Are you looking for varied ways to get into some of the popular colleges in countries like the UK, US and Canada for undergraduate studies?

If your answer is yes then you have probably come to the right place as this article covers everything that you should know about SAT.

Since it is a dream for many high school students like you to study abroad, it is quite crucial that you gather the essential information about SAT.

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized examination for evaluating the college readiness of students. Being one of the popular examinations, it makes you eligible for financial aid, scholarships and securing admission into colleges abroad. To know more, This article talks about important information related to the SAT Exam that can help you plan well for your future.

Facts & Information Related to SAT

SAT Exam Full Form Scholastic Assessment Test
SAT is known forEvaluating the college readiness of students aspiring to study in countries like the US, UK and Canada.  
SAT Official Organising AuthorityThe College Board
Marks PenaltyNo Negative Marking
SAT Exam Fees in India$109 (Approx. INR 8,700)
SAT Exam Time3 Hours
No of Questions154

What more do you need to work on apart from your SAT Scores for Admission in 2022?

As you are already aware that colleges and universities are making SAT Scores non-mandatory, it is crucial that you also focus on building your portfolio which should mention your achievements, milestones, internships, interests and more to increase your chances of admission. This is something that you can do by either joining courses or taking interesting skill-centric programs like JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey, which offers you the chance to work on real-world projects with industry-recognized certification by reputed brands like PUMA, Domino’s,, Kellogg’s, Infinity Cars, Samsonite and more.

Important SAT update: SAT Exam is digital from 2023

On the 25th of January 2022, the college board announced that the SAT Exam would be completely digital for all international students (including Indian students) from 2023, and for all US students from 2024. You will still be required to attend a test centre, but this SAT change means the SAT exam will be more relevant, shorter and less expensive to take and give. 

Here are the key changes to the digital SAT Exam:

FactorPreviously (Written SAT)Change (Digital SAT)
Duration3 hours2 hours
Number of attempts5 attempts7 attempts
Pattern- Reading & WritingLonger passages with multiple questions per passageShorter passages with one question per passage
Pattern- MathematicsCalculators allowed only for specific sectionsBuilt-in Desmos calculators allowed for the full section 
ResultsReceive results in a few weeksReceive results in a few days
Testing CentresFewer centres availableMore centres available 

Covid Alert

Several colleges in the UK & US have eliminated the mandate of submitting SAT Scores by making their application process “Test-Optional”. It is completely on you to either submit SAT scores or skip it for admissions in 2022. 

As the covid situation is reverting back to normal, Indian students can take the SAT Exam for Dec 2021 or 2022 through dedicated test centres. The SAT has also discontinued SAT Subject Test & SAT Optional Essay since 2021.

Why take SAT Exam

The SAT exam can be seen as the gateway which opens doors for your admission into reputed Ivy league institutes and top colleges such as MIT, Harvard, Boston, Georgia Tech, Princeton, UCLA, NYU, UC Berkley etc. The SAT can be used as a qualifier also to shortlist you in the admission process.

Why should you appear in the SAT Exam?

The SAT Exam is popular for its standardized format that evaluates you on the grounds of how well you know about basic concepts related to Reading, Writing, Language and Mathematics. 

Being a test which evaluates your college readiness, SAT scores are used for securing admission to top colleges and universities abroad. So if you are a student who wants to go abroad for undergraduate studies, it is something that you should consider appearing for.

Looking for Why take the SAT Exam? Here are points to help you get it right:

Types of SAT

The SAT started as a holistic examination to test the capability of students applying for university admission. Since its inception, it has changed its forms and got various updates in order to ease the burden of students. Earlier there were two types of SAT exams i.e. SAT Test and the SAT Subject Tests. In 2021, the College Board made some major changes to the exam which removed the SAT Subject Tests and essays.

There are two types of Exam:

What is the SAT I Exam
The SAT I Exam is now called the SAT Test exam which consists of sections like EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading Writing) and Mathematics.

What is SAT Exam for Year 2
The SAT Exam for Year 2 can be used as an assessment tool for children who are currently in year 2. This can be used as a standardized test to check their academic progress to see their alignment towards studies.

SAT v/s ACT Exam

The SAT Exam and ACT are mostly similar in nature but different bodies administer them. The SAT is conducted by the College Board while ACT is conducted by ACT Inc. 

Score range400-16001-36
Number of questions154215
Test sectionsReading, Writing and MathsReading, Writing, Maths and Science
Calculator usageAllowed only in the Maths with Calculator sectionAllowed throughout

These tests are different on the grounds of test structure and grading but mostly have the similar purpose of helping you to get admission to colleges and universities abroad.

