Career as an Indian Army Officer


Superheroes with superpowers are fantastic, but the real heroes in our country are the border guards who stand vigilant over the entire country with unwavering loyalty and excitement.

As you might have suspected, those superheroes are members of the armed forces who have a more interesting life than everybody else.

Read the blog to discover about a career as an Indian Army Officer, salaries, ranks, and much more if you’re interested in serving our beautiful country, donning the prestigious uniform, and living an exceptional life.

What does an Indian Army officer do?

An army officer is assigned a particular department or regime below him/her. As in charge of the unit, they set up the work of the organization, give the duties to the professionals operating under them, and make sure that the work is accomplished to the very best standard.

An army officer works by the principles of Duty, Honor, and Country. Their duties include:

  • The Indian Army commands organize and trains infantry units for use in ground combat operations.
  • Deployment of infantry weapons, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Planning the placement, construction, and camouflage of infantry positions and equipment are additional duties.
  • They are in charge of mobile communication operations.
  • They interact with the armour, artillery, and air support units.
  • Managing normal reconnaissance operations and carrying out tactical and strategic planning, including the development of combat plans.
  • Manage personnel and weapon operations to destroy enemy locations, aircraft, and vessels.
  • Organizing, planning, and commanding the deployment of the tactical field artillery.
  • Plan the communication systems for fire control installation and upkeep.
  • Aiming and firing an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The rank of an Indian Army Officer over the years

  • Officer Cadet
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Field Marshal

Career Path of becoming an Indian army Officer

Path 1: You can complete 12th grade in any subject. Then take the NDA Exam, then the SSB, and if selected, you can join the National Defence Academy and complete your training in four years.

Path 2: You can complete 12th grade. Then finish your diploma. You can then take the CDS Exam.

Path 3: You can complete 12-Any field (NCC). Then finish your graduation (NCC -Certificate). You can then take the CDS Exam.

Path 4: You can complete 12-Science (Maths & physics recommended). Then finish your B.Tech/B.E / B.Tech degree (pre-final year). You can then proceed to take the Technical Graduate Commission Exam.

Read this blog t know how to become an Indian Army Officer. 

Salary of Indian Army Officer at different stages of career

Ranks in the Indian ArmyTotal in hand per month (in Rs.)
Lieutenant Colonel1,21,000
Major General1,44,200
Lieutenant General1,82,200

Skills required to become an Indian Army Officer

  1. Communication Skills
    Army officers, need to be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. They also need to be good listeners. Being able to talk well in front of officials and administrators from various regimes is expected of an army officer, therefore having these skills is crucial. 
  1. Judgment Skills
    One must be able to make logical, reasonable deductions from the limited knowledge presented in order to serve as an Army officer. An Army officer must be able to evaluate these conclusions critically in order to foresee future areas of one’s case that need to be strengthened against. Therefore, in order to excel and achieve in their individual instances, one needs to possess good judgment abilities.
  1. Analytical Skills
    An Army recruit being taught by the National Defence Academy must be able to take in a lot of knowledge and then filter it down to something useful, understandable, and reasonable. Therefore, in order to determine which is most applicable or appropriate, an Army officer needs to have great assessment abilities.
  1. Research Skills
    Army officers are expected to conduct an in-depth investigation into pertinent data. In order to comprehend the circumstances, the demands, and the defence policies of the state as an Army Officer, rapid and efficient research skills are crucial.
  1. Creativity
    In addition to being logical and analytical, the extremely successful Officers also exhibit a lot of inventiveness while solving problems. The best course of action is not always the most obvious one, and it is frequently essential to think outside the box in order to get around one’s opponent.

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Is the Indian Army a good career option?

  • An Army officer is considered the unit’s leader. In addition to advantages, the title also inspires the highest degree of respect among people. An army officer typically begins as a Lieutenant and rises through the ranks to become a General officer. 
  • Officers in the Indian Army have tremendous career possibilities because they can advance from Lieutenant to Captain in just two years.
  • The more time you spend working in defence, the more you learn about the fundamentals of the military and its organizational culture.
  • Armed forces experience makes you wise, which makes you a candidate for a post with greater responsibility and distinction.

