How to become a Digital Marketer


Have you ever liked a product on social media only to be swamped with emails and posts from that brand later on? With about 56.7% of the world’s population utilizing the internet, it’s no wonder that the marketing sector has expanded its reach to digital platforms.

From online shopping platforms to social media, we’ve seen firms advertise their products and raise brand awareness. This form of marketing gained popularity and gave rise to the position of “digital marketer.”

If you want to successfully extend your marketing approach to digital platforms, digital marketing is the way to go! In this post, we’ll walk you through the ‘who’ and ‘how’ to become a digital marketer, as well as the educational requirements and institutions you can apply to in India and abroad.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is a person who uses various digital channels, such as social media, emails, blogs, and online adverts, to generate leads and raise brand recognition. Most of the time, marketers are in control of a company’s overall digital strategy.

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How to Become a Digital Marketer [Step by Step]

It is not enough to place the same generic ad on the internet or social media platforms or to create brand impressions. It calls for different tactics and a comprehensive understanding on the marketer’s part. 

The participants must be particularly tech-savvy because, as the name suggests, digital marketing involves dealing with digital media, the internet, and technological tools.

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Step 1: Stream to select 

There is no restriction when it comes to choosing a stream to become a Digital Marketer. However, choosing a commerce stream is preferred as one will have a stronger base for their UG courses on marketing or advertising

Step 2: Certification Courses & Project Courses

Online certificate courses on digital marketing have gained prominence in the past decade and there is a range of courses offered by prominent institutions. Here are a few certificate courses:

Name of the courseDuration
Google Digital Marketing Certification40 hours
Harvard Digital Marketing Strategy Program1 week
Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization3-6 months
Duke Digital Media and Marketing Certificate350 hours
LinkedIn Digital Marketing Certificatemonth/self-paced

Projects on digital marketing can be managed at an individual and academic level. Some of the famous topics are SEO marketing case studies, social media marketing, digital marketing tool analysis, etc. 

Step 3: Educational Qualifications

You can take online or offline courses that specialize in digital marketing. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communication, journalism, or a related field enables you to participate in a structured system that teaches you the principles of digital marketing and assists you in choosing an area of expertise. 

How to become a Digital Marketer after 10th 

A diploma in Digital Marketing and related courses requires a minimum of 60% in Grade 10 or equivalent from a recognized board and institution. Here are a few Diploma courses one can try after Grade 10. 

Name of the courseDuration
Diploma in Digital Marketing by ISBM6 months
Digital Marketing course by Digital Scholar4 months

How to become a Digital Marketer after 12th 

To become a digital marketer after 12th, one will have to choose a degree in business, journalism, mass communication or a related field. In the meantime, working on projects and internships would help in upskilling yourself. 

  • Diploma course to become a Digital Marketer In India 

The eligibility criteria for both diploma and undergraduate courses in India is a minimum of 55% in 10 + 2 Grade from a recognized university and board.  

Name of the courseDuration
Diploma in Digital Marketing (NMIMS)3 – 12 months
Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management4-8 months
Digital marketing course by IIM Skills3- 6 months
  • UG courses to become a Digital Marketer in India 

Apart from the 10 + 2 eligibility criteria, a candidate will have to appear for the entrance exam. Here are a few popular entrance exams for the below-mentioned courses:

  • NPAT
  • CMAT
  • SET
  • CAT
  • MAT
  • XAT
Name of the courseDuration
BBA (Marketing)3 years
BBA (Digital Marketing)3 years
BCom (Marketing)3 years

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  • Top colleges in India

Here are the top colleges for the above-mentioned courses: 

Name of the InstitutionLocation
Indian Institute of Management – [IIM]Indore
Woxen UniversityHyderabad
Indian Institute of Management – [IIM]Rohtak
BML Munjal University- [BMU]GURGAON
ICFAI Foundation for Higher EducationHyderabad
Indian Institute of ManagementRanchi
KIIT School of ManagementBhubaneshwar
Loyola College (Autonomous)Chennai
Christ UniversityBengaluru
  • UG Courses Abroad to become a Digital Marketer

The eligibility criteria for Digital Marketing courses abroad are:

  • Minimum of 55% in Grade 10 + 2 from a recognized university and board. 
  • Clear entrance exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc.
  • Qualify University specific application process and entrance procedure. 
  • SOP, LOR, LOI, certificates.  
Name of the courseDuration
Business & Digital Marketing- BSc (Hons)3 years
Business Administration: Digital Marketing – BBA3 years
Computer Engineering: Digital Marketing – BSc3 years
Communication: Digital Marketing – BC3 years
BSc Digital Media & Marketing3 years
BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing)3 years
BSc in Digital Media & Marketing3 years
BA Media Management and Digital Marketing3 years
BA (Hons) Applied Digital Marketing3 years
BA in digital Business and Management3 years
  • Top colleges abroad for Digital Marketing
Name of the InstitutionLocation
Falmouth UniversityUK
Westcliff UniversityUSA
MIU City UniversityMiami, USA
Massey UniversityNew Zealand
Arden UniversityBerlin
University of Europe for Applied SciencesGermany
Harbour UniversitySpain
Westcliff UniversityUSA
University of NorthamptonUK
Teesside UniversityUK

