Your dream career closer to you by 15 years

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Imagine, you are up for buying a luxurious top-notch car! What a pleasant thought, isn’t it? 😍 What’s your next step? Wait, let’s guess! You will shortlist a few brands/models and go for a test-drive! Right? 🚗

Anyone in their senses would seek a test-drive before actually investing a handsome amount into a car. While, the objective is to reach from place ‘A’ to place ‘B’ and you are choosing a reputed automobile brand, how does then, a test-drive become relevant? Well, it’s not only the destination that matters, it is the journey that adds worth! Journey’s experiential aspect directly impacts our happiness, joy, confidence, and safety. These intangibles in-turn grace our success! 

A car we ride, connects to our overall success, so, how about the career path we choose? Ah! that’s a rhetorical question, you must be thinking! 😉 Of course, our career path forges our future! So, wouldn’t it be super-cool if we got the opportunity of test-driving a career choice in our teenage years before we actually commit to it? It would be the most awesome and more than fantabulous prospect! 🤩

Wait, what!! A test-drive for choosing a career? Sounds insane and unheard of! 😊 Well, unheard-of it surely is, but it is far from insane. Let’s see how!

‘Life is a journey, not a destination! Abiding by those standards, all the fun, learning, celebration, joy, failure, exposure, experience, and growth happens on the way! It is this memorable experience that makes life valuable and successful. Despite this being an open secret, we often come across individuals who at the age of around thirty are repenting over a wrong career choice and hunting for a creative career they can vibe with. After investing a decade and a half of our life it sucks to feel lost and misplaced. Having traded through all the ups and downs of that career suddenly seems futile. A need to realign and reconstruct a good career becomes a necessity.

But, how can that even be true? We choose our own careers and work so hard to achieve our goals! Why would it not vibe with our dreams and aspirations? 🙄

More often than not, there is a dearth of knowledge about ‘how the world works’ and how would it manifest while working in the career we are choosing. Assessment of our own USP at the age of around fifteen without proper exposure, is nothing short of flawed. Our strengths, skill-set, adaptability to certain environment is all untested and thus runs the risk of grand failure when put in the real world before a ‘test-drive’. ☹

At the tender age of teens, we have to finalize our future career, study hard for it, and strive to bag a good package during placements. Then, struggle with the day-stint to make ends meet. With the teenage wisdom and super-limited exposure, we got to be really lucky to have picked the right path for our future. There are many examples where an engineer finds his calling after decades in marketing, or a lawyer finds him in the educational field, a software developer finds it in music, and so on. They traverse through such struggle of being in the wrong career due to lack of exposure and opportunities.

So, is there any sure shot way to ensure we trek the right path, i.e. take a ‘test-drive’, you ask? Advantage15 Challenge is a worthy way out! 

Under Advantage15 we assure every teenager and their parents a saving of 15 years of confusion, anxiety, and missteps. A unique offer to test-drive different careers and get first-hand exposure to the real world in the formative years. This experiential challenge will accelerate your journey towards a successful career that will vibe with your inner-calling, aptitude, and skill-set. Saving on the fifteen years of trying to identify ourselves we get an advantage of being ahead by one and a half-decade before we invest our efforts, emotions, and capital in creating the life of our dreams! Read more about it here. 😊

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