How to become a Music Director


A song can change the way you feel, think, and act. 

Are you the type of person who always has a song in mind that fits perfectly with different situations? Are you a music enthusiast? Do you have the ability to judge the quality of music? Then becoming a music director could be your calling. This article has 4 simple steps to guide you on how to become a Music Director, Courses, Colleges and earning potential. 

Who is Music Director?

The musicians are led by a Music Director. They are in charge of balancing the music’s melody, pitch, and rhythm. A Music Director in a film typically places a track in the right places so that the scene can provide the audience with a more emotionally enriching experience.

They are also responsible for setting the budget for getting licenses approved, purchasing songs and negotiating fees. A Music Director directs live performances and recordings to extract the most from a musical piece and to help the music elicit emotions.

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How to become a Music Director (4-step guide)

Step 1: Stream to select

To become a Music Director it is ideal to take up the Arts stream after completing 10th grade. 

Step 2: Certification courses

  • Film Scoring Technology 
  • Jazz Composing and Arranging 
  • Creative Recording and Music Production Techniques 
  • Music Diploma in Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Bass 
  • Music Industry Certificate 
  • Certificate in Sound Technology 
  • Certificate in Music and Technology 
  • Certificate in Music Production 

Step 3: Educational Requirements 

How to become a Music Director after 10th 

After completing your 10th grade you can take up the following diploma courses. 

  1. Diploma Sangit Visharad
  2. Diploma Sangeet Vit
  3. Diploma Prabhakar Sangeet 

How to become a Music Director after 12th 

After completing 12th you can take up music-related courses to strengthen your musical foundation. A career in music needs a lot of practice and dedication. You can select a specialization based on your interest. There are more than 1300 music genres. 

  • Undergraduate Courses to become a Music Director in India

All the programs mentioned below are of 3 years duration.

  • Bachelor in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • B.A. (Hons) Hindustani Music 
  • B.A. (Hons) Carnatic Music 
  • B.A. (Hons) Percussion Music 
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts in Music 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music 
  • B.A. (Hons) Music 
  • Top Colleges in India
Colleges Location 
Delhi School of Music Delhi 
Calcutta School of Music Kolkata 
Mumbai Music Institute Mumbai 
University of Mumbai Mumbai 
Bangalore University Bangalore 
Swarnabhoomi Academy of MusicChennai 
Shankar Mahadevan AcademyMumbai 
Ramjas CollegeDelhi 
KM College of Music & TechnologyChennai 
SRI SA RI GA Music Academy Chennai 
Madhav Music College Gwalior 
Kurukshetra UniversityHaryana 
Banasthali UniversityRajasthan 
Saradha Sangeetha KalasalaAndhra Pradesh 
Lovely Professional UniversityPunjab 
  • Undergraduate Courses abroad
Courses Duration 
Bachelor of Arts in Music4 year
Bachelor in Music4 year
B.Sc Music Technology3 year
B.A. (Hons) in Music with Ensemble Option4 year
BSc in Music4 year
Bachelor of Education in Music Performance4 year
  • Top Colleges in India
Universities Course Offered Fees (per year)
Harvard University Bachelor in Music₹38 L 
Stanford University B.A in Music₹43 L 
University of Oxford B.A in Music₹30 L 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology BSc in Music₹41 L
New York University B.A in Music₹40 L 
University of Toronto B.A. (Hons) in Music with Ensemble Option₹36 L 
University of Melbourne Bachelor in Music₹18 L
Coventry University B.Sc Music Technology₹17 L
Northeastren University BS-Music and Communication Studies with Concentration in Music Industry ₹49 L
National University of Singapore Bachelor (Hons) in Music₹17 L

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Step 4: Job Preparation 

  • Internship 

You can intern under a Music Director or Music Production Company to get the right exposure and experience for becoming a Music Director. It will also help you to build a good network which will assist you to position yourself in the industry. 

  • Freelance

To be a Music Director, you must have prior experience leading a choir, orchestra, or group of musicians. To even be considered for a position in leadership, you must first gain experience as a solo performer and acquire the skills and knowledge to further advance in your career

  • Portfolio Creation 

In your portfolio, you can add different certifications, internships and years of experience you have gained in the music industry in detail. Don’t forget to include all the tracks you have worked on. Build a good network so that it helps you land your first assignment as a Music Director. 

After gaining some experience you can also consider starting your own recording company. Here is JuniorMBA in Entrepreneurship which will help you attain business acumen that will assist you in your Business. 

8 Skills needed to become a Music Director

  1. Communication Skills 
  2. Music Composition 
  3. Organization Skills 
  4. Mentoring Skills 
  5. Research Skills 
  6. Leadership Skills 
  7. Creative Thinking 
  8. Listening Skills 

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Salary of a Music Director 

Salary in India 

A Music Director’s average salary in India is around 7 lakhs. A music director’s salary is determined by his level of experience and mastery in the field.

Salary Abroad 

Countries Salary 

Top Recruiters in India

  1. Yash Raj Music 
  2. T-Series
  3. Zee Music 
  4. Sony Music India
  5. Tips 
  6. Universal Music India
  7. Aditya 
  8. Saregama
  9. Times Music 
  10. Magnasound

Top Recruiters Abroad

  1. Universal Music Group 
  2. Warner Music Group 
  3. Sony Music
  4. Island Records Groups 
  5. ABC-Paramount Records 
  6. Virgin Records 
  7. Def Jam Recordings 
  8. Atlantic Records 
  9. Red Hill Records 
  10. BMG Rights Management

Make a name for yourself as a musician or composer in the music industry before looking for opportunities in music direction. Any profession in the music industry necessitates a great deal of practice and dedication in order to perfect your skills to the best of your ability. If music is your passion, best wishes on your journey to accomplish a position in the music industry. 

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FAQs related to how to become a music director

What qualifications do you need to be a music director?

You must have had formal music training as well as a music-related degree. To become a music director, you must practise and polish your skills on a daily basis.

How much is a music director paid?

An average salary of a Music Director is roughly around ₹ 7 lakhs. But the salary depends on the level of expertise and experience in the industry.

What exactly music director do?

A music director directs the musicians in order to achieve the desired effect through music. He directs the choir, orchestra, or group of musicians to perform effectively. They place the soundtrack that is relevant to the movie’s scene.

How do I start a career in music?

Find your interest first by listening to different styles of music to see what resonates with you the most. Then begin by gaining expertise in that style of music by enrolling in a course or attending training, and then spread your awareness of the industry.

Is a composer a music director?

A music composer writes and creates music from scratch, whereas a music director directs a musical group for a performance.

What Does a Music Director do in movies?

They are in charge of hiring musicians, conducting practices, composing music, and directing musical performances. Music directors for films choose music for the film so that they can create the atmosphere of the film through the soundtrack, and they also supervise composers and musicians who create music for the film.

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Are you looking for information on how to become a Music Director? Here is all the information you need, the education, skills, job preparation and even salary.

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