Step 4: Job Prep required to become a Digital Marketer

  1. Internships

Internships in writing, social media marketing, and other sorts of marketing are available from a variety of companies. By registering for an internship in any sector of interest to you, you can gain real-world marketing experience. 

Your chances of developing a solid portfolio and obtaining a respectable job will increase. Another option is to give your time to a friend or relative who runs a company.

  1. Portfolio creation:

Creating a portfolio is essential for a role of a Digital Marketer. Your portfolio should contain the campaigns, projects, branding, and designs you have worked on. 

Make sure to include your writing samples, hosting websites, case studies and certifications that show your skill set and learning curve. 

  1. Freelance:

Freelance opportunities are aplenty for digital marketers. You can focus on creating your personal brand to gain practical experience in digital marketing. 

This would entail making an effort to monetize your website, developing social media platforms that successfully showcase your interests and abilities, writing articles and getting them published on other platforms, developing a solid portfolio, etc.

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Skills to become a Digital Marketer

Following are the skills one should have to become a Digital Marketer:

  • Technical skills
    • Data Analytical skills
    • Basic Designing
    • Content writing/ copywriting
    • SEO tools
    • Social Media 
    • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
    • Design thinking
  • Personal skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Communication skills
    • Strategic planning
    • Collaboration 
    • Persuasive skill
    • Creativity

Salary for a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has proven to be more effective, target audience focused and revenue driven. Due to this the position of a digital marketer has gained popularity in both India and abroad. 

Salary in India for a Digital Marketer

As per websites like naukri, ambitionbox and indeed, the following are the salary insights based on job roles:

Job roleDigital marketerDigital marketing managerContent strategistSEO/ SEM SpecialistEmail marketing specialistSocial media marketer
Avg. Annual SalaryRs. 3.8 LPARs. 7.2 LPARs. 10 LPARs. 8 LPARs. 8.5 LPARs. 5 LPA

Salary abroad for a Digital Marketer 

Salary of a Digital Manager abroad: 

Name of the countryUSA(in dollars)UK(in pounds)Canada(in Canadian dollars)Europe(in euros)Australia(in Australian dollars)
Avg. annual Salary$62,079£30,00055,460 USD€46318$85,000

Top recruiters in India 

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. HCL
  4. Cognizant
  5. Hummingbird Web Solutions
  6. IBM
  7. Infosys
  8. Zomato
  9. Oracle
  10. Accenture

Top agencies abroad 

  1. WebFx
  2. Dream Theory
  3. Single Grain
  4. Mighty citizen
  5. iSynergy
  6. The Bigger Boat
  7. Creative Sponge
  8. Directive Consulting
  9. Bird Marketing
  10. Web Windows Marketing

Every day, 4.6 billion individuals utilize social media. It makes sense that businesses would use it to attract customers and foster communities. Therefore the scope and demand of this role will expand in the coming years. 

If you are someone who can keep up with the upcoming digital marketing trends, and portray a brand in the most creative and strategic manner, you should definitely try to pursue this career. 

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FAQs about how to become a Digital Marketer

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is a person who uses various digital channels, such as social media, emails, blogs, and online adverts, to generate leads and raise brand recognition.

How much does a Digital Marketer earn in India?

A Digital Marketing Manager earns an average of Rs. 7.2 LPA in India

What are the technical skills required to become a Digital marketer?

The technical skills required to become a digital marketer are Data Analytical skills, Basic Designing, Content writing/ copywriting, SEO tools, Social Media, Customer Relation Management (CRM), and Design thinking

Can you become a freelance digital marketer?

Yes, if you have an adequate experience and certifications in digital marketing, you can become a freelance digital marketer.

How much does a digital marketer earn in Australia in 2022?

On average, a Digital marketer earns $85,000 per year. 

What stream should I select to become a Digital Marketer?

There is no specific stream to select for Digital marketing.

What are the undergraduate courses for digital marketing in India?

BBA in Marketing, BBA in Digital Marketing and B.Com in Marketing are a few specific undergraduate courses for Digital Marketing in India. 

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Do you have creativity to become a digital marketing professional? Digital Marketing is just for you! Read the article to learn how to become a Digital Marketer, the best course and colleges in India and abroad, and salary insights.

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