A stock trader is someone who makes a living by buying and selling securities like stock shares. Professional stock traders that work for a financial institution or private investors both trade stocks. This blog is a detailed guide on a career as a Stock Trader, what a Stock Trader does, different paths you can take to become a Stock Trader, and different job opportunities.

What does a Stock Trader do?

The nature of the work of a stock trader is to bring together buyers and sellers in the financial business.

  • They could be self-employed or employed by a business.
  •  Stock traders profit by taking advantage of price fluctuations in the stock market. 
  • Financial counsellors and stock traders both serve as money managers for their clients.
  • Advising businesses to merge and go public while examining their financial situation.
  • Stock traders can run their own businesses, work for banks, or devote most of their time on the trading floor. 
  • Stockbrokers and stock traders must exchange information.
  • Purchasing stocks for the long term and the short term based on market trends.
  • Providing guidance to both buyers and sellers regarding the purchase of securities.
  • Locating and contacting prospective customers.
  • Tracking the total performance, profit, and loss of the various securities.
  • Research stocks in order to reduce risk and increase profit.

Job Roles 

  • The Day Trader
    A day trader is a sort of trader who conducts a sizable number of short- and long-term deals to profit from intraday price movement in the market. Profiting from very brief price changes is the aim. Leverage is another tool day traders can employ to boost returns—but it can also boost losses.
  • The Fundamental Trader
    Using fundamental trading, a trader chooses which stock to buy and when to acquire it by concentrating on company-specific developments. Buy-and-hold investing is more closely related to trading on fundamentals than short-term trading.
  • The Technical Trader
    A trader bases their trades on price charts’ technical analysis. Technical analysts study price charts to create hypotheses about how the market will likely move. Traders look for head-and-shoulders, triangles, and price gaps among other chart patterns.
  • The Swing Trader
    Swing trading is a kind of trading in which gains are sought over a few days to several weeks in stock or any other financial asset. Technical analysis is the main tool used by swing traders to find trading opportunities.
  • The Long Term Trader
    Position trading also referred to as long-term trading, is a trading strategy in which a trader holds onto a position for a protracted length of time. A position transaction may continue between several weeks to several years.

Career path for becoming a Stock Trader

Path 1

  • Complete your 12th from the commerce stream. 
  • Take finance-related bachelor programs such as Economics, business management, or financial markets. 
  • Do a certificate course in Technical analysis or Fundamental analysis. 
  • Take an internship 
  • Get Licensed

Path 2

  • Complete your 12th from any stream. 
  • Complete a bachelor’s program from any background.
  • Do a certificate course in Technical analysis or Fundamental analysis. 
  • Take an internship.

Path 3

  • Complete your 12th from any stream. 
  • Complete a bachelor’s program from any background.
  • Directly take an internship under a stock broker or trader.

Salary of Stock Trader in different stages of career 

Profile Salary 
Trader ₹ 9.8 L 
Senior Trader ₹ 17 L 
Portfolio Manager ₹ 12.5
Lead Trader ₹ 7.5 L 
Derivatives Trader₹ 4 L 

Skills required to be Stock Trader

  • Analytical skills: Analysing abilities can be honed by stock traders to become adept at trading equities. You can effectively assess the market’s character and the effects of continuing market swings by developing these skills. You can obtain the data required to comprehend and approach the industry successfully. In order to comprehend the charts at various time frames, stock traders employ their analytical skills to stay up to date on market developments.
  • Communication skills: Stock traders can effectively communicate financial words and concepts to their clients with the use of good communication skills. They develop trust with their clientele by having effective communication abilities. Make your consumers feel at ease while speaking to them and use straightforward language when giving financial advice. Additionally, you can work on active listening. It can help you understand the concerns of your clients clearly and provide accurate and helpful solutions. When describing technical topics to clients, be sure to utilize precise wording.
  • Patience: Stock traders can avoid trading at the wrong time by practising consistency and patience. Gains and losses throughout a career might aid stock traders in making the required modifications and adopting a successful strategy. Market fluctuations might be essential components. You may avoid losses and place measured transactions with low risk by trading with patience and discipline.
  • Research Skills: Instead of placing large wagers against the market, make it a practice to learn from it. You may learn more about the market and obtain more information by investing more time in market research. Market fluctuations can educate you on how to modify your plans and strategies in order to as closely follow the current market trends as you can.
  • Stay Calm: When they have a loss, many new stock traders could become anxious. When they experience a loss, certain stock traders are more inclined to make poor choices. Stock traders can control these scenarios with practice. Experienced stock traders are adept at maintaining composure under pressure. They can use this to guide their decision-making and minimize their losses. Try to think practically and keep in mind to conduct in-depth study and analysis before making any trades as this will help you develop this skill. This can make you feel more assured and ready in these circumstances.
  • Mathematical Aptitude: To calculate earnings, percentages, and dividends, stock traders may need a fundamental understanding of mathematics. You can maintain your competitiveness in the stock market by speeding up your calculation process. You can also employ various software tools as a stock trader to generate precise outcomes. You can also utilize your mathematical prowess to come to conclusions on extremely complicated data that call for challenging calculations. If you have strong mathematics abilities, you can analyze the facts and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Is Stock Trading a Good Career Option? 

