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The second largest engine is also our second teacher we run to during times of confusion. We are talking here about YouTube, The place from where you learn your dance moves and your math theorems. 

"Can I interest you in everything, all the time!" -Bo
[source] “Can I interest you in everything, all the time!” -Bo

In today’s time, you can find a Youtube video on any topic under the sun. And a lot of variety as well. In 2022, 467 million people in India alone use YouTube on a daily basis. So you can imagine the viewership you can get from India alone. 

Do you have the talent or aspiration to become a Youtuber? We have got some information that can help you. In this blog, we will talk about careers as a YouTuber, job roles, career paths, salary insights, and educational qualifications. 

What does YouTuber do? 

A YouTuber engages his audience with genuine content by communicating it clearly and concisely. Quality YouTube videos can persuade viewers to subscribe to the channel, watch daily content, and share it with others. 

One must choose a topic of interest before starting a YouTube channel. The choice is based on a person’s passion, interest, or subject-matter knowledge. High-quality YouTube videos can convince users to subscribe to the channel, watch new content daily, and spread the word about it.

The nature of the job requires the person to do the following tasks in their career as a Youtuber:

  • Brainstorm content ideas for your channel.
  • Create a content calendar to be followed.
  • Shoot and film content to be posted.
  • Edit videos and thumbnails.
  • Post content on your channel.
  • Engage with your audience through comments.
  • Seek opportunities for a brand or channel collaborations.
  • Review and analyze your channel’s engagement and performance.

Job Roles for a YouTuber

The best approach to generate money on YouTube is to build up a large enough following and audience to draw in advertising. Your channel must contain original content and be presented creatively in order to achieve this.

Here are some common ways to use YouTube to launch a career as a YouTuber.

Remember, Joey did it too!
[source] Remember, Joey did it too!
  • Brand Content Creator:
    Create viral-worthy content for your employer. This line of work provides a steady stream of income and job stability. Brands in this digital age require social media platforms such as YouTube to engage with their customer base. A YouTube expert helps them develop content for their YouTube channel that can add value to their brand and build a relationship with their audience.
  • Influencer/Content Creator:
    If you don’t want to be tied down to one organization or brand, you can always work as a freelancing content creator. Through this career as a YouTuber, you will help brands reach out to new audiences and show off their brand personality.
  • Reviewer:
    There are numerous popular review channels out there that help viewers make informed decisions. It could be movies, products, or restaurant reviews. Pick your field of interest and become a tester for your viewers and help them differentiate between quality products from mediocre ones.
Nowadays people see a review before buying anything.
[source] Nowadays people see a review before buying anything.
  • Tutorials:
    YouTube can be an avenue for you to show off your skills and talents to viewers. Are you good at math? Help students develop and enhance their mathematical abilities. Do you enjoy cooking? Share some of your recipes online. However, you must make sure the way you present your content is fun and engaging, because no one has time to get bored in the digital world.
  • Gaming Streamer:
    You can use YouTube to stream your game playing throughout the day. E-gaming is starting to become a very popular and lucrative career for the youth. Most of them start by streaming on their own YouTube channel to get noticed by E-gaming teams.
  • Web Series Producer:
    If you have ever thought about becoming a filmmaker, YouTube can be the perfect distribution medium for your TV show or movie. Because you are the producer, you get to decide everything about it. What stories to put out, which actors to hire, and how long the movie or episode should be.

Career path for YouTuber

There is no strict path to a career as a Youtuber. However, an educational background in your chosen niche will give you an upper edge and credibility to your content. We will speak about the degrees in detail in the section below on Qualifications to become a YouTuber. 

Here are a few career pathways you can pursue:

Path I

  • Minimum 60% in Grade 10 from a recognized university.
  • Diploma in Journalism/Brand Management/ Business/ Design or related niche.

Path II

  • Minimum 60% in Grade 10 from a recognized university.
  • Minimum in 55% in Grade 12 (any stream)
  • Bachelors in Journalism and Communication, Mass Media, Management Studies, Journalism, Business Management, Design, or related field.

Path III

  • Minimum 60% in Grade 10 from a recognized university.
  • Minimum in 55% in the Grade 12 science stream.
  • Bachelors in engineering, technology, chemistry, economics, or related field. 

though not compulsory, one can pursue a postgraduate degree after completing Path II or III to add to the credential and knowledge required for a career as a Youtuber.

Salary in different stages of a career as a YouTuber

The amount of money you make as a YouTuber will vary in line with the many roles you can play. For instance, a professional gamer would make more money than a YouTuber who only makes money from advertisements.

A few of how you can earn money from YouTube are

  • Google Adsense:
    If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you are eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program. 
  • Affiliate links:
    Affiliate links are what you can see in the video description. For instance, the YouTuber may add a promotional code and a link to buy the device in a video product review.
  • Sell merchandise:
    YouTubers also offer popular things featuring their original, amusing quotes or graphics, such as T-shirts, covers, and coffee mugs.
  • Collaborate with brands:
    Based on the YouTubers’ views and follower counts, brands also approach them to promote their goods. Utilizing their product in your video will help you promote it.

