How to become a Blogger in India – [Detailed Guide]


The number of people using the internet is rapidly growing, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up. Because of the pandemic, many people have explored alternative sources of income and knowledge. 

Blogging appears to be one of those possibilities that individuals of all ages have attempted to learn and explore. Various blogging platforms that provide templates, themes, track analysis, and other tools make it easy for users to start a blog.

In this blog, we will explore how to become a blogger in India educational qualifications required to be a Blogger, certificate and project work, top colleges to apply to in India and Abroad. Read till the end for insights on income and top blogging platforms. 

Who is a Blogger? 

Who is a Blogger?
[Source] Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who contributes to an online diary or website regularly. The topic on which a blogger writes is dependent on their area of interest. If personal, the blogger will write about their everyday experiences. A tech blogger will write about the most recent laptop or mobile device to have hit the market, etc. 

How to Become a Blogger?

Though blogging doesn’t demand a strict educational background, acquiring a diploma or undergraduate degree will add credibility to your profile and skills. Because as mentioned above, what a blogger chooses to write about has a lot to do with their selected niche. That is their area of expertise/interest.

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Step 1: Stream to select

One can choose any stream of interest after Grade 10 to become a blogger. Since the primary medium of communication is in the written form, it is advisable to develop writing & copywriting skills or choose a stream that complements the same. 

Step 2: Certification Courses & Project Courses 

Certificate courses on creative writing and blogging are the best way to learn about the workings and strategies required for a blog. A few of these courses also offer a project-based assessment that can be added to portfolios or blog posts. 

A few of the courses you can try:

Name of the courseDuration
Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog in 2022Self-paced
Guest Blogging Certification Program1 month
The Blog Village: Tools to Create Your Blog1-month
Intro to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for EntrepreneursSelf-paced
Creating Blog Content Your Readers Actually Want To Read by SkillshareSelf-paced
Certificate courses on Blogging

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Step 3: Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications required to become a Blogger.
[source] Educational qualifications required to become a Blogger.

Blogs are written on any topic under the sun. One of the important tasks in blogging is choosing a topic or subject area that appeals to you and one you’re interested in writing about. Therefore choosing a stream that best matches your chosen topic will help you to write better. 

How to become a Blogger after 10th 

After Grade 10, one can enrol in creative writing diploma courses that teach about various writing styles and how to engage the audience. These courses are either in person or through distance learning. The colleges that offer Diplomas in creative writing are:

College NameLocation
IGNOUNew Delhi
Khalsa CollegeAmritsar
Nirmal Haloi CollegeBarpeta
Calcutta UniversityCalcutta 
Bharatiya Vidya BhavanNew Delhi 
Center for Research in Art of Film and TelevisionDelhi

How to become a Blogger after 12th

There are various types of bloggers – tech bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, art & craft bloggers, finance bloggers, etc. One can thus enrol in a bachelor’s program in either of the fields.  

To become a blogger In India

For enrolling in a bachelor’s program a minimum of 55% is required in 10 + 12 Grade from a recognized board and institution. Additionally, the selections are based on merits or entrance exam scores. 

  • UG Courses In India after 12th 

Here are a few courses that you can try:

Name of courseDuration
Bachelors of Arts in Literature with specialization in Creative Writing. 3 years
Bachelors in Mass Communication3 years
Bachelors in Fine Arts3 years
Bachelors in Tourism3 years
Bachelors of Science in Information Technology3 years
Bachelors in Commerce with specialization in Economics3 years
  • Top 10 Colleges for Arts, Mass Comm

Here are the top colleges from where one can pursue the above degrees:

Name of InstitutionLocation
St Xavier’s CollegeMumbai
Presidency UniversityKolkata
Loyola CollegeChennai
Jadavpur UniversityCalcutta
Jamia Milia IslamiaDelhi
Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and EconomicsMumbai
Symbiosis School of EconomicsPune
Hindu CollegeNew Delhi
Madras Christian CollegeChennai
Hansraj CollegeNew Delhi

To become a blogger Abroad 

In order to apply for an undergraduate program abroad, a candidate will need to have the following documents,

  1. A minimum of 60% in 10 + 2 from a recognized board and institution.
  2. Statement of Purpose with two references.
  3. A filled application and Supplementary Application questionnaire (SAQ)
  4. IELTS score of 5.5 and above.
  5. TOEFL score of 90 and above
  • UG courses Abroad 

Following are a few courses one can apply for abroad. 

