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Do you keep tabs on your finances and make plans to meet your financial objectives? Do you want to assist people in making financial plans and enhancing their wealth? This blog is a detailed guide about the career as an Investment Analyst, what they do, different paths you can take to become an Investment analyst and other job opportunities as an Investment analyst.

What does an Investment Analyst Do? 

Using data from the company’s finances and investments, market trends, and current economic conditions, an investment analyst creates recommendations for the purchase or sale of securities. The nature of their work involves them to be stayed informed and analyzing every development in their sector, company, and industry in order to build a financial model that predicts how it will affect the economy. 

  • Analysts are able to evaluate both old and new data with the help of a financial model.
  • conduct independent research on investments in the designated areas.
  • Review previous investment decisions.
  • Make connections with investment managers and other business people.
  • Utilize cutting-edge analytical software and tools to the fullest extent possible to support the investment management process.
  • Follow the financial press, new trends, opportunities, and potential risks.
  • for senior management, prepare reports.
  • Long hours of working and travelling may be required for the job of investment analyst. It is a well-paying job with numerous benefits. 
  • To work in the finance industry, one must have critical thinking and research skills, as well as mathematical aptitude. They recommend investment strategies to help their clients raise capital.

Job Roles 

  • Stockbrokers: A stockbroker’s main responsibility is to find and carry out buy and sell orders. In order to invest in securities, many market participants rely on stockbrokers’ knowledge.
  • Fund managers: The accountability for maintaining precise accounting records for investment funds rests with the fund managers. You might be in charge of overseeing trading operations and putting investment plans into action.
  • Investors: While a trader aims to make short-term profits by repeatedly buying and selling securities, an investor uses capital for long-term gain. Investors use their capital to make either equity or debt investments in order to generate returns.
  • Entrepreneurs: An individual who starts a new business, taking on the majority of the risks and reaping the majority of the rewards, is known as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting a business.
  • Risk Managers: A risk management specialist is a position hired by organizations to find potential risks that could hurt the company’s bottom line. Financial risks have traditionally been the focus of this role.
  • Wealth Manager: A financial advisor with a focus on helping high net worth clients manage their wealth is known as a wealth manager.
  • Financial Advisor: An expert who receives compensation for advising clients on their finances is known as a financial advisor. You would also hire a financial advisor to create a plan for your finances.
  • Investment Consultant: As part of developing an investment and asset allocation strategy and portfolio, investment consultants provide advice to their clients, which may include asset owners, fund managers, and trustees, on which funds, asset classes, and where else to invest.
  • Financial Planner: A financial planner’s primary responsibility is to assist clients in achieving their medium- and long-term financial goals.

Career path for becoming an Investment Analyst

Path 1

  • Complete your 12th from the commerce stream
  • Complete Bachelor in Financial Market
  • Pursue MBA in Finance 
  • Do an Internship under a Financial Analyst

Path 2 

  • Complete your 12th grade in commerce
  • Complete bachelor in finance-related subject 
  • Finish Industry Certified Courses.
  • If you’d like, you can pursue a master’s.

Path 3 

  • You can do 12th from any stream 
  • Finish your bachelor’s from any stream 
  • Take up Chartered Financial Analyst Certification 
  • Consider an internship

Visit this blog on How to become an Investment Analyst if you wish to discover more about universities and career preparation. 

Salary of an Investment Analyst in different stages of career 

Investment Consultant₹14 L
Financial Planner₹5 L
Fund Managers₹16 L
Investment/Financial Analyst ₹5 L 
Wealth Manager₹ 6 L 

Skills required to be an Investment Analyst

  • Confidence: As an Investment Analyst, you will need to interact with various clients and stakeholders in order to propose your ideas, projects, and portfolios.
  • Research Skills: To find good investment opportunities and make portfolio recommendations to clients, you must conduct market research.
  • IT Skills: You must be familiar with computers and various software that will assist you in determining better investment stocks to make strategies.
  • Analytical Skills: As an Investment Analyst, you must be analytical in order to identify good investment opportunities and recommend stocks.
  • Problem Solving Skills: They identify different issues and come up with solutions and implement solutions and give different investment strategies.
  • Numerical Skills: As Investment Analysts, they work with numbers to help them create plans and portfolios based on various issues.
  • Communication Skills: You should be able to communicate your solutions and give investment advice to your clients. 

Is Investment Analysis a Good Career Option?

Investment analysts examine how people and businesses can use their money. Some of the highest starting salaries in the financial industry are available for those working as investment analysts. It should come as no surprise that most industry analysts anticipate strong employment growth in the financial sector given the variety of financial companies and the increasing demand for experts in the field. Being an Investment analyst can be toll-taking but for some who have a passion finance for them, it will provide job satisfaction. Although working long hours and travelling is part of the job of an Investment analyst, the pay is worthwhile.   