  1. Difference Between SAT and ACT Score
    The Scores of the SAT Exam are given between 400 to 1600 whereas the scores in ACT exams range between 1 to 36.
  2. Test Questions and Timing of SAT and ACT
    The ACT is quite lengthy as it covers around 214 questions whereas SAT just has 154 questions. Based on this, the time limit is also higher in SAT giving you a better chance to attempt it well. But, there is a fact that you should know, the per-question time limit is higher in SAT as compared to the ACT.
  3. Test Sections of SAT and ACT
    The SAT and ACT have similar approaches to asking questions. They both cover Writing, Reading, and Maths while ACT additionally has a Science section.
  4. Calculator Usage in SAT and ACT exams
    The ACT allows students to use calculators for all questions whereas in SAT it is only allowed in one particular mathematics section.

Details of SAT Exam

As you are already now familiar with the essential basics of the SAT, there is more information that you should consider taking note of in order to appear for the SAT Exam. The next section talks about when you can take the SAT Exam and how long it is in terms of total duration.

When to take the SAT Exam

It is generally recommended for students to take the SAT Exam between Sep-Oct of their 11th grade. This will give them the opportunity and advantage to reappear in April and May after their final exams to improve their score. This is quite a great strategy for students who didn’t score well on their first attempt.

Duration of the SAT Exam

The duration of the Scholastic Assessment Test is around 3 Hours (180 Minutes) during which the students have to complete 154 Questions from 4 Sections.

SAT Eligibility

The SAT exam eligibility doesn’t have any strict eligibility criteria for applicants but there are various requirements that you should take care of. Here is the information about various criteria such as age limit, no. of attempts, educational background, etc.

Age Limit

Students above 12 years of age who have passed grade 9 are eligible for the SAT Exam. Usually, it is taken by students of high school between the age of 16-19 years.

Attempts Allowed

The students can take the SAT Exam multiple times without any cap on attempts. Through this, the students become eligible for appearing in the exam multiple times in the year.

Educational Eligibility Criteria

Many students ask this question: what are the eligibility criteria for the SAT Exam?
The answer is that the SAT can be taken by students from any background. It doesn’t have any specific mandatory requirements related to the subjects.

ID Proof & Documents Required

The students must need to have a passport and Aadhar card as mandatory SAT ID Proof required to appear for the exam.

SAT Exam Eligibility for Indian Students

The SAT Exam Eligibility for Indian Students is the same as for students from other countries. Students in grade 9 or above can take this exam.

Registration for SAT Exam

How to register for the SAT Exam?

Here are a few simple steps which you need to follow in order to register for the SAT Exam:

  1. You can go to the College Board Website in order to fill up the SAT Form.
  2. Fill in your personal information correctly and upload your documents.
  3. Select the Exam Test Center as per your location or city.
  4. You need to also upload your Photo ID which should match the information you provided.
  5. Once you have done all these steps, you can print the admit card.

How to cancel the SAT Exam?

There could be various reasons why you can’t appear for the SAT Exam. In such cases, it will be considered a missed test. You will still be left with the option to reappear again at a later stage by registering for it again.

How to reschedule the SAT Exam?

The College Board allows the applicants to reschedule SAT Exam to another date by changing their registration which might incur the nominal rescheduling fee of $29. Here are steps on how you can do this just by navigating to the college board portal:

  1. Sign In to Your Account ( and navigate to the My SAT Section.
  2. You will get an option “Change My Test Date” at the bottom of the page after the admission ticket information.
  3. Now select the new date on which you want to appear and choose the test centre.
  4. Next, confirm all your information and pay the rescheduling fee.

SAT Exam – Requirements on Test Days

The candidates need to ensure various things so as to ensure that they align themselves with the rules and code of conduct of the examination. Here are some of the points which you should keep in mind.

  1. Wear a Mask.
  2. Carry admission ticket, Photo ID, Pencils, Eraser, and Calculator.
  3. Do not carry mobile phones, earphones, or any other equipment.
  4. The watches are allowed in the centre.
  5. You should reach the test centre on time.

SAT Exam – Photo Requirements

This is a crucial thing every candidate should know. They need to have a photograph as per the mentioned guidelines otherwise they will not be allowed to take the test.

SAT Exam Fees for Indian Students

The SAT Exam Fee for Indian Students in 2023 is $104 (Approx. INR 7,700). It includes the exam registration fee of 55 USD and the regional fee which differs from country to country, for India it is 49 USD.

