Career as a Business Consultant: Clear Guide 2023


One of those terms, “business consultancy,” is frequently used colloquially to refer to a wide range of professions. And for good reason—consultants are employed in a wide range of positions within the “business” sector, which is in turn a diverse and expansive sector of the labour market.

Business consultants are used by businesses and organizations to offer an outside, unbiased point of view that can help identify issues.

Companies hire them because they lack the capacity to conduct their own internal analysis of problems or because they want an outside viewpoint to help them come up with fresh concepts and new perspectives.

Let’s go further to learn more about what a business consultant is and the requirements for entering this sector of work.

This blog is a detailed guide on a career as a Business Consultant, what a Business Consultant does, different paths you can take to become one, and different job opportunities as a Business Consultant.

What does a Business Consultant do?

Making a career choice in consulting can open up a range of special chances for the sector and skill-related work roles.

Business consultants provide industry-specific expertise to corporate executives in order to enhance an internal business function or assess how a company’s external activities will affect its future success.

  • Organize and carry out given business projects for clients (such as hiring, payroll, advertising campaigns, etc.) in accordance with their specifications.
  • When necessary, meet with assigned clients and do a preliminary analysis of a difficult issue.
  • Business consultants examine organizational procedures, pinpoint flaws, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Gather data about the client’s company using a number of techniques (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports, etc.).
  • Analyze and interpret data to find flaws and issues and understand their causes.
  • Consider a client’s preferences, skills, and constraints while creating recommendations and solutions for preparing succinct reports.
  • Present findings and recommendations to clients together with thorough justification and helpful guidance.
  • Assist their clients’ management in resolving problems affecting their business.
  • Create thorough company plans to implement subtle or significant changes.
  • Help the client implement the plan and settle any sporadic differences.
  • Give direction for any recurring issues and problems.

Job Roles in a Career as a Business Consultant

  • Communication Consultant
    A business CEO may require the assistance of a communications expert to manage both favourable and negative press as well as internal communication procedures within the organization.
  • Career Consultant
    A career consultant, often known as a “career coach or counsellor,” works with a client to determine their career objectives and the best way to pursue them.
  • Information Technology Consultant
    By educating the IT department about the new system, they help a company adopt a new system to its business model while supervising its installation.
  • Marketing Consultant
    To raise brand awareness with the new campaign, marketing experts examine the company’s target market and prior initiatives.
  • Legal Consultant
    An organization’s legal affairs must be advised by a legal adviser in order to analyze risks and prevent lawsuits that could harm the business.
  • Environmental Consultant
    Environmental consultants evaluate the potential risks associated with a company’s operations that could harm the environment.
  • Sales Consultant
    A sales consultant’s objective is to assist a business in enhancing its sales strategies and so raising income.
  • Software Consultant
    A software consultant helps a business and its executives implement computer software solutions that are most appropriate for the business and its objectives to maximize efficiency.
  • Operations Consultant
    After significant organizational changes or improved work practices, operations consultants are typically involved in the adoption of a company’s operational procedures.
  • Financial Consultant
    This kind of consultant examines historical data to discover potential areas for cost savings or to identify the financial barriers to business expansion.

Career path for becoming a Business Consultant 

Path 1

  • Complete 12th from Commerce stream 
  • Take up a bachelor’s degree in management, business, finance, or economics.
  • Get ready for one of the CAT, MAT, XAT, or CET exams.
  • If it interests you, think about earning an MBA in finance, management, or operations.

Path 2 

  • Complete 12th from the Science stream 
  • Enrol in a B.Sc in finance or a comparable discipline.
  • Consider pursuing an M.Sc or MBA in a related field.
  • Do an Internship with a Consulting Firm

Path 3

  • Complete 12th from any stream. 
  • The ideal would be to complete a bachelor’s degree in a field of study linked to finance.
  • Do a Certification like CFA, CFP, ChFC and more.
  • Work as an intern for a consulting firm.

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Salary of Business Consultant in different stages of career 

An experienced business consultant with 10–20 years of experience gets an average compensation of 16 lakhs per year, compared to a mid-career business consultant with 4–9 years of experience.

Experience Wise


Job Profile Wise

Job Profile Average Salary
Financial Consultant₹ 6.9 Lacs
Marketing Consultant₹8 Lacs
IT Consultant₹9.4 Lacs
Operations Consultant₹8 Lacs
Business Consultant₹11.5 Lacs

Skills required to be Business Consultant

The success of a business consultant hinges on their attention to detail. While working alongside business owners, they must maintain a close eye on a number of different facets of a business.

8 essential skills that organizations look for in a business consultant –

Communications skills

You must be able to communicate your thoughts and interpret data and must freely converse with a wide range of people, including CFOs and small business owners.

Organizational skills

You need the capacity to keep track of everything when you’re juggling clients, billing, classes to keep your knowledge current, and other life difficulties.

Analytical skills

Whatever frameworks, cheat sheets, or strategy models you may have at your disposal, the key to excellent advising is always having strong analytical abilities.

Computer skills

You could certainly operate your business only on paper and pen, but because you’ll probably be suggesting technological solutions to at least some of your clients.

Problem-Solving skills

The greatest strength of a consultant is their focus on finding solutions. Using consulting frameworks can enable you to quickly see every aspect of a case and identify previously unconsidered possibilities.


Since not all clients are able to express their needs clearly, you might need to offer a few different options before their vision becomes crystal obvious.

