Do you like making digital art? Do you want to sell your artwork for a reasonable price? If you said yes, you might be the next big NFT artist! As in the case of Victor Langlois, a teen who sold his painting The Everlasting Beautiful for $550,000. He has made a total of $18 million in NFT sales alone.

NFT is an abbreviation for “nonfungible token.” NFT Art is a digital collectable that can be traded online. While anyone online can still view, screenshot, and download your digital art (in roughly the same quality), the goal of NFTs is to assign an agreed-upon value of ownership to your digital art. The blockchain ensures that NFTs are legitimate and owned.

Do you aspire to be an NFT Artist or are you just exploring the field? In either case, you’ve arrived at the right place! This blog discusses the career as an NFT Artist, the necessary skills, courses, salary, and other requirements for becoming an NFT Artist. To become an NFT Artist, follow the blog’s detailed guide.

What does an NFT Artist do?

Prior to the invention of cryptocurrency, we never had the opportunity to own something entirely digital. We passed videos and motion graphics around, repurposing and reposting them, but there was no current opportunity to automatically assume complete, concrete ownership of a digital file or artwork.

The rise of NFTs has altered this. The nature of the job is to give creators the authority to rent out digital artworks, sell them, or display them in any way they see fit.

An NFT artist is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Produce artwork, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, literature, audio and video products, and so on.
  • Mint to the blockchain or the NFT market
  • Identify, conceptualise, and execute the artwork of other artists onto the NFT with drops (minting into the NFT marketplace)
  • Participate in and collaborate with other NFT digital artists.
  • Collect and display your own or other artists’ NFT artwork (paint, sculpture, literature, audio, video)
  • Consider token and smart contract behaviour.
  • Keep up with the latest blockchain and NFT developments.
  • Create an NFT minting business development strategy based on the following key factors: price/quantity, sales format, and presale planning (eg wl, auction)

Job Roles of an NFT Artist

The NFT job titles are as follows:

NFT Artist:

  • An artist who creates work for the purpose of selling as a non-fungible token.
  • Beginning in the 2020s, online NFT marketplaces will provide an entirely new venue for selling art, and many artists are developing their craft specifically for sale as NFTs.

Web3 Illustrator:

  • An illustrator who works in Web3
  • Web3 is a concept for a new version of the World Wide Web that incorporates concepts like decentralisation, blockchain technology, and token-based economics.

NFT Artist Lead:

  • The Artist Lead will be in charge of reaching out to new artists and creating new releases in collaboration with our artists, in accordance with our overall curatorial strategy.

Web3 NFT 3D Artist:

  • A versatile designer capable of visualising, expressing, and materialising his/her creative ideas in order to create world-class NFT art pieces.
  • As a member of the NFT Creative Studio Team, you will be in charge of various designs.

Graphic Designer:

  • A graphic designer is a professional in the graphic design and graphic arts industries who combines images, typography, or motion graphics to create a design.

The career path of an NFT Artist

Although there are many paths to starting your career as an NFT Artist, here are the ideal ones.

  • Path 1: Learn NFT art by taking online courses ➜ Become an NFT artist
  • Path 2: Select any stream after 10th ➜ Complete 12th or bachelor’s ➜ Learn NFT art by taking online courses ➜ Become an NFT artist

To sell your artwork, it must be one-of-a-kind and appealing to customers. Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA Design & Branding courses will teach you how to use your imagination and visual design skills to create visually appealing designs that will assist you in gaining customers.

Salary in different stages of a career as an NFT Artist

  • Salaries for NFT artists can range from $45k to $120k, depending on the candidate’s location and the success of the project.
  • For the same type of role, blue-chip projects may pay up to 50% more.
  • During the NFT minting process, creators can specify royalty in the smart contract. Royalties typically range from 5% to 10%, and the amount is automatically transferred to the artist’s wallet upon the completion of a subsequent sale.

Skills Required to become an NFT Artist

Here are some pointers and skills to help you establish a successful presence as an artist in the NFT world.

  • Consistency: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, as they say. When embarking on your NFT journey, you will require a routine, a plan of action, and the discipline to stick to it. Each successful NFT artist has their own effective method.
  • Understand the Digital Art World: The most well-known artists of our time are not necessarily the most talented, but those who have mastered the art market, gaining admission to potent and selective institutions such as galleries, museums, and auction houses.
  • Know the Digital Economy: You’ll need to understand the value of Ethereum and how it fluctuates over the course of a week. It is a far more volatile currency than the dollar, which can work in your favour or against you depending on when you buy or sell it.
  • Confidence: Because the NFT world is confusing, you must keep your head held high and carve out your own space. Do your research and trust your instincts rather than being naive. You’ll need to build an audience and attract your first customers.
  • Stay Up to Date: Some platforms, such as Rarible and OpenSea, are still open to anyone who wants to open an account and start minting NFTs to sell on their platforms. And if you grow on them and prove your worth, you can get a badge that verifies your artistic credibility.

