Career as a Renewable Energy Expert

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Energy conservation and the development of alternative energy sources are urgently needed in the modern world. To protect the environment, many individuals are converting to renewable energy sources. However, there is still a tonne of room for this sector to grow.

Are you a fervent supporter of energy conservation? Do you wish to support breakthroughs in the field of renewable energy?

This blog is a detailed guide on a career as a Renewable energy expert, what a Renewable energy expert does, different paths you can take to become a Renewable energy expert, and different job opportunities.

What does a Renewable Energy Expert do? 

A specialist who works in the solar, wind or thermal power industries is referred to as a renewable energy expert. Furthermore, they manage the workforce, supervise the installation of the products, and work with clients from various cities and nations.

As an Expert in renewable energy, their goal is to boost productivity, cut expenses, and lessen the environmental effect.

Experts in renewable energy undoubtedly need to have excellent presentation and communication abilities. For the expansion of the firm, they also need to have strong networking abilities. In addition, we carry out technical evaluations, keep systems running, and put policies in place to encourage energy efficiency solutions.

Job Roles

  • Solar Project Manager
    As the use of solar energy increases, a project manager would be responsible for managing the design and construction of sizable solar PV projects in both the public and private sectors. End-to-end project management would be required in this difficult and demanding profession.
  • Ocean Advocate
    This position may be the ideal leadership opportunity for you if you are interested in marine life. Working on campaigns for fishing, shark, illegal fishing, and seafood fraud would be involved. Developing and implementing programs to lessen overfishing and safeguard marine environments. Working to lessen the quantity of pollution and plastic in the oceans could be another aspect of ocean activism.
  • Sustainability Professional
    Numerous companies have integrated important sustainability practices into their organizational goals. As a result, there is a rising need for consultants, energy managers, and experts who are in charge of attaining these objectives and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Engineer
    A green energy engineer advances technology and finds solutions to issues. Engineers working in this field have a wide range of options, with employment available in mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental engineering that largely focuses on research and development. Engineering also plays a crucial role in the creation of new technologies which is an essential component in the green energy sector. As an engineer, you might work on the creation of hydroelectric dams, solar cells, and wind turbines. 

Career path for becoming a Renewable Energy Expert 

Path 1 

  • Complete your 12th from Science Stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)
  • Prepare for JEE to get into an engineering college
  • Do a B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
  • Consider doing an M.Tech
  • Work under a renewable energy expert

Path 2 

  • Complete your 12th from Science Stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)
  • Do a Bachelors in Environment Management
  • Do Certification Courses to upskill yourself.
  • Work as an intern under a  renewable energy expert

Salary of Renewable Energy Expert in different stages of career 

Ocean Advocate₹14 lacs
Solar Project Manager₹20 lacs
Engineer₹16 lacs
Sustainability Professional₹28 lacs
Renewable Energy Expert₹11 lacs

Skills required to be a Renewable Energy Expert

  • Communication
    In the field of green energy, communication is a crucial ability. It is crucial to be able to express yourself clearly both orally and in writing, especially if you want to hold a leadership position. In this industry, effective networking, relationship-building, and making genuine change all depend on good communication abilities.
  • Motivation
    Employees must remain motivated since there will be times when things don’t go according to plan, projects don’t turn out as planned, or issues arise with new systems or procedures, particularly in a new business like green energy.

    As an employee, you must be driven and committed to your work, and leaders must be able to inspire staff to go above and beyond for the company, especially in coming up with novel and creative solutions.
  • Intellect
    Leaders in the renewable energy sector must be able to work cooperatively with others to achieve better results rather than competing. Leaders must be able to come up with novel and new ways to save costs while still satisfying client demands as the industry continues to confront challenges for investment and commitment in this sector.

    Since the green energy industry is still developing, you will need to make a number of judgments for which there is no clear-cut solution. Therefore, you must show originality to use unconventional solutions or take a fresh perspective on an issue.
  • An Inquiring Mind
    It will be really helpful to have a natural interest in how things function because the green energy industry is one that is always growing. A green energy employer would also be interested in employees who have the capacity to explore ideas that initially might seem unreachable.

    Senior team members should be actively encouraged by their leader to experiment with new systems and procedures to see what works and, most importantly, what doesn’t.