SAT Scholarships

The SAT Scholarships are a great way to receive grants to fulfil your dream of studying abroad. The College Board offers scholarships to SAT Applicants from low-income backgrounds who have done exceptionally well in the SAT Exam. If you want to apply for an SAT Scholarship, you can refer to the next section for more details.

Does the SAT Exam give scholarships?

The SAT Scholarships are available for students under the India Scholars Program by the College Board. It has some criteria related to discounts on registration fees and scholarships on tuition fees which are as follows.

Students who score 1300+ in SAT Exam and have Family Income Less than 8 LPA receive a full tuition fee waiver.

SAT Exam Dates 2023

The last exam date for SAT 2022 is December 3, 2022. The result for it will be declared by December 16, 2022. If you are looking for details related to the test centres and exam day checklist, refer to the next section. You should also keep a tap on all the important dates related to SAT.

SAT Test Centers in India 2023

The SAT 2023 will be conducted in major Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 cities in India. Due to the wide coverage of test centres in India, it becomes easy for applicants to appear for exams without any hassles. The college board releases the list of exam centres after the notification of exam dates. As an Indian applicant, you can easily choose the SAT test centres in India while filling up the SAT Registration Form Online.

Test Day Checklist

Here is an SAT Test Day Checklist that candidates appearing for SAT Exam need to follow:

  1. Due to Covid-19, it is mandatory to wear face masks or face covers.
  2. Carry Photo ID and Admit Card.
  3. Electronic Devices at exams are strictly prohibited.
  4. Students are not allowed to enter the exam centre after a specified time.
  5. You should carry a pencil and an eraser.

SAT Exam Pattern

Starting in 2023, the SAT exams will be held online and will have a few changes in the pattern. Below given are the details for the pattern used for offline SAT till 2022 and the anticipated pattern for digital SAT starting in 2023.

SAT 2022 Offline Pattern

The SAT Exam Pattern 2022 consists of the English section with the sub-sections Evidence-based Reading & Writing and Writing & Language, and The Maths section with two sub-sections, one with allowed calculator usage and the other without. It has 154 questions in total which need to be finished within 180 minutes.

Evidence-based Reading and WritingReading
Writing and Language
65 mins
35 mins
MathsMath without Calculator
Math with Calculator
55 mins
25 mins
Total154180 mins400-1600

Digital SAT Exam 2023 Pattern

There are a few changes applicable to the SAT exam pattern

SAT Exam Syllabus 2023

Preparing for the SAT shouldn’t be a challenge for you as you need to be prepared for subjects like Language, Reading, Writing and, Mathematics, topics that you have either already studied or are currently studying in high school.

You can get a detailed breakdown of when would be the right time to start preparing for SAT. You can also check the breakdown of the Maths syllabus here.

SAT Score

The average SAT test score in 2021 was around 1060/1600 (Source: CollegeBoard). In terms of referring to SAT Score 2022, it may change or stay consistent depending upon varied factors and the difficulty level of the exam. To get into good colleges in 2023, you need to have an SAT score of above 1400 out of 1600.

You can refer can check more details on our dedicated blog for SAT results.

SAT Score Report

Want to know detailed insights on your SAT Exam performance?

The SAT Score Report is a cumulative report that mentions your grades based on each section of SAT. It covers various insights such as total scores, section-based scores (EBRW & Maths), and subscore (score per question). Want to know more, here are a few questions below which can solve all your queries.

How to send SAT Scores?

You can send the SAT Scores through the college board portal where you can also choose which scores you want to send. This may incur a nominal fee.

How SAT is Scored

The SAT is scored out of 1600 which is a combined score from sections like Reading, Writing, and Maths.

How to cancel my SAT Score?

If you are looking to cancel the SAT Score, you can do it at the test centre itself on the day of the exam or you can also send an SAT Request to Cancel Score Form through fax or post.

SAT Exam Cutoff 2023

The SAT Exam Cutoff can differ per different colleges and universities. The candidates appearing for SAT Exam 2023 need to target a score above 1400 to get eligible for the average cutoff that top colleges ask for.

Harvard UniversityRanges between 1480 to 1600
Yale UniversityRanges between 1480 to 1600
UCLAApprox. 1400
Penn UniversityApprox. 1500
Cornell UniversityApprox. 1390
Carnegie Mellon UniversityEBRW Score is Required 730+ and Maths Score is Required 780+.
Stanford UniversityMaths Score Cut-off is Above 770, EBRW Score Cut-off is Above 735.
Duke UniversityApprox. 1475
Boston UniversityApprox. 1510
UC San DiegoApprox. 1490
UT AustinApprox. 1480
University of PennsylvaniaRanges between 1470 to 1550

You can also check SAT Scores required for top US Universities.

