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Do you want to be up to date on future technology? Do you want to create a secure network for connecting databases? Do you want to be a part of creating cutting-edge software and applications? This blog is a comprehensive guide to what a blockchain developer does, the various paths you can take to become a blockchain developer, and the various job opportunities available as a blockchain developer.


What does a Blockchain Developer do? 

A Blockchain developer builds applications and has an understanding of how blockchain technology works. Their work entails dealing with complex designs and developments. You can either work as an application developer or a core developer. The nature of the job as a blockchain developer involves long work hours and a lot of responsibilities such as 

  • Creating protocols and working on dApp architecture.
  • Developing smart contracts.
  • They devise creative solutions to complex problems.
  • They are proficient in programming languages and use them when working on various platforms.
  • They aid in the development of apps that facilitate transactions or exchanges between two parties.
  • They can work on the front end, the back end, or the full stack development.
  • They research, monitor and design protocols and secure networks, and data. 

Job Roles 

If you have experience with Blockchain technology, you can work in the following job profiles.

  • Web developers
  • Application Developer 
  • Crypto Specialist 
  • Bitcoin Expert 
  • Blockchain Consultant 
  • Blockchain UX Designer 
  • Analyst 
  • Blockchain Architect
  • Crypto Broker 
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer 
  • Crypto Journalist 
  • ICO advisor

Learn more about becoming a Crypto Specialist by reading this blog.

Career path for becoming a Blockchain Developer 

Path 1 

  • Finish your 12th from the science stream with PCM. 
  • Complete a BSc degree in Computer related subject or in blockchain technology.
  • Pursue an MSc in computer-related subject or blockchain technology and do some certificate courses in blockchain technology and web development to enhance your skill set and create a strong portfolio as a blockchain developer. 

Path 2

  • If you want to start from scratch and do not have a background in IT, you can enrol in a computer application course.
  • Learn a programming language like C++, Java, Python or Solidity. 
  • Then take up a course in web development and Cryptography to create a foundation in blockchain development. 
  • Then enrol for certified courses in Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain. 

Path 3

  • Finish your 12th from the science stream with PCM. Prepare for JEE and to take up admission to engineering college. 
  • Pursue B.Tech in Blockchain development and further you can take up an M.Tech as well in the same.
  • Take a hand on experience under a Blockchain Expert and become a Blockchain Developer.

After completing either of the pathways, you can pursue a certification course. More information can be found at How to Become a Blockchain Developer.

Salary of Blockchain Developer in different stages of career 

Experience Salary in India Salary Abroad 
1 to 3 years₹3.0 L₹57 L
4 to 6 years ₹7.5 L₹79 L
7 years & above ₹20 L₹150 L

5 Skills required to be a Blockchain Developer

  1. Programing Language 

Knowing a programming language is one of the most important skills a developer must have. It is a skill that will come in handy for a variety of job roles and purposes. Having this skill has become extremely important for blockchain developers as they create decentralised applications and smart contracts.

  1. Understanding of Algorithm

A good understanding of algorithms and data structures is required to become a blockchain developer. They work with a technology that eliminates the middlemen and work to secure the database. To build a smart contract that instructs the system on what to do in a specific situation.

  1. Cryptography 

Understanding cryptography is essential for working with blockchain technology because it is dependent on it. It is to secure information in such a way that the technique used to protect it is difficult to corrupt. This knowledge will be extremely useful to you as a developer.

  1. Multi-tasking Skills 

As a blockchain developer, you must handle numerous responsibilities such as researching, analysing and designing consensus protocols, smart contracts, and algorithm understanding. And if you work as a full stack developer, you will have to manage and monitor many things at once.

  1. Web Development 

Blockchain and web development complement each other perfectly. This includes application design, development, and support, as well as application security. Because the benefits of blockchain have been recognised by many industries, they are in high demand, and knowledge of web development will come in handy.

Is Blockchain Developer a Good Career Option?

The demand for blockchain developers has increased exponentially as the importance of blockchain technology has been acknowledged by many industries, and the scope of growth for a career in blockchain has increased unexpectedly.

If you have business acumen, you can work as both a blockchain developer and a consultant. Using blockchain technology, you will assist companies in finding solutions to their problems.

You can improve your business skills by enrolling in a JuniorMBA Chief Technology officer program, which includes a real-world industry project that you can include on your resume.

As blockchain is new to us, it is undoubtedly a technology of the future that will transform the way things work around the world, and if you want to catch up on this technology while it is still a baby, now is the best time to enter this career, as the growth potential is enormous and this career is highly lucrative.      

