Do you spend your free time playing video games? Everyone plays some video game. But are you someone who is thrilled about video games and has played many? Are you a crazy video game fan? 

Well, you could pursue a career as a Game Designer and make your most loved activity a full-time career choice. 

In this blog, we shall be discussing everything you need to know about the field of game design, what you need to know to study, where you can work, and much more. Read on! 

What does a Game Designer do?

Visual game content is created by video game designers. To create characters, worlds, and interactive stories, they combine graphic design skills with programming knowledge. If you want to pursue a career as a Game Designer, you will have to perform these tasks.

  • Creating visually appealing content that engages the user is one of the main duties of a video game designer. 
  • To create a successful game, designers frequently collaborate closely with a group of developers, writers, animators, and testers.
  • In order to create game advertisements, they might also get together with marketing and sales representatives.

Designers of video games can concentrate on the overall content or work on particular game mechanics. A game designer could make a variety of games, including:

  • Computer games
  • Console games
  • Massively multiplayer online games
  • Mobile games

Job Roles

The responsibilities of game designers are numerous and varied. A potential employee has the option of working as a freelancer or for a large corporation. The potential job roles you can pursue in your career as a game designer are listed below.

  1. Creative Game Director: A creative game director, who is frequently the person who came up with the game’s concept, is responsible for making sure that the video game project is flawless in every way. They are in charge of the project’s overall vision.
  1. Game Animator: They are masters of multimedia. A game animator’s job is to use technology, creativity, and art to create animated scenes that can be interacted with.
  1. Game Artist: All aspects of game development that call for visual art are the responsibility of the game artist. They produce 2D or 3D artwork for the game’s visual components.
  1. Game Audio Engineer: A game audio engineer’s job is to fully grasp the essence of the game and combine dynamic audio to bring the gaming world to life. They combine background music from the game with dynamic sound effects and ambient sounds.
  1. Game Designer: A game designer’s responsibilities include creating the game’s levels, characters, puzzles, animation, and art. You are expected to contribute ideas, develop the game’s mechanism, build prototypes, and create an interactive narration.
  1. Game Marketer/PR: This person plays a crucial part in the process. They have a responsibility to convey the developer’s message and ensure that it has been well received by the general public.
  1. Game Programmer: A game programmer uses codes to create programs that smartphones, computers, and video game systems can read. They are frequently regarded as computer scientists and brilliant software engineers. They decide which programming language will work best with the gaming platform.
  1. Game System Designer: A game system designer collaborates closely with producers, programmers, and other areas of the game design industry to create the functions of the games. 
  1. Game Tester: The QA game tester must give their approval after the final submission has been completed. They must ensure that all glitches and errors are corrected and the game is functioning properly.

Career Path to become a Game Designer

To pursue a career as a Game Designer, take a look at what your career path will look like.

Path 1:

Complete your 10+2 in the Science stream. Pursue a bachelor’s degree either in B.Tech Computer Science or Game Design and Development. You also pursue a master’s degree in your field of specialization. 

Path 2:

Complete your 10+2 in the Science stream. Pursue a bachelor’s degree either in B.Sc Game Design and Development or any other relevant degree. You also pursue a master’s degree in your field of specialization. 

Salary in different career stages of a Game Designer

Job ProfileStarting Level SalaryMedium Level SalarySenior Level Salary
Creative Game DirectorINR 1,20,000INR 9,00,000INR 30,62,000
Game AnimatorINR 2,28,000INR 3,60,000INR 16,00,000
Game ArtistINR 3,00,000INR 5,50,000INR 9,00,000
Game Audio EngineerINR 1,18,000INR 3,63,927INR 18,00,000
Game DesignerINR 2,00,000INR 5,03,628INR 10,00,000
Game Marketer/PRINR 4,00,000INR 7,87,500INR 11,30,000
Game ProgrammerINR 3,50,000INR 4,25,000INR 24,00,000
Game System DesignerINR 3,50,000INR 5,00,000INR 10,00,000
QA Game TesterINR 2,55,663INR 5,00,000INR 10,00,000

Skills required to be a Game Designer

To build a career as a Game Designer, you will need to develop these skills.

  1. Communication Skills:
    A game designer doesn’t create the entire game by themselves in the industry of game design. Typically, they have a team. They must have strong communication abilities in order to be able to convey to their team what needs to be done.
  1. Teamwork:
    Working in groups is when employees integrate their different skills to reach a goal. Supporting and directing, motivating, voluntarily and wholeheartedly communicating, becoming adaptable, and projecting dedication are all crucial components of organizational teamwork and collaboration.
  1. Computer Programming:
    A career in game design requires proficiency in programming languages in order to create games. Computer programming skills are necessary to work within these constraints and to complete all tests with the appropriate level of time and space difficulty. 
  1. Management of interpersonal relationships:
    A person’s ability to interact and communicate with others effectively is referred to as interpersonal skills. There are many different interpersonal skills including behavior, communication, and teamwork. It is crucial that you understand what they desire. this demands some people skills.
  1. Learning Capabilities:
    An activity that encourages both daily personal as well as professional life is learning new skills. To offer engaging gaming experiences, game designers work with the cognitive and emotional aspects of people.
  1. Project management:
    Project management teaches collaborative and planning skills that can be used on any project. The understanding of the responsibilities could be enhanced by looking into the project’s initiation, execution, and completion as part of project management fundamentals. 