Sr. No.Name of the courseDuration
1.Bachelors in Creative Writing3 years
2.Bachelors in Art, Film, and Visual Studies4 years
3.Bachelors in Computer Science and IT3 years
4.Bachelors in Design 3 years
5.Bachelors in Finance3 years
  • Top 10 colleges abroad

Here are a few top colleges abroad from where one can pursue the above mentioned degrees: 

Sr. No.Name of the InstitutionLocation
1.Columbia UniversityNew York
2.Northwestern UniversityEvanston, IL
3.Emory UniversityAtlanta, GA
4.Harvard UniversityCambridge, USA
5.The University of British ColumbiaVancouver, Canada
6.Stanford UniversityCalifornia
7.University of California, Berkeley (UCB)Berkeley, California
8.University of TorontoCanada
9.University of LeedsEngland
10.Curtin UniversityAustralia

Step 4: How to set up a blog 

Steps to set-up a Blog
[source] Steps to set-up a Blog

Setting up a blog is all about setting up your idea. Creating a space for your thoughts and knowledge to be presented in a structured manner. There are eight steps to setting up a blog:

  1. Identify your niche: Choose the topic on which you want to write your blogs. Your niche might be anything from a travel blog to a fashion blog to a review blog to a news blog.
  2. Decide a blog name and introduction: Create a logo for your blog and drafts for ‘About Me’ and ‘Homepage’ for the blog. If you are someone who wants to work on projects or websites, these pages will work as a portfolio for you.
  3. Choose your blog posting platform: Check out the list of top blogging platforms section. 
  4. Choose a Web Host: A Web host gives web server space for your blog website to live online. 

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How does a Webhost work?
[source] How does a Webhost work?
  1. Customize your Blog: Maintain a simple, clean look. It will be easier on the user’s eyes, and you will have complete control over how your blog appears to the viewer.
  2. Publish your first blog post: Choose a topic that you believe will spark the interest of your target audience and write clearly and thoughtfully.
  3. Promote your Blog: To draw attention to your blog, always provide links to it. Become a member of Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.
  4. Earn from your Blog: 

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Skills to become a Blogger

Skills required to become a blogger
Skills of a Blogger

Gone are the days when blogging required a thorough understanding of programming and website design. Knowing these things will indeed give you an advantage, but it’s not mandatory. However, to be a blogger, certain skills are required.

Technical Skills:

  • Writing Skills
  • SEO knowledge
  • Marketing skills
  • Social Networking
  • Research Skill
  • Photo/Video editing

Conceptualizing your idea and creating a narrative on social media is a technical skill that can help you reach a wider audience. Learn to bring that lively social media presence through the Clever Harvey Junior MBA course on Digital Marketing

Interpersonal skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability

Income of a Blogger

Estimated annual average Salary of a Blogger around the world
[source] Estimated Annual salary of a Blogger

The table below contains an estimated amount earned by an average blogger in different nations. Please note that the pay differs based on the number of visits on the page, niche, interaction, affiliated services, etc. 

CountryIndia USUKSwitzerland
Estimated income per year₹ 285,000 – ₹ 585,000$37,073£30,221104,000 CHF

Top Blogging Platform for Bloggers

Blogging Websites

A good blog is structured, authentic, and well-researched. And a good blogger is passionate and has positive engagement with the readers. (comments, emails, etc.)

Though blogging might not give you immediate monetary results, it will surely help you to showcase your talent to the world and inspire others to share their thoughts and ideas as well. 

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FAQs related to how to become a Blogger in India

How much do bloggers earn in India?

A Blogger in India makes ₹ 285,000/ Annum. (Based on 15 salaries.)

How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid through affiliate marketing, brand collaboration, and ad spaces. 

What qualifications do you need to be a blogger?

To become a blogger you need a thorough knowledge of the selected and related niche

What exactly do bloggers do?

A blogger is someone who contributes to an online diary or website regularly. The topic on which a blogger writes is dependent on their area of interest.

How can one promote their blog?

One can promote their blog through  Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  

What is a Web Host?

A Web host gives web server space for your blog website to live online. This service saves your blog’s files, data, and website code on a server, allowing anyone, anywhere in the globe, to visit your site. 

Is WordPress a good blogging platform? is at the top of free blogging sites. It gives a host of customization options with the help of – plugins, themes, templates, etc. You will have full control over how your blog will look and function.

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If you are someone who wants to enter the blogging world, welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to become a blogger, with details about qualifications, skills, steps, and salary insight.

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What does a Youtuber really do? What does a Social Media Manager Really Do? 8 Steps to create a Blog 10 Skills required to become a Blogger
What does a Youtuber really do? What does a Social Media Manager Really Do? 8 Steps to create a Blog 10 Skills required to become a Blogger