The amount of money YouTube makes from advertising depends on your chosen speciality, your country, and where (geographically) you receive likes and subscribers. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate how much money someone may make from their YouTube videos.

Viewership per VideoAverage Earnings per Video
10K₹200 to ₹500
100K₹2,000 to ₹5,000
1 Million₹7,000 to ₹30,000
150 Million₹1,50,000 to ₹6,00,000
Earnings based on viewership
Revenue of Youtubers based on views and niche.
Revenue of Youtubers based on views and niche.

A report published by Oxford Economics says that Indian YouTubers have contributed more than INR 6,800 Cr to India’s economy in 2020, with YouTube supporting 6,83,900 jobs across the country.

Since then owing to the pandemic, a lot has changed concerning YouTube’s terms and conditions for YouTubers to monetize from their content/videos.

Here’s an estimated calculation of the earnings per like based on different niches.

Skills Required to become a YouTuber

Here are a few skills you will need in your career as a Youtuber:

  • Acting Skills:
    This is a valuable skill for a YouTuber, as they do need to show exaggerated expressions which can help keep viewers engaged.
Video Editing tools Youtubers can use
Video Editing tools Youtubers can use
  • Research Skills:
    This can help make your content ideas even more interesting and educational. More viewers will interact with your channel if they feel you know what you are talking about.
  • Video Editing Skills:
    You will require basic video editing skills unless you’re able to employ a video editor. To produce high-quality, professional-looking video content, whether you’re making explanation videos for a course or a daily vlog, this skill is a necessity.
  • Platform Knowledge:
    Understanding how YouTube functions, such as the YouTube “algorithm”, the kinds of videos popular YouTubers favour, and how those videos perform is vital to a YouTuber.
  • Management Skills:
    Planning out and sticking to your content calendar will require you to be able to manage your time, resources, and team effectiveness.
  • SEO Skills:
    Knowing how to get your video to show up in your target audience’s searches and ranking on search engines would help you get good exposure to your channel.
  • Marketing and Networking Skills:
    Make sure you can properly advertise your content to your audience and partners if you plan to monetize your YouTube videos. You’ll gradually come to appreciate the effectiveness of partnerships, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships.

If you can produce content, you need also to understand how to market it. At the Clever Harvey JuniorMBA course on Advertising, you can gain more knowledge through practical experience by designing a YouTube advertisement for Dominos.

Is YouTuber a good career option?

With more than 2.3 billion users globally, YouTube made $19.7 billion in income in 2020, an increase of 30.4% annually. Thus career as a YouTuber has been said to expand further in the future.

YouTube’s expansion in India has only been accelerated by the outbreak. WhatsApp dominated the market in India before the outbreak, but the figures now paint a different picture. In December 2020, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users, while WhatsApp came in second with 422 million monthly active users, per App Annie data. 

Nearly $20 million is what some of the highest-paid YouTubers earn annually. For young people, however, this is a very lucrative career opportunity because YouTubers can also generate money from sources other than the Youtube Partners Program.

Type of industries Hiring YouTubers

Due to their large followings and talent for creating engaging content, marketers love working with YouTubers. Sectors regularly collaborate with YouTubers to market their goods or services. Here are a few sectors you can work within your career as a Youtuber:

  • Bollywood
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Education
  • Cosmetics

Top Recruiters for YouTubers in India

  • Reckitt Benckiser, India:
    A producer of health, hygiene and nutrition products that partners with YouTubers such as Sejal Kumar to promote their products.
Recruiters for Youtubers in India
Recruiters for Youtubers in India
  • Lakmé:
    A subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever Ltd, they use YouTube beauty bloggers to showcase the functionality and benefits of their products.
  • Lifestyle:
    This fashion retail brand has partnered with web series to integrate their products into the storyline for product exposure.
  • Godrej Consumer Products:
    YouTubers such as Debasree Banerjee and Aashna Shroff play a vital part in highlighting their products through their content.
  • CRED:
    This payment gateway service used YouTubers to heavily promote its service when it was first launched in India.
  • MyGlamm:
    A cosmetics brand that constantly uses YouTubers to give tutorials on make-up using their products.

Courses to upskill as a YouTuber

To pursue a career as a YouTuber, although a formal education may seem irrelevant, it will still help you build the skills you would require as a YouTuber. The following are some certificate courses you can take to enhance your career as a YouTuber.

  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Certificate in Video Editing
  • Certificate in SEO/SEM Operations
  • Certificate in Acting
  • Certificate in Brand Management

    Check out our JuniorMBA Digital Marketing Program to develop skills for becoming a successful Youtuber.

Qualifications to become a YouTuber

In their origin stories, YouTubers frequently mention how an incident or passion from their youth inspired them to start a YouTube channel. As a result, it’s crucial to pursue your interests while you’re in school. 

A great sense of observation and excellent written and oral communication skills are necessary for producing compelling content, and these abilities can be fostered by active involvement in school activities.