Yes, In the stock market, purchasers can increase their earnings without endangering their own enterprises, and sellers can benefit from the sale of stocks and raise money from investors; investing benefits both sides. Trading may be highly challenging, which is not to argue that it is an easy business. Anyone can enter the market because there are so many options, but your success ultimately depends on you. Trading might be a full-time career opportunity, a part-time work opportunity, or just a side hustle, depending on the path you take.

Places where stock traders can work

  • Stock Broking Companies 
  • Financial Markets 
  • Financial Companies 
  • Mutual Funds Companies 
  • Banks 
  • Private Corporates 
  • Consulting Firms 
  • Private Firms 
  • HNWIs ( High net worth individuals)

Top Recruiters for Stock Traders 

  1. Green Lantern Capital’s Growth Fund
  2. Fidelity Investments
  3. Unifi Capita
  4. Edelweiss Broking
  5. Charles Schwab
  6. TD Ameritrade
  7. Aditya Birla Sunlife PMS
  8.  E*TRADE
  9. Karvy Capital’s Excel Fund 
  10. Kotak PMS
  11. Motilal Oswal
  12. Interactive Brokers
  13. CMC Markets
  14. Zacks Trade
  15. ICICI Prudential

Courses to Upskill as Stock Trader 

  • Certificate Course in Fundamental Analysis
  • Certificate Course in Financial Modeling 
  • Certificate Course in Advance Technical Analysis
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst
  • Algorithmic Trading & Computational Finance using Python & R
  • Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Post Graduate Certification Programme in Financial Markets

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Qualification to become Stock Trader

Undergraduate degree in India  

The courses mentioned below will last 3 years. 

  • Bachelor in Financial Market
  • B.Com in Financial Market
  • BA in Economics 
  • B.Sc in Risk Management and Insurance
  • BBA in Finance
  • B.Sc in Actuarial Science

Postgraduate degree in India  

The courses mentioned below will last 2 years. 

  • MA/MSc in Financial Management
  • MSc in International Finance 
  • MSc in Financial Markets 
  • MBA in Finance

Degrees Abroad

You may want to think about enrolling in classes like BS in Finance, BS in Financial Engineering, BBA in Finance, and BS in Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics. After that, you can pursue a master’s degree in a field connected to finance.

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I want to know More!


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Famous Personalities 

  • Jim Rogers
  • Richard Dennis
  • Steven Cohen
  • Nick Leeson
  • Jesse Livermore
  • George Soros

This is the profession for you if you want to spend your day searching the market for possibilities that can make or break your day’s earnings. This is one of the most thrilling occupations you can choose if you like taking chances because it allows you to trade for yourself. Best of luck to you as you work toward being a seasoned trader.


How much do stock traders earn?

The average yearly income for stock traders in India is 2.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 0.3 Lakhs to 6.9 Lakhs. On 118 salaries that were paid by stock traders, salary estimations were derived.

What do I need to study to become a stock trader?

You can seek a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, commerce, or accounting. Obtaining a business or finance degree at the undergraduate level can help you develop significant stock trading skills. Getting a master’s degree can help you look more credible in the marketplace.

How do I start a career in stock trading?

Stockbroker, Investment Advisor, Equity Research Analyst, and Portfolio Management. As you are all aware, in order to trade or invest in the stock market, you must have a Trading and Demat account that is issued by your broker.

Is stock trading a good career?

Keep in mind that trading and investing are not only full-time careers, but they are also very risky activities with a higher likelihood of losses than gains. You must adopt the appropriate posture.

Can I be rich by trading?

Yes, you can make money by trading stocks. Many people have made millions just by day trading.

Can you get rich off stocks?

Can a Person Invest in the Stock Market and Become Rich? Yes, investing in the stock market can make you wealthy. One of the most dependable ways to increase your wealth over time is through stock market investing.

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