Is an NFT Artist a good career option?

In 2020, total NFT sales were $250 million, demonstrating the future growth potential of NFTs. While there is no specific estimate of NFT salary, the promising numbers in NFT sales show that you can definitely earn a lucrative salary.

NFT is a great place to be right now, and you can play a variety of roles depending on your skills. Whether you’re a developer, an aspiring artist, or a persuasive salesperson, NFT can provide you with a rewarding career!

Top NFT Marketplaces for NFT Artists

An NFT marketplace is a digital platform where you can buy and sell NFTs. These platforms enable users to store and display their NFTs, as well as sell them to others in exchange for cryptocurrency or money. Some NFT marketplaces also allow users to mint NFTs directly on the platform. The following is a list of the top ten NFT marketplaces.

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • Foundation
  • AtomicMarket
  • Myth Market
  • BakerySwap
  • KnownOrigin
  • Enjin Marketplace
  • Portion

Courses to become or upskill as an NFT Artist

Because of the growing interest in NFTs, there is a greater demand for online courses that teach novice but curious individuals how to mint and trade NFTs on the blockchain. The following is a list of the best NFT courses available online:

  • How Brands Should Enter the Metaverse & NFT Space
  • NFT Fundamentals Course – 101 Blockchains
  • Turn Your Art into an NFT
  • NFT Fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs
  • The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs
  • How to Launch a Successful NFT Project
  • FinTech 360: From AI To Digital Assets
  • NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs
  • NFT Course: From AI to NFTs
  • Complete NFT Course Online
  • NFT & Crypto Wealth Building Masterclass
  • NFT Digital Artist Economy
  • All in One NFT Masterclass for Artists and Entrepreneurs
  • Certified NFT Expert – Blockchain Council
  • Certified NFT Developer – Blockchain CouncilCertified NFT Professional (CNFTP) – 101 Blockchains
  • Build an NFT Marketplace
  • Master NFTs in 7 Days Course

Qualifications to become an NFT Artist

Education: Although no formal education is required to become an NFT artist, you are strongly advised to complete as much education as possible as a backup in case you wish to pursue a different career or have multiple careers.

Important steps to becoming an NFT artist include:

  1. Make your digital art
  2. Select the blockchain you wish to use
  3. Set up your crypto wallet
  4. Load your wallet with the appropriate currency/tokens
  5. Choose your marketplace
  6. Mint your NFT
  7. Set your prices
  8. Sell your NFT
  9. Marketing your art

Check out the ‘How to Become an NFT Artist?‘ blog for a step-by-step guide to becoming an NFT Artist!

References for NFT Artist

Top NFT Art Created So Far: The “best or top” is subjective, after all, it is art, but here are some notable NFT art sales over the last few years.

  • Human One by Beeple
  • Finite by Pak
  • Seasons by Blake Kathryn
  • Everydays – The First 5000 Days by Beeple
  • Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
  • Gucci Ghost by Trevor Andrew
  • Genesis by Trevor Jones and Jose Delbo
  • Crossroad by Beeple
  • Quantum by Kevin McCoy


If you’ve reached this point in the blog, it can only mean one thing: you admire NFT artists and hope to one day become one yourself! As an added bonus, a few NFT artists’ Instagram accounts are included here. Check them out and have fun exploring more!

  • @hackatao
  • @pokraslampas
  • @gregmike
  • @troubleandrew
  • @bosslogic
  • @slimesunday
  • @rezaa_afsharr
  • @beeple_crap

It would never serve you well to imagine hitting a jackpot on your first try. As with anything worthwhile, it takes time and effort to get there. Allow your passion to permeate your work so you can give it your all. That is the only way to advance in any discipline, including NFT art! Best wishes on your career as an NFT artist!


Is NFT artist a good career?

Ans: Looking ahead to 2020, total NFT sales were $250 million, demonstrating the future growth potential of NFTs. While there is no specific estimate of NFT salary, the promising numbers in NFT sales show that you can earn a good living in this industry.

Can you make money as an NFT artist?

Ans: You can earn more money by selling your works as NFTs. As NFTs, you can create and sell almost anything digital. Original audio samples, films, memes, music, digital art, and much more have previously sold for exorbitant sums of money.

How much do NFT makers make?

Ans: NFT creators can earn anywhere between $200 and $1 million. This wide range is due to the numerous factors and ways in which creators can earn money through the use of NFT technology. Artists typically sell their NFTs for $1,000, whereas developers can earn over $100,000 per year coding smart contracts.

How do I get hired as an NFT artist?

Ans: You can register with websites and look for freelancing NFT job opportunities.

What skills are needed for NFT?

Ans: To be an NFT artist, you must have the following skills:
1. Perseverance
2. Understanding of (Digital) Art
3. A Sense for Digital Economy
4. Confidence
5. Stay up to date
6. Consistency
7. Research and Creativity
8. Self-Promotion

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