Do you take pleasure in spending time with animals? Do you wish to work with the most amazing creatures in their natural habitats? If so, you are most likely considering a career as a zoologist.

Read the blog to learn more about the career as a zoologist, including compensation, qualifications, and other information.

What does a Zoologist do?

Zoologists frequently collaborate with zookeepers, vets, marine biologists, and wildlife biologists to effectively manage animal populations both in captivity and in the wild. In some zoological parks, zoologists can serve as keepers and curators as well.

A zoologist’s responsibilities often include the following:

  • Designing and carrying out animal research projects and studies
  • Investigating the traits and behavior of animals
  • Gathering and studying biological information and samples
  • Making research findings clear in papers, reports, and articles
  • Ensuring animal welfare via a variety of programs
  • Educating the public about wildlife conservation and animal welfare
  • Promoting environmental protection
  • Helping with initiatives for captive breeding

Different Job roles of a Zoologist

  • Assistant Wildlife Technician: Wildlife technicians’ and technologists’ jobs typically involve gathering and analyzing samples, using and maintaining field and lab equipment, entering and managing data, and writing reports of findings.
  • Veterinary Technician: The cautious and compassionate handling of laboratory animals is the responsibility of veterinary technologists and technicians. Under the direction of qualified veterinarians, veterinary technologists and technicians perform medical examinations that aid in the diagnosis of illnesses and injuries in animals.
  • Biological Aide: Biological technicians are often referred to as biology aids, lab technicians, and laboratory helpers. Biological technicians collect data, resources, and samples for life scientists. They assemble scientific tools, perform computations, and create straightforward graphs and charts.
  • Veterinary Nurse: The supportive care of animals receiving treatment at a veterinary office is known as veterinary nursing. As a member of the veterinary team, a veterinary nurse provides sick animals with skilled nursing care. Veterinary nurses are essential in educating pet owners about managing their animals’ health.
  • Animal Nutritionist: Scientists that study the nutritional content of animal feeds and give dietary recommendations for livestock to workers in the farming, agricultural, and public sectors are known as animal nutritionists. A few specialized universities offer degree programs in animal nutrition.
  • Marine Scientist: A marine scientist conducts investigations into the ocean and looks at how it interacts with the land, the atmosphere, animals, plants, and seafloors. The data gathered by marine biologists are used to build databases and pass laws protecting the environment.
  • Wildlife Biologist: Wildlife biologists actively carry out responsibilities like carrying out research on wildlife habitats and populations, monitoring and tagging animals, creating plans for the conservation of endangered species, restoring ecosystems, and researching diseases and their effects on wildlife.

Career Path in Zoology

Path 1: You can study science in the 12th grade. You can then complete your B.Sc. in Zoology followed by an M.Sc. in zoology or wildlife science.

Path 2: You can complete 12th grade with science. Next, complete your B.Sc. in biological sciences and then pursue an M.Sc. in wildlife conservation.

Path 3: In their senior year, you can take zoology and complete your 12th grade with the science stream. Next, complete your B.Sc. in biological sciences after which you can pursue an M.Sc. in Forestry.

Read this blog to figure out exactly how to become a zoologist.

Salary of Zoologist in different roles

In India, a zoologist can earn between INR 30,000 and INR 50,000. Furthermore, experienced zoologists in India can earn more than INR 6 LPA. A zoologist can also earn money through research and development. The research sector can pay zoologists more than INR 50000.

You could be a zoologist, an animal zoologist, a marine biologist, an animal biologist, or something else. Zoologists can make a good living in the zoology industry, as shown in the table below.

SpecializationsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Animal Zoologist6 L
Animal Biologist5 L
Veterinarians5.98 L
Marine Biologist9 L
Entomologist5.24 L
Research Associates4.58 L

Skills required to be a Zoologist

Zoologists and wildlife biologists must also possess the following qualities:

Communication skills: Zoologists and wildlife biologists present public, policy, and academic presentations as well as publish scientific papers and hence must have good communication skills.

Ability to think critically: Zoologists and wildlife biologists must use sound reasoning and judgment to draw conclusions from experimental results and scientific observations.

Stability and emotional endurance: Wildlife biologists and zoologists may be required to work for long periods of time with little or no human contact. Working with injured or sick animals, like working with other animals, necessitates emotional stability.

Interpersonal skills: Zoologists and wildlife biologists typically work in groups. They must be able to effectively collaborate with others in order to achieve their goals or negotiate competing goals.

Outdoor abilities: Zoologists and wildlife biologists may be required to chop firewood, swim in cold water, navigate rough terrain in bad weather, or engage in other activities associated with remote living.

Problem-solving abilities: Zoologists and wildlife biologists work to find the best solutions to wildlife threats such as disease and habitat loss.

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Is Zoologist a good career option?

  • Zoologists work in the research and medicine departments, developing vaccines that improve the quality of life in the animal kingdom and thus making a significant contribution to the field.
  • Zoologists can choose from a variety of professional working fields such as the marine department, research work, wildlife department, education, and so on.
  • Students with higher education in zoology and significant work experience are compensated fairly.
  • A career as a zoologist is an exciting one because it allows you to travel, explore exotic species, and learn about diverse biodiversity.

Type of Industries hiring Zoologists

  • Forest Department
  • Marine Industry
  • Education Sector
  • The veterinary product manufacturing industry
  • Research and Development (R&D)

Top Recruiters of Zoologists in India

  • Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI)
  • Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)
  • Indian Institute of Science and Research(IISER)
  • Forest Department of State
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest
  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI)

Courses to upskill as a Zoologist

Candidates can obtain additional skills and certificates through certification programs. Zoology courses are typically part-time and can be taken online or in person.

  • Marine Rescue Life 101
  • Animal Behaviour and welfare
  • Wildlife Education
  • Paleontology

Qualifications to become a Zoologist

 Degree in India

To become a Zoologist, you must be proficient in a wide range of subjects, beginning with your 10+2. You can major in Physics, Biology, or Chemistry in 10+2, and then continue your BSc graduation in Zoology. You can then complete your post-graduation(2 years) in Zoology.

Degree Abroad

An undergraduate degree in BSc zoology can be obtained in 3 to 4 years from any abroad university.

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  • Animal Behaviour
  • Vertebrates Zoology
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Genetics
  • Animal Physiology

We wish you luck in pursuing a career as a zoologist and hope you gained a lot of insight into the field.

That’s all from us for now; check back regularly for more content.

FAQs about the career as a Zoologist

How much does a zoologist make in India?

An entry-level Zoologist with less than one year of experience can expect to earn a total compensation of Rs. 300,000 (tips, bonus, and overtime pay included). An entry-level zoologist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total salary of Rs. 450,000.

Is Neet required for a zoologist?

No, you do not need to take neet to become a zoologist in India; all you need is a bachelor’s (BSc) and master’s (MSc) degree in zoology, animal ecology, animal science, or any equivalent field from a well-known university.

Is zoology a good career in India?

There are numerous job opportunities available in this field. They can work in government agencies, environmental organizations, and universities and colleges. For Zoology graduates, there are numerous opportunities in biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields.

Which is best zoology or botany?

Now, whether you should study B.Sc Zoology or B.Sc Botany is determined by your interest in and understanding of animal or plant life. If you are more interested in plants, study B.Sc Botany, and if you are more interested in animal life, study B.Sc Zoology.

What subjects are required for Zoology?

Regardless of entrance requirements, prospective Zoologists should take Mathematics, Physical Science, and Biology (at the higher grade level).

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