Is Game Design a good career option?

One of the few professions in the gaming industry that keeps expanding despite the general economic unrest is that of game design. It increased during the 2008 financial crisis, and it is currently increasing as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads. 

There is tremendous potential for job growth for those who are sincerely interested in creating games. Game designers give people the new experiences they seek out because they want to entertain people. If you are interested in creating games, there are numerous opportunities on the job market for game designers.

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Types of industries hiring Game Designers

  1. Advertising firms
  2. Broadcasting companies
  3. Computing and electronics organizations
  4. Creative agencies
  5. Education providers and education resource suppliers
  6. Esports associations
  7. Event organizers
  8. Hardware and software distributors
  9. PR, communications, and marketing firms
  10. Software developers
  11. Trade and retail organizations.

Top recruiters for Game Designers in India

Top Recruiters in India
2 Pi Interactive, Hyderabad
Apar Games, Mumbai
99Games, Karnataka
CreatioSoft, Noida
Games2win, Mumbai
Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore
GSN Games, India
Geek Mentor Studios, Noida
Top Recruiters in India
  1. 2 Pi Interactive, Hyderabad
  2. 99Games, Karnataka
  3. Apar Games, Mumbai
  4. CreatioSoft, Noida
  5. Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore
  6. Games2win, Mumbai
  7. Geek Mentor Studios, Noida
  8. GSN Games, India

Courses to upskill as a Game Designer

If you want to acquire the skills used in game designing and learn the basics of game development, here are a few courses you can consider to excel in your career as a Game Designer.

  1. Certificate in Gaming
  2. Certificate course in Game Art & Design
  3. Certificate in Game Design

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Educational qualifications to become a Game Designer

In this section, we shall be discussing the educational qualifications if you want to pursue a career as a Game Designer.

Degrees in India

Here’s a list of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees you can consider in India.

Undergraduate courses in India for Game Designing

  1. B.Sc in Game Design & Development
  2. B.Sc in Graphics, Gaming, and Animation
  3. B.Sc in Multimedia & Animation
  4. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Game Development

Postgraduate courses in India for Game Designing

Master in Computer Graphics and Virtual RealityNA
MSc in Gaming2 years
MSc in Game Design and Development2 years

Degrees abroad

Here’s a list of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees you can consider abroad.

Undergraduate courses abroad for Game Designing

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Digital Design (Game Design)
  3. BSc in Computer Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Game Development 

Postgraduate courses abroad for Game Designing

Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity2 years
Master of Science in Game Science and Design2 years


Books to read

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Games by Ian Millington and John Funge
  2. Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory
  3. Game Theory: An Introduction by Steve Tadelis
  4. Level Up!: The Guide To Great Video Game Design by Scot Rogers
  5. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell
  6. The author Viktor Latypov and Sergey Kosarevsky are written the book name Android NDK Game Development.
  7. The fourth edition of Game Coding Complete by the author David Graham and Mike Mcshaffry.
  8. The book named Game Theory by Steve Tadelis

That’s all you need to know about your career as a Game Designer. We hope this blog helped you and answered all your questions about how you can be a game designer, what you need to study, and where you can work. Good luck!

FAQs about the career as a Game Designer

What is the role of a game designer?

Game developers work on the video game life cycle from the idea or concept stage to the publishing stage. They develop a strong framework for running it and prototypes for various game features while writing code to translate technical specifications into the software.

Is working as a game designer rewarding?

The need is great. A career in game design and development, like any other, is only a wise choice if the individual is passionate about it and respects the work that is being produced. The field of game design is a fantastic choice for a career to enjoy and advance in if one has a true passion for the elements of contemporary gaming.

What courses should I take to become a game developer?

Popular areas of expertise for game developers include computer science and computer engineering. The curriculum may include topics in C#, C++, Perl, computer 3D graphics, calculus, game algorithms, object-oriented design, and network fundamentals.

How much do Game Designers make in India?

At both the national and international levels, there are many gaming competitions organized. Prizes awarded to candidates range from 20,000 to 5,000 Indian Rupees. In some circumstances, prize money might even increase.

What job profiles can I consider to pursue a career as a Game designer?

Creative Game Director
Game Animator
Game Artist:
Game Audio Engineer
Game Designer
Game Marketer/PR
Game Programmer
Game System Designer
Game Tester

Is it challenging to find employment as a game designer?

First of all, it’s challenging to find employment as a game designer right after graduating from school. Game designers are typically former testers, programmers, or artists who switch careers while working in the industry. Direct employment as a game designer is still very difficult to come by, even with a strong portfolio.

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