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The Right Mindset Creates A Successful Entrepreneur

Clever Harvey organized a virtual career fest called Advantage15 for teenagers and parents to gain insights about different kinds of career fields from the industry experts themselves. The main aim of all the sessions held at Advantage15 was to assist the youngsters to have a clearer understanding of various fields of career. 

One such insightful session was held by Mr. Tarak Goradia, Co-creator of the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum for various Delhi government schools. He enlightened the teenagers by stating the importance of having an ‘entrepreneurship mindset’ in order to achieve life goals, be it personal or professional. 

What is Entrepreneurship?

Every entrepreneur has their own derived meaning from the term “entrepreneurship”. For some, it is simply a fancy term for doing business while for others it could be the process for converting an idea into a successful venture. 

Mr. Goradia had a different take on defining entrepreneurship to young minds. According to him, “entrepreneurship is all about creating value”. 

An entrepreneur is known to be a person who habitually creates and innovates to build something of recognized value around perceived opportunities. They are people with a vision and drive to generate new value in the market that their target group would be willing to pay for. 

But is having just an idea or a vision enough to be an entrepreneur? It is definitely not enough. Especially in the current job market which is changing rapidly with newer technologies and jobs being created every day. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to develop an entrepreneurship mindset early on in life. 

Develop an Entrepreneurship Mindset with K.A.S.H.

While having “cash” is a necessity for establishing a business, having the right mindset towards entrepreneurship is what helps in making it a success. You can train yourself to develop that mindset with the help of KASH.

Knowledge – To have knowledge about your own business plan is different from having the knowledge of how the industry works. The latter helps every aspiring entrepreneur in understanding the concepts and functions of a business in the real world. While your business plan may look full-proof on paper, it significantly differs from how the real professional world operates. And so, getting a “reality check” is of utmost importance for every teenager out there who wishes to create something of their own. 

Attitude – The attitude you have towards your goal, whether it is personal or professional, has a lot to do with deciding the outcome of your venture. This attitude could be in terms of feelings, emotions, beliefs, and even your values. All of this together makes the person you are and that directly or indirectly gets reflected in your career. So, it is vital to have the right mindset and attitude in every aspect of work or life.

Skills – Skills basically constitute performing specific tasks and/or activities with a special ability to work efficiently in a given field. Your existing skills are sure to act as an advantage in your professional life. However, with the changing dynamics of business and career choices, preparing yourself to be open to learning new skills is a must.

Habits – Habits are behavior that is repeated subconsciously by our minds. It shapes who we are. Having the right habits will impact the way you conduct business. This also impacts how you maintain relationships with your existing customers and prospective clients, which is an important aspect of being an entrepreneur. 

It All Starts with YOU!

It is only with the right attitude and habits that you can acquire the required knowledge and skills to meet the ever-changing demands.” – Mr. Tarak Goradia.

Be it a business idea or a great job opportunity, how you perceive the situation at hand has a major role to play in deciding the outcome of your efforts. If you are capable of developing a positive attitude and habits then it will be easier for you to adapt to the changing environment by learning new skills and knowledge whenever required! 

Having an entrepreneurial mindset prepares the youth for the uncertain, ever-changing, fast-paced future of the job market. Inculcating the right attitude and habits will ensure you learn new skills as and when required. 

A salaried person can also be an entrepreneur because in the job they can bring about change to create value.” – Mr. Tarak Goradia.

Just like a lot of teenagers gained unique insights from an industry professional himself in a 60-minute session, you can multiply your knowledge, explore different career options and acquire new skills with a 10-hour Clever Harvey’s Explorer Pack program! The program structure is designed for teenagers who are yet to decide their future career path, with the guidance of experts from various walks of life. 

Give your career a headstart, gain a clear vision of your goals, and get the confidence to embark on your journey with Clever Harvey!

Happy learning!

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