India’s tourism sector has grown significantly over the last few years. Do you find travel exciting? Do you want to incorporate it into your daily life?

Studying hotel management might be a great choice for you if you want to work in the travel industry by pursuing a career as a hotel manager. The industry is expanding, making hotel management a very promising career.

Interested in learning more about the possibilities in hotel management? Learn how to pursue a career as a hotel manager, the skills you need, what you can study, and much more by reading this blog. Read on!

What does a Hotel Manager do?

The hotel managers oversee the various departments each hotel has to keep things running smoothly. The job of a hotel manager may seem straightforward, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Hotel managers are deeply involved in marketing, sales, promotions, accounting, budgeting, and hiring.

To pursue a career as a hotel manager, you must know what duties you will have to carry out. Here’s a list of the primary duties of hotel managers including the following:

  • The hiring, deploying, and training of new employees at the hotel.
  • Keeping records and monitoring the budget.
  • Management, maintenance, and pay for the workforce.
  • Maximization of sales and reduction of expenses.
  • Controlling complaints and providing customer service.

Job roles for a Hotel Manager

Listed below are a few of the jobs you can consider to pursue a career as a hotel manager.

  1. Waiting Staff:
    They are responsible for conversing with visitors and attending to their needs, which includes knowing about the visitors’ nutritional preferences. They also make certain that the clients’ meals and hotel stays are free of any problems. Waiting personnel are also responsible for addressing any issues that guests may have, making suitable arrangements, collecting money, and maintaining watchfulness in providing vital service.
  2. Kitchen Staff:
    The kitchen crew has one of the most diverse roles in the hotel, with labour ranging substantially depending on the size of the hotel and the type of restaurant. Typical activities include preparing basic items, cleaning the kitchen, washing cutlery and dishes, setting tables, and aiding cooks or cooks with other tasks.
  3. Kitchen Manager:
    The kitchen manager is responsible for supervising kitchen operations and maintaining personnel performance records. Activities include hiring and firing kitchen staff, ordering kitchen appliances, procuring food, maintaining cleanliness standards, supervising meal preparation, and ensuring that all employees are properly trained.
  4. Head Chef:
    The head chef is the most important function in the hotel when it comes to food preparation. The chef is in charge of the restaurant’s menu development and maintenance, as well as overseeing a team of chefs, sous chefs, and support workers. Instead of the kitchen manager, you might be in charge of the budget.
  5. Room Service:
    Those who work in hotel room service are typically linked to those who work in kitchens and restaurants. On the other hand, the main role is to provide guest service in their rooms. This could include talking to guests on the phone, taking room service orders to the restaurant, and then bringing food and drinks to the guests.
  6. Hotel Porter:
    Hotel porters, sometimes known as bellboys, are responsible for taking visitors to their rooms, transporting their luggage to various floors, and inspecting the rooms. Customers regularly ask questions and seek advice, thus this is a hotel job that requires a thorough understanding of hotel operations.
  7. Cleaning and maintenance:
    All positions related to the hotel’s care are handled by the hotel’s maintenance and cleaning staff. She focuses on cleaning, maintenance, and guest care in particular.
  8. Manager of Housekeeping:
    The cleaning manager is in charge of arranging the cleaning staff and making sure they have all they need to fulfil their responsibilities. This means that inventory is kept track of, as well as cleaning activities. The position also entails hiring, terminating, and training personnel. as well as the department’s budgeting.
  9. Marketing Manager:
    The marketing manager of a hotel is in charge of publicizing the establishment to potential customers and business partners. This includes monitoring the hotel’s advertising strategy and budget, as well as identifying new non-traditional ways to sell the business.
  10. Manager of Sales:
    Since, important responsibilities such as hotel facilities, wedding services, and other hotel products can be handled by a combination of the general manager, an assistant manager, or the marketing department, the sales manager is frequently considered an optional role at the hotel.
  11. Manager of Revenue:
    The practice of boosting a hotel’s income and improving its financial performance, usually through a strategic sales approach, is known as revenue management. This ensures that the right hotel rooms are provided to the right customer at the right price, through the best channel, and at the right time.
  12. Accounting Manager:
    The hotel accounting manager oversees the accounting department as well as all of its personnel. Among the responsibilities are ensuring that the hotel is successfully tracking and documenting income and expenses, managing employee remuneration, and ensuring that bills are paid promptly and on time.

Career path to become a Hotel Manager

To pursue a career as a Hotel Manager, you can follow these paths.

Path 1: 

Complete your 10+2 in the stream of your choice. Complete your undergraduate degree in hospitality management followed by a master’s degree. 

Path 2: 

Complete your 10th and enrol in a 4-year diploma program. You can continue pursuing a bachelor’s degree after completing your diploma program. 

Salary in different career stages of a Hotel Manager

Here’s a table with a rough salary estimate that you can refer to if you want to pursue a career as a Hotel Manager.

<1 yrRs.459,000
1-4 yrsRs.361,000
5-9 yrsRs.350,000
10-19 yrsRs.450,000
20+ yrsRs.810,000

Skills to become a Hotel Manager

Thinking of establishing your career as a hotel manager? Take a look at this list and develop these skills to succeed in your career as a hotel manager.