Strategic Thinking

Understanding a company problem conceptually and grasping its practical applicability are two distinct components of strategic thinking.

Leadership skills

You must take the lead and direct the conversation in a way that produces solutions as soon as possible.

You might look at Clever Harvey- JuniorMBA Founder and Finance courses, which are recognised by the industry and will assist you in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a business consultant.

Is Business Consulting a Good Career Option? 

A business consultant is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking a lucrative professional path. Having a job as a business consultant can be rewarding, demanding, and interesting.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for business consultants and management analysts will rise by an accelerated 11% between 2019 and 2029.

A consultant’s skills and knowledge in a certain field add value to their clients. Business consultants may have a tendency to come out as trespassers who go around telling others what they’re doing wrong.

Growth in the career 

Entry LevelJunior ConsultantBusiness AnalystBusiness AdvisorBusiness Associate
Mid LevelSenior ConsultantSenior AssociateSenior Analyst
Management LevelManaging ConsultantBusiness Analyst ManagerProject Manager
DirectorConsulting PrincipalConsulting DirectorConsulting Partner

Type of Industries Hiring Business Consultants

A business consultant, often known as a business advisor, is charged with assisting organizations in maintaining and enhancing operations by bringing professional insight to existing practices.

Business consultants frequently focus on particular industries, such as marketing, human resources, management, engineering, or finance, and they offer knowledgeable counsel on those subjects.

Some of the prominent industries in which business consultants are most demanded are;

  • Consumer Based Industries
  • Financial Services
  • Government & Public Services
  • Energy, Resources & Industrials
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Media, Technology, and Telecommunications

Top Recruiters for Business Consultants 

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Accenture
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • OneClick IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
  • DataToBiz
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • UXReactor
  • Your Retail Coach

Courses to Upskill as Business Consultant 

Business consulting is a highly sought-after profession that offers both professional and financial rewards. consultants who can strengthen their resumes by obtaining qualifications in any of their areas of specialization.

  • Certified Management Consultant
  • Certified Risk Manager
  • Talent Optimization Consultant Certification
  • Professional Certified Marketer
  • Project Management Professional
  • Communication Management Professional
  • Certified Educational Planner
  • Certified Human Resources Consultant
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Chartered Financial Consultant

Qualification to become Business Consultant 

Degrees in India 

Undergraduate degree 

The courses mentioned below will last 3 years. 

  • B.Sc Finance
  • BBA in Business Management
  • BA Economics
  • B.Sc in Business

Postgraduate degree 

The courses mentioned below will last 2 years.

  • MBA in Marketing 
  • MBA in Finance
  • Operations Management
  • MBA Human Resources Management

Degrees Abroad

 When deciding the area of study to pursue to become a business consultant, you can choose from many options like Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Management, and Entrepreneurship. International universities provide 3–4 year degree programs including the B.Sc. in Management Studies, BBA, and others.

If you wish to enrol in international universities, you should start by studying for the TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT exams. To find out more about how to take the SAT, visit this blog.

I want to know More! 


  • The Practice of Professional Consulting
  • The ThinkNP Guide to NonProfit Consulting
  • The Consultant’s Handbook
  • The Profitable Professional
  • The Basic Principles of Effective Consulting
  • Consulting Business Startup Success

Famous Personalities 

  • Kevin Dolce
  • Candy Valentino
  • Angela Henderson
  • Andrea Conway
  • Jess Windell 
  • Estie Rand

You can begin investigating your possibilities after determining your areas of competence. Individuals in this profession must possess an in-depth understanding of workplace practices or industries in order to offer expert solutions that will benefit clients and their businesses.

Sign up for the JuniorMBA course by Clever Harvey today, for career consulting. However, no matter the working environment, business consultants must be able to comprehend the needs of their clients and the subject matter for which they are offering consulting services.

On your journey down the planned path of becoming a business consultant, we wish you the very best.


What is the career path for a business consultant?

Most experts advance to the position of Senior Consultant after several years of working as a Consultant (or Senior Advisor, Senior Associate).

What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant is a specialist who advises, informs, offers insight, and makes recommendations to help clients achieve their objectives and resolve issues.

How hard is it to become a consultant?

For MBA students, consulting is the most common career choice, and positions in this field are very competitive. This indicates that many extremely motivated individuals are vying for some highly esteemed positions.

Will consultants be replaced?

Overall, Artificial Intelligence won’t take over many other sophisticated occupations and render human labour useless, nor will it completely replace management consultants. However, as the industry develops, there will be significant changes.

Do business consultants travel a lot?

Most consulting businesses will require you to travel, however, the amount of travel may vary by firm and project. The staffing model used by the company typically determines how much travel occurs.

Is it worth being a consultant?

A career in consulting presents a great possibility to earn more money than your counterparts who work in other industries.

What degree do you need to be a consultant?

A bachelor’s degree is often required for consultants to compete in the industry. However, some firms favour hiring people with master’s degrees, particularly the MBA.

What is the future of consulting?

As there are fewer and fewer “generic” projects, the future of consulting should be based on more senior partner engagement. Clients can no longer afford to spend time and money having junior consultants crunch numbers and learn about their industry.

Are business consultants happy?

In terms of happiness, consultants are about average. According to a CareerExplorer poll, consultants assess their career happiness at 3.2 out of 5 stars, placing them in the top 50% of all professions.

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