Types of Industries Hiring Investment Analysts

  • Wealth Management Organizations
  • Investment Banks 
  • Trading Companies 
  • Private equity Firms 
  • Life Insurance Companies 
  • Charities 
  • Banks 
  • Pension Funds 
  • Hegde Funds
  • Corporates 

Top Recruiters for Investment Analysts

  • J.P Morgan 
  • Accenture
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • Tata Consultancy Services 
  • Barclays
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • HSBC
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Reliance Industries

Courses to Upskill as Investment Analyst 

The Certification Below will boost your career as an Investment Analyst. 

  • Chartered Investment Banking Analyst (CIBA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA)
  • Chartered Investment Counsellor (CIC)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)

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Qualification to become Investment Analyst 

By earning a degree in a financial subject, you can work as an investment analyst.

Undergraduate degree in India 

The three-year programs listed below cover every course needed to become a financial analyst or investment analyst.

  • BSc in Finance
  • BSc in Economics
  • BBA Finance and Accounts
  • Bachelor in Financial Market
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • BSc in Accounting and Financial Management

Postgraduate degree in India

Courses you can consider for master’s as an Investment Analyst. The duration of the courses is 2 years. 

  1. MSc in Finance & Management
  2. Masters in Finance 
  3. MSc in Financial Economics 
  4. MBA in Finance 
  5. MBA in Quantitative Finance 
  6. LLM in Finance 
  7. MA in Economic

Degrees Abroad

The BSc in Quantitative Finance, BSc in Economics, BSc in Accounting and Finance, BBA, and many other undergraduate degrees are available abroad. You can also pursue a master’s degree in a field related to finance or an MBA in finance.

To increase your chances of admission to foreign universities or to strengthen your resume by including an industry-recognized programme, think about pursuing a JuniorMBA in entrepreneurship or a JuniorMBA in Finance.

Start by preparing for the TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT exams if you want to enrol in foreign universities. Visit this blog to learn more about how to take the SAT.

I want to know More! 


If you have a keen interest to pursue a career in finance you may consider reading the following

  • Stories of Capitalism- Stefan Leins 
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation- Paul Pignataro 
  • Financial Planning & Analysis and Performance Management- Jack Alexander. 
  • The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham 
  • One Up on the Wall Street- Peter Lynch

Famous Personalities 

  • Meredith Whitney
  • Abby Joseph Cohen
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Carter Worth
  • Alan B. Slifka
  • Peter Rickitt
  • Ashish Talgotra

A person who can work under pressure is required for a job profile. A pressure analyst profile offers a high level of career advancement and job satisfaction. The job of an investment analyst may entail working long hours and travelling. It is a well-paying position with many advantages. One needs to be mathematically proficient as well as possess critical thinking and research skills in order to work in the finance sector. To assist their clients in raising money, they offer investment recommendations.


Is it hard to be an investment analyst?

 Yes, training to be an investment analyst is challenging. It is a very competitive industry because of the lucrative average salary of investment analysts. The majority of investment analysts hold bachelor’s degrees in economics, finance, business, or related disciplines.

How do I start an investment analyst career?

Complete your 12th grade in the business stream, then finish your bachelor’s degree in a finance-related field, pursue an industry-recognized certification, and think about doing an internship with a financial analyst to develop the skills needed for the career.

What do you do as an investment analyst?

An investment analyst conducts research and provides information to aid stockbrokers, fund managers, and traders in making investment decisions. A well-managed investment portfolio and the identification of potential investment opportunities are made possible by the information you offer.

What are the top 3 skills for the financial analyst?

Having strong quantitative skills, expert problem-solving skills, a mastery of logic, and exceptional Interpersonal skills are necessary for a career as a financial analyst.

Is a financial analyst a stressful job?

Being an investment analyst can be taxing, but for some people who love finance, it will be a fulfilling job. An investment analyst must put in a lot of overtime and travel, but the pay is well worth it.

What to study if you want to be a financial analyst?

The majority of investment analysts have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: business, finance, economics, or a related field. But Completing certification courses like CFA, CFP and CIMA, and others.

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7 Skills required to become an Investment Analyst How to become an Investment Analyst? Top 10 colleges to become an Investment Analyst in India Top 10 colleges to become an Investment Analyst Abroad
7 Skills required to become an Investment Analyst How to become an Investment Analyst? Top 10 colleges to become an Investment Analyst in India Top 10 colleges to become an Investment Analyst Abroad