  1. Communication abilities: A hotel manager must welcome visitors and address their concerns and requests. To make sure the tasks carried out by hotel staff achieve the desired targets and appeal to the customers, he or she must provide guidelines to them.
  2. Financial Management: A hotel manager is in charge of the business’s finances. He or she is in charge of advertising the hotel’s name and its offerings. A hotel manager controls spending, manages the budget, and makes plans to boost profitability.
  3. Interpersonal skills: People who choose a career in hotel management must be able to delegate tasks to hotel staff members. To make sure the work is completed to the demands of the clients, he or she must oversee their work.
  4. Leadership qualities: A hotel manager is responsible for both the success and failure of the establishment. A successful leader, or must oversee the entire team. People play a crucial role in setting up a communication system to prevent any mismanagement in a career as a hotel manager.
  5. Organizing abilities: A hotel manager must complete several tasks in a short amount of time. He or she is responsible for inspecting and supervising the hotel staff as they provide services to guests. A hotel manager is responsible for making sure the guests have the best possible stay.

Is Hotel Manager a good career option?

The hotel industry has many departments operating, including operations, accounting, security, and food and beverage. Aspiring people can select their preferred departments and send hotel applications. There are numerous career options for aspiring hotel management professionals as a result of the industry’s ongoing expansion. A hotel management graduate has many opportunities in the hospitality sector. People today want to leave their homes and travel to faraway locations for vacations or just to explore. If travel and the tourism industry excite you, don’t wait to follow your dream and pursue a career as a hotel manager.

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Industries hiring Hotel Managers

To know about the places you can work in your career as a hotel manager, we’ve provided a list that you can read.

  • Aviation
  • Banking and Insurance 
  • Consulting Firms
  • Corporate businesses
  • Event Management
  • MNCs
  • Marketing
  • Retail sector
  • Teaching
  • Travel and tourism

Top recruiters hiring Hotel Managers

If you want to become successful in your career as a hotel manager, here are the top recruiters in the industry.

Top recruiters in India:
Taj Hotels
Oberoi Hotels
Ginger Hotels 
ITC Hotels
Lalit Hotels
Royal Orchid Hotels
Top Recruiters in India
  1. Taj Hotels
  2. Oberoi Hotels
  3. Ginger Hotels 
  4. ITC Hotels
  5. Lalit Hotels
  6. Royal Orchid Hotels

Courses to upskill as a Hotel Manager

If you want to know how to pursue a career as a Hotel Manager, take a look at these courses. 

Hotel Management: Distribution Revenue and Demand Management4 months
Internation Hospitality and Healthcare Management5 hours
Food and Beverage Management13 hours
Fundamentals of Hotel Management16 hours

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Educational qualifications to become a Hotel Manager

Here are the educational qualifications you can take a look at if you want to pursue a career as a Hotel Manager.

Degrees in India

Here’s a list of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees you can pursue in India to establish a career as a Hotel Manager.

Undergraduate degrees in India

  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  • BSc Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • BHM (Culinary)
  • BSc Hotel Management

Postgraduate degrees in India

MA (Master of Arts) Hotel Management2 years
MBA (Master of Business Administration) Hotel Management2 years
MHM (Master of Hotel Management)2 years

Degrees abroad

Here’s a list of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees you can pursue abroad to establish a career as a Hotel Manager.

Undergraduate degrees abroad

  • BA Hospitality Management
  • UG Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • UG Diploma Hospitality Management
  • UG Diploma Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management

Postgraduate degrees abroad

Postgraduate Diploma in Management2 years
Master of Internation Tourism Management12-18 months
MBA in Hospitality2 years


Books to read

  • Arihant Study Package for Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration
  • Dharmendra Mittal’s 10 Mock Tests For Hotel Management Entrances
  • Hotel Management Catering Technology: Entrance Exam, Guide by VVK Subburaj
  • Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide by Dr R P Datason
  • Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide By Jawahar Book Centre
  • Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide by Gladvin Rego
  • How to Prepare For the Hotel Management Entrance Examination by Thorpe
  • R Gupta’s book for Hotel Management
  • Ramesh Hotel Management Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

Great! That’s all the information you need to know about the field of hotel management. We hope this blog helped you and answered all your questions about how you can pursue a career as a hotel manager, what skills you need, what subjects you need to study, etc. Good luck!

FAQs related to a career as a Hotel Manager

What does a hotel manager make in a year?

A hotel manager in India makes an annual salary of 2.5 lakhs (or 20.8 thousand).

Is being a hotel manager a rewarding career?

The pay for hotel managers varies depending on where they work. If one works for a five-star hotel, the salary package for a hotel manager is acceptable. One can become a respectable professional hotel manager with good training and experience.

How long is a hotel manager’s typical workday?

It’s never quiet in hotels. You might also be excused for thinking that hotel executives never mix with one another. The position requires a lot of pressure and long, irregular work hours, which may include some late nights, weekends, and/or bank holidays depending on the shift pattern.

What are some of the job profiles as a Hotel Manager?

Waiting Staff
Kitchen Staff
Kitchen Manager
Head Chef
Room Service
Hotel Porter
Cleaning and maintenance
Manager of Housekeeping
Marketing Manager
Manager of Sales
Manager of Revenue
Accounting Manager

Can you manage a hotel without having a degree?

Although there is no specific degree required to become a hotel manager, many establishments prefer a bachelor’s degree in hotel management or a related field. An associate degree or higher is possessed by some housing chiefs.

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