Type of Industries Hiring Blockchain Developers

You can work in the following industries as a blockchain developer.

  • Banking industry 
  • IT Sector 
  • Healthcare Industry 
  • Operations Industry 
  • Supply chain Industry 
  • Food Industry 
  • Energy Industry 
  • Government 
  • Telecommunication Industry 

Top Recruiter for Blockchain Developer

The companies listed below employ blockchain developers.

  • Accenture
  • Coinbase
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • Infosys
  • Capgemini
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Microsoft 
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Reddit 
  • Morgan Stanley 

Courses to Upskill as Blockchain Developer

You can consider doing a course in mentioned list below to enhance your skillset as a blockchain developer. 

  • Web development 
  • Web design
  • Applied Cryptography
  • C++ language 
  • Java Script
  • Solidity 
  • Blockchain Certification for Enterprise Specialization
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Technologies
  • Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger

Qualification to become a Blockchain Developer 

As previously stated, there are various paths to becoming a blockchain developer. In this section, we will go over the various degrees available in India and abroad to become a blockchain developer. 

Degrees in India 

Undergraduate degree to become a blockchain developer

After completing 10+2 in a science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as subjects, you can begin preparing for JEE if you want to pursue a in Blockchain Technology; however, if you want to pursue a BSc, you will not be required to take JEE.

The duration of these courses is 3-4 years.

  • B.Tech in Blockchain Technology
  • BSc in Blockchain Technology 
  • BSc in Computer Science 
  • B.Tech Software Engineering
  • BSc in Information Technology 

Postgraduate Degree

Course Duration 
MCA in Blockchain2 years 
MSc in Blockchain Technology2 years 
PG Diploma in Blockchain Technology and Management12 months 

Degrees Abroad

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Blockchain Technology, and Bachelor of Computer Applications are some of the undergraduate degrees required to become a blockchain developer abroad.

Postgraduate degrees available include an MSc in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology and a Masters in Blockchain and Business Applications.

If you want to be admitted to a university abroad, prepare for IELTS and TOEFL. Do you need assistance with SAT preparation? We have some details for you. Check out our SAT blog.

I want to know More!


  1. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos
  2. Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar
  3. Building Decentralized Blockchain Applications by Shahid Shaikh 
  4. Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott
  5. Blockchain by Josh Thompson

Famous Personalities 

  1. Vitalik Buterin
  2. Charlie Lee
  3. Clément Lesaege
  4. Joseph Lubin
  5. Gavin Andresen

Blockchain technology is a technology that will rule all other technologies because it effectively encrypts your transactions and databases. It has reduced the lengthy transaction process to a few seconds. Using this technology ensures a secure network. If you want to be part of this technological revolution then start working fast on becoming a blockchain developer.


Is blockchain developer a good career?

Yes, being a Blockchain developer is a good career with high growth potential and future technology. The demand for Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, as are the industries that use it. After learning about blockchain technology, there are numerous job opportunities available to you. You can learn more about this profession by reading this blog

Is there a demand for blockchain developers?

As the importance of blockchain technology has been recognised by many industries, the demand for blockchain developers has grown exponentially, as has the scope of growth for a career in blockchain. 

Because blockchain is new to us, it is undoubtedly a technology of the future that will transform the way things work around the world, and if you want to get a head start on this technology while it is still in its infancy, now is the best time to start, as the growth potential is enormous and this career is highly lucrative.   

How much does a blockchain developer earn?

On average, a blockchain developer earns ₹ 6 lakh per year. However, given the demand and upcoming technological advancements in the industries, the earning potential of the career is extremely high.

Does blockchain require coding?

Yes, understanding different programming languages such as C++, JAVA, Python, and Solidity is required. Because blockchain is a technology career, it does necessitate the possession of specific skill sets. Although you can learn all of this and improve your chances of landing a job by taking some certificate courses.

What skills do blockchain developers need?

As a blockchain developer, you need to have the following skills 

1. Excellent in Programming Languages
2. Understanding of Cryptography
3. Knowledge of Web Development 
4. Analytical and monitoring skills
5. Designing skills 
6. Problem-Solving 
7. Multi-tasking 
8. Work with a team 
9. Researching skills
10. Ability to deal with Data Structures and algorithms

What should I study for blockchain developer?

You can take the following steps to study for becoming a blockchain developer.

1. Complete your 12th-grade science with PCM. Prepare for the JEE and admission to a college of engineering.

2. Pursue a B.Tech in Blockchain development and then an M.Tech in the same field.

3. Gain hands-on experience as a Blockchain Developer by working alongside a Blockchain Expert.

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