Your abilities will be updated and you will gain a complete understanding of what becoming a teacher requires. Check out the below-listed certification programs.

Foundation of Teaching1-3 months
University of Teaching1-3 months
Uncommon Sense Teaching1-4 weeks
Practical teaching with technology1-4 weeks
Online learning design3-6 months

Qualification to become a Teacher

Degrees in India

After completing your diploma in any profession of your choice and while pursuing your B.ed, you must pass a few government tests, such as the CTET, TET, and STET, in order to become a teacher. Teaching in government institutions and schools requires a B.Ed. Additionally, you can enrol in integrated courses to help you finish both your undergraduate degree and your B.E. in four years.

You can pursue any postgraduation in the same stream of your bachelor’s to enhance your education and become an expert in the same. 

BA BEd integrated course4 years
BSc BEd integrated course4 years
Diploma in Elementary Education2 years
Bachelor in physical education3 years
B.Ed.2 years

Degree Abroad

Universities often need a bachelor’s degree in any discipline before starting a program focused on teaching.

You must fulfil the country’s teaching standards, which often include a degree or degree, master’s entrance examinations, language exams, and other specific documentation, in order to become a teacher overseas.

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FAQs about the career as a Teacher

What certificate courses I can do after 12?

Certificate Courses 
Elementary Teacher Education Certificate (CETE)
Primary School Certificate (CPE)
Guidance Certificate (CIG)
Primary Curriculum and Instruction Certificate (CPC)
Certificate in Primary Education (CPT)

Which course is best for becoming a teacher?

Integrated courses that allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree and your B.Ed at the same time aid in completing your education and entering the professional world faster.

Which subject is best to become a teacher?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) with QTS which is a degree program that also includes teacher training, so you can study for an honours degree while also completing your teacher training. This is a popular option for those wishing to become secondary school teachers.

Which degree is best for becoming a government teacher?

A Bachelor of Education or B. Ed is a professional teaching degree that qualifies a candidate to work as a government teacher in schools and colleges. To be eligible to pursue the B. Ed course, the candidate must be a graduate of a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks.

How long does it take to get a teaching degree?

To become a teacher, you can take one of two paths: a four-year integrated Bachelor of Education degree (B. Ed. ); or a three- or four-year Bachelor’s degree followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Both paths lead to certification as a professionally qualified teacher once completed.

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