Different Commands of The Indian Armed Forces

  • Central Command- Lucknow
  • Eastern Command- Kolkata
  • Northern Command- Udhampur
  • South Western Command- Jaipur
  • Western Command- Chandimandir
  • Army training Command- Shimla

Qualifications to become an Indian Army Officer

How to join the Indian Army after finishing grade 10

Since 10+2 is the primary requirement for eligibility to take the defence exam, you may choose any stream after 10th grade as long as you receive an overall grade point average of at least 60%. You can start preparing for the NDA exam once you have completed the tenth grade.

The written exam and the SSB interview are the two components of the NDA test format. The General Ability Test and the Mathematics components make up the NDA written test. The overall score for the written test is 900. Those who do well on the written test will receive an invitation to the SSB Psychological Aptitude and Intelligence Interview. SSB Interview points are worth 900.

You can join the Indian Army when you finish grade 12 by using the entries listed below.

NDA Entry

  • The four-year training curriculum will be broken down into three years at NDA and one year at IMA for candidates who pass the exam.

The Army Cadet College (ACC)

  • The written exam used to determine admission to ACC is followed by a physical exam conducted by SSB.
  • Students must successfully finish a three-year training program at ACC after being chosen, then a one-year training program at IMA.

Technology Entry (TES)

  • Aspirants must have earned at least 70% overall in their 10+2 in order to be eligible for the TES.
  • Candidates must finish four years of pre-commission training and one year of post-commission training after being chosen.

How to join the Indian Army after an undergraduate course

To take the UPSC-CDS exam, which is followed by a physical exam, you must have finished your undergraduate degree in any specialization.

The Officers’ Training Academy Exam is divided into two sections with 100 questions each, but the CDS Exam is divided into three sections. One mark is assigned to each question. A third of the overall score is subtracted for each wrong response.

Three sections make up the IMA written exam: English; General Knowledge; and Elementary Mathematics. English and General Knowledge are the two components of the written exam for the OTA.

Additionally, you can pursue an engineering undergraduate degree in any concentration (preferably mechanical, civil, electrical, or computer science). You can therefore take the SSB.

You can join the Indian Army by using the entries listed below:

  • Technical Entry SSC – (Men and Women)
    To be considered for this role, you must possess an engineering degree in any specialization and be physically fit.
    Selected candidates finish a 49-week OTA training course.
  • SSC Entry – Non-Technical (Men and Women)
    You need to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and pass a physical exam in order to be qualified for this profession.
    Selected candidates finish a 49-week OTA training course.
  • Military Law Entry
    Candidates must hold a law degree from an Indian university in order to join the Indian Army as law graduates. The number of unfilled positions and the candidates’ graduation grades are then used to narrow the field of candidates. After that, candidates must depart.



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We hope you have got enough information to start preparing properly and develop into responsible officers of whom our nation may be incredibly proud.

Folks, that’s all from us for now. Come regularly for further information on all professions.

FAQs about how to become an Indian Army Officer

What is the minimum height requirement for the Indian Army?

Height- 157.5 cm is the minimum allowed height. Weight – Weight should be related to height; for a height of 157.5 cm, the minimum weight should be 49.5 kg. Weight should increase by 1.5 kg for every 2.5 cm increase in height.

Can a married man join the Indian Army?

Married people are ineligible to join the Indian army.

Can I join the Indian army without taking any exams?

Technical Entry Scheme, or TES as it is more generally known, maybe your chance to join the Indian Army. Candidates who have completed class 12 can take advantage of this option to participate in an SSB interview without taking a written exam.

Is it possible for anyone to join the Indian army?

Only Indian citizens are eligible. Age restrictions: 18 to 42 years old. Education: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is required.

Which coaching is best for SSB?

Best SSB Coaching In India [2022]
AFPA (Armed Forces Preparatory Academy)
SSB Sure Shot Academy.
Minerva Academy.
Lakshya Academy.
Baalnoi Academy.
Olive Green.
The Cavalier.
Cavalier India.

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