Harvey Talks – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Start at An Early Stage


The Right Mindset Creates A Successful Entrepreneur Clever Harvey organized a virtual career fest called Advantage15 for teenagers and parents to gain insights about different kinds of career fields from the industry experts themselves. The main aim of all the sessions held at Advantage15 was to assist the youngsters to have a clearer understanding of […]

Why is Clever Harvey organizing Advantage15?

“Most teens spend 15 years of their life second-guessing what is a good career for them; and despite their best efforts, 70% end up in the wrong profession!” The dilemma is called – What will I become in the future! Think back to your teen years, fresh out of middle school – do you think […]

How to boost your LinkedIn profile in 5 minutes

linkedin profile

Mr. Ratan Tata had rightly quoted. “In today’s modern world, it is not your assets, but your ‘network’ that decides your ‘net-worth’. 💲 Currency and financial transactions are not the only things that have gone paper-less! The educational industry, skill development, publishing, and many others have developed a huge virtual presence. Covid-19 has brought almost […]

How to Reward your Children!

REWARDS!! Eyes turn into stars-n-hearts 🤩 when we hear the word ‘reward’. Images of rewards come floating by! While our little kiddos are the most excited about the prospects of rewards, age is no bar here! 😉 But, can there be science behind, ‘How to rewards our kids’? Certainly! Let’s find out! What it brings […]

How to increase self-worth in teenagers!

Self-worth is the ‘value’ attached to our existence owing to the ‘talents’ we possess as an individual! 😊  And, ‘Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability’. – Roy Smith The Theory: ✨ Various dictionaries define ‘self-worth’ as, ‘one’s own value as a human-being’. So also, the self-worth theory says, it is established […]

When Time Earns for You!

‘Buy with your time’, really? 😲 IKEA is a known brand in the world of modern furniture. This company has not only managed to modernize furniture but it has brought a massive revolution for its customers in terms of their buying power. ‘Time is Money’ is a phrase as old as humanity, but IKEA is […]

Your dream career closer to you by 15 years

Imagine, you are up for buying a luxurious top-notch car! What a pleasant thought, isn’t it? 😍 What’s your next step? Wait, let’s guess! You will shortlist a few brands/models and go for a test-drive! Right? 🚗 Anyone in their senses would seek a test-drive before actually investing a handsome amount into a car. While, […]

Career vs Jobs: following your passion

Career and Job; how are they even different? What is there to compare between the two? Isn’t having a job already a career? Passion; it’s the madness for something, isn’t it? How does it leave anything unstable? On reading the topic, these questions instantaneously surface in our minds. Well, let’s check out some facts and […]

5 ways to exercise our brain!

The moment we hear the word ‘exercise’ a set of images of someone doing physical work-out like, tread-mill, jogging, cardio, Zumba etc. captures our mind. It is worth noticing that we don’t ever think of brain-exercise! 😉 Wait! what? Is there a thing like ‘brain exercise’? is it even possible to give the brain any […]