Furthermore, to expand your career as a Youtuber, enrol in an undergraduate or diploma course related to your chosen niche. Educational background will give you a greater depth of knowledge in the subject and create informative content.

Degrees in India

A minimum score of 55% on the 10+12 equivalent tests is required to enrol in an undergraduate degree. One can enrol in an undergraduate program depending on the choice of interest, one can register for an undergraduate program.

 For degrees like BMM, BMS, BJMC, etc., very few universities conduct entrance tests that are exclusive to the institution.

UG degree 

An undergraduate course is estimated to be 3-4 years duration. The eligibility criteria for which are discussed in the blog, How to become a YouTuber. Here are a few undergraduate courses you can try to pursue a career as a YouTuber: 

  • Bachelors in Journalism and Communication
  • Bachelors in Mass Media
  • Bachelors in Management Studies
  • Bachelors in Journalism
  • Bachelors in Business Management


Though it is not a compulsion, a postgraduate degree would help you get expertise in your selected niche and gain credibility in your career as a Youtuber. The eligibility criteria for the below-mentioned courses are as follows:

  • A minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade point in an undergraduate program. 
  • Qualify for the university entrance exam or GATE examination. 
MBA in Management2 years
MBA in Brand Management2 years
MA in Media Management2 years
MBA in Communications2 years
M. Des in Special Effects1 – 2 years

Degrees Abroad

One can pursue an undergraduate degree in Media, Journalism & Digital Cultures, Media And Communication, Film and Media Production, BSc in Business Management with Marketing, Management (Marketing), or a related field. 

The eligibility criteria for postgraduation abroad are as follows:

  • 60% or above an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.
  • PTE score of 54 or above out of 90.
  • IELTS score of 6 out of 9.
  • SOP, LOR, Admission Questionnaire/Application/Interview. 

Here are a few postgraduate courses you can apply for abroad to pursue a career as a Youtuber:

MBA in Management2 years
MBA in Brand Management2 years
MA in Special Effects2 years
MBA in Marketing2 years

References for YouTubers

Here are the top 16 Youtubers you can follow:

NicheName of YouTuberName of ChannelSubscribers
GamingFelix KjellbergPewDiePie110 million
EntertainmentJimmy DonaldsonMrBeast100 million
Kids and lifestyleEva Diana KidisyukKidsDianaShow98.9 million
MusicAnastasia RadzinskayaLike Nastya98.5 million
Sports EntertainmentTyler tony Coby and 4 othersDude Perfect57.9 million 
ComedyWhindersson Nunes BatistaWhinderssonnunes43.2 million
Kids entertainmentRyanRyan’s world31.5 million
ComedyAjay NagarCarryMinati 29.4 million
TechGaurav ChaudharyTechnical Guruji21 million
ComedyBhuvan BamBB ki Vines20.3 million
SportsJake PaulJake Paul20.4 million
FoodNisha MadhulikaNisha Madhulika11.2 million
Beauty & LifestyleShruti Arjun AnandShruti Arjun Anand8.94 million
TechArun PrabhudesaiTrakinTech7.82 million
FoodSanjeev Kapoor KhazanaSanjeev Kapoor Khazana6.43 million
Beauty & LifestyleSejal KumarSejal Kumar1.35 million
16 YouTubers around the world you can follow!
You can have a career as a YouTuber too!
[source] You can have a career as a YouTuber too!

If not a full-time career, your decision to become a Youtuber might be a part-time or full-time endeavour. Either way, it is a good way to connect to a larger network of people. One should try to be a YouTuber to showcase their talent and interact with global feedback. 

FAQs about the Career as a YouTuber 

How do YouTubers make money?

The following features on YouTube allow you to monetize your account: 
Advertisement income: Obtain advertising money via overlay, video, and display ads. Channel memberships: You provide members exclusive benefits in exchange for recurring monthly payments from them.

Do YouTubers get paid monthly?

YouTubers are paid every month via direct deposit or check in the mail. Creators need at least 1,000 followers and 4,000 view hours in the last year in order to start making money on YouTube. They can submit an application for YouTube’s Partner Program after they reach that criteria.

How long does it take to start earning on YouTube?

For you to start making money, you’ll need 1,000 members and 4,000 hours of viewing in the previous 12 months. Your possibilities of making money increase as your number of views increases. However, you won’t get paid unless someone clicks on or fully views the advertisement on your video.

How many hours a week do YouTubers work?

According to recent YouTube research, 394,000 Americans work at least 40 hours each week as YouTube creators.

Can anyone become a YouTuber?

Top YouTubers can be made by anyone. It’s not simply a pipe dream to launch your own channel from scratch and build it into something spectacular. It has been done by many YouTubers, and it will be done by more in the future.

Is it hard to make money on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube may be quite difficult, and some effort is required. To be eligible to join YouTube’s Partner Program, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours within the last 12 months, under the community rules of the platform.

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Top 10 colleges to become a YouTuber Abroad Top 10 colleges to become a YouTuber in India 6 Skills required to become a YouTuber How to become a YouTuber? What does a Youtuber really do?