SAT Exam Preparation 2022

Are you facing challenges preparing for the SAT Exam? While SAT preparation can be seen as an integral part to score better, it is important that you shift your focus to strategies along with the syllabus of the exam as that can help you to achieve higher scores. Here are some of the questions to solve your query related to exam preparation.

How to prepare for the SAT in India?

The SAT 2023 Exam preparation can take 15-20 weeks depending on your pace and dedication of yours. Here are a few tips which you should follow:

You can also check 3 Months Study Plan for SAT where we have breakdown the whole plan week-wise.

Build Critical Thinking & Reasoning to ace SAT EBRW Section

Critical thinking is always required in exams like SAT as it evaluates you on the basis of how well you can understand the argument through a passage and base the solution based on the logic or evidence.

Since the SAT Exam has an EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading Writing) Section, you should aim to practice concepts like Argument Walls, Inferences, Reasoning, etc. to increase your understanding of attempting the questions:

SAT Exam – Books

A book can always be your saviour to prepare for the SAT Exam. As books are great resources to level up your preparation, this is something that will help you and guide you to score higher in the exam. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on SAT books, here are various books that you can refer to.

Recommended Books for SAT Preparation:

The Official SAT Study GuideThe College Board
The Ultimate Guide to SAT GrammarErica L. Metzer
Pwn the SATt: Math GuideMike Mclenathon
AT Prep Plus 2022: 5 Practice Tests + Proven StrategiesNA

SAT Exam Practice Papers

The SAT Exam Practice Papers are available officially on the college board website. You can also refer to Clever Harvey’s article on SAT Exam Sample Papers and Practice Papers where you will get complete information related to the sample paper and practice papers.


Hope you have got insightful information from this blog on the SAT Exam. Since we have covered everything in this article, you might have got a good understanding of how you can attempt the SAT Exam. From the registration process, preparation, and comparison between SAT and ACT to SAT Books, we have covered everything related to the SAT Exam to guide you better. We wish you the best of luck.

FAQs related to SAT Exam 2023

What is the SAT exam Full Form?

The SAT exam is commonly referred to as Scholastic Assessment Test.

What is a good score on a SAT exam?

The Score above 1400 is considered a good score which can help candidates to fight competition for getting reputed colleges or universities.

However, it’s not only your score but an overall profile that will help you secure a place in top Ivy League universities which looks for skills like leadership, entrepreneurship, communication etc.

You can increase your chances by attending some of the well-researched courses by Clever Harvey which helps you get exposure and required skills and apply it in the assignments given by top brands like PUMA, Samsonite, Cult Fit etc.

What is the SAT exam in India?

The SAT exam in India is for high school students who want to apply to colleges and universities abroad.

How to apply for the SAT exam?

You can apply for the SAT exam through the official college board website i.e.

What is the SAT exam syllabus?

The SAT exam consists of Reading, Writing & Language, and Maths. The questions are usually from the subjects that you study in high school. 

What is the SAT exam fees in India?

SAT exam fees for Indian Students taking the test is $104 which can be converted to INR Rs. 7,700.

Since the SAT Optional Essay is now discontinued, the applicants have to just pay for the exam fee without an essay.

What is the validity of a SAT Score ?

The SAT Scores are valid for a period of 5 years.

Can I give SAT exam after 12th?

Yes, you can take the SAT exam after 12th standard.

The main idea behind the SAT exam is to help candidates secure admission for undergraduate courses in colleges abroad.

Is there negative marking in SAT exam?

There is no negative marking penalty for attempting wrong questions or guessing questions in the SAT exam.

What is asked in SAT exam?

The SAT exam tests your understanding of various basic aspects of Reading, Writing, Language and Mathematics.

How many times SAT exam conducted in a year?

The offline SAT was conducted 5 times a year. The digital SAT starting in 2023 will be conducted 7 times a year. If you are planning to appear for the SAT, you can choose to take any of the SAT dates.

Why is SAT exam given?

The SAT exam is given to evaluate your understanding of language and mathematics. It checks your acumen for getting admission into colleges and universities abroad.

Is SAT a scholarship exam?

The SAT exam can also give you scholarships to study abroad.

The College Board also gives scholarships to students who are from weak financial backgrounds and who have scored more than 1400-1500.