    With so many opportunities in the green energy sector, it is imperative to have an open mind and the capacity to set an excellent example.
  • Technical expertise
    Although it may seem obvious, employment in the energy sector necessitates a variety of technical abilities in order to succeed as an employee and, if desired, lead teams and projects in the future. 

    Employees in the renewable energy industry need to have a strong understanding of scientific ideas and concepts. A thorough awareness of the industry, including the current problems, current trends, and features frequently encountered in this kind of employment.

    A leader in the energy sector should go one step further and gain a thorough awareness of international energy markets, economics, and the broader business environment. 

Is Renewable Energy Expert a Good Career Option? 

To start with, this business has just undergone a boom and will only keep growing as demand rises. The public and the government are both growing increasingly environmentally conscious and supporting the use of renewable energy to lessen carbon footprints. This suggests that there will be an increasing number of jobs available in this industry. 

Second, working in the field of renewable energy can be personally fulfilling. You contribute to the development of innovative, renewable energy sources that lessen climate impact. As a result, well-educated and knowledgeable people who are well-educated and knowledgeable have a good opinion of this sector.

Type of Industries Hiring Renewable Energy Expert

  • Private firms
  • Manufacturers of renewable energy products 
  • Power Corporations
  • Power plants sector
  • Hospitality industry
  • Government

Top Recruiters for Renewable Energy Expert 

  • Hindustan Power
  • National Hydro-electric Power Corporation (NHPC)
  • Motech
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • SELCO India
  • Adani Power
  • Reliance Power
  • Tata Power Solar
  • Suzlon
  • JSW Energy
  • Power Grid Corporation Limited (PGCL)
  • Hanergy Thin Film Power Group
  • Pacific Ethanol
  • NextEra Energy
  • The Bottom Line

Courses to Upskill as Renewable Energy Expert 

  • Renewable Energy: Fundamentals 
  • Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes
  • Hydro, Wind & Solar Power: Resources, Variability, and Forecast
  • Biotechnology basics

Qualification to become a Renewable Energy Expert 

Undergraduate Degree In India 

A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required to work as a renewable energy consultant. The Environmental Engineering field is preferable.

  •  Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy
  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelors in Environment Management

Postgraduate Degree in India

A master’s degree is also available, but it is optional. A master’s degree isn’t necessary and is usually not a required credential. Earning one, on the other hand, can boost your earning potential, allow you to advance in your career, and make you a more marketable candidate.

  • Master in Environmental Engineering.
  • Master of Technology in Environmental Engineering
  • M.Tech

Degrees Abroad

You could pursue a Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy. Bachelor of Science in New Energy Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energies, and Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering If you want to increase your earning potential, you can pursue a master’s degree.

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I want to know More! 


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Famous Personalities 

  • Andrew Blakers
  • David Crane
  • Donna Nelson
  • Elon Musk
  • Sally Benson

You have learned all there is to know about how to become an authority on renewable energy. You should find all your queries concerning the renewable energy sector addressed in this blog, we hope. a list of the courses you should take and other careers you can look into. All the best!


How do you become a renewable energy expert?

The best place to start for a future renewable energy consultant is with a bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Management. This kind of program has a special emphasis on renewable resource technologies while building on the fundamental skills of communication, critical thinking, arithmetic, and science.

What degree is best for renewable energy?

A bachelor’s in chemistry is among the greatest degrees to choose if you want to work in the renewable energy industry. You might think about concentrating in forensic science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or bioinformatics. Normally, it takes four years to earn this degree.

Which country is best for studying renewable energy?

Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the United States, and Denmark are the top 5 countries that study renewable energy.

What does a renewable energy expert do?

An Expert in renewable energy must continually advance technically. Additionally, they must locate high-quality raw materials with sound technical specifications that may be used to create high-quality renewable energy products. In order to research, comprehend, and supervise the construction of renewable energy systems, we collaborate with clients.

Is renewable energy a good career?

The industry has just undergone a boom and will only keep growing as demand rises. The public and the government are both growing increasingly environmentally conscious and supporting the use of renewable energy to lessen carbon footprints. This suggests that there will be an increasing number of jobs available in this industry.

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