‘Buy with your time’, really? 😲

IKEA is a known brand in the world of modern furniture. This company has not only managed to modernize furniture but it has brought a massive revolution for its customers in terms of their buying power. ‘Time is Money’ is a phrase as old as humanity, but IKEA is converting it into an encash-able reality! Now, the customers of IKEA can use their ‘time’ as a ‘currency’ to pay for the products they buy! Yeahhhh…! You heard that right! This company has really understood the value of their customer’s ‘time’.

IKEA Dubai started a campaign, ‘Pay for goods with your time’! Under this campaign it allows its customers to spend their time as a ‘currency’. More the ‘time’ customers spend traveling to IKEA, the more they can buy. 😍

This is a significant and profound change in the world of commerce. A disruption, nonetheless! This campaign is a stark reminder for every human to value his/her own time. During the school days they taught us in science, ‘Time’ is an independent quantity, beyond our control, so, let it be valued and spent wisely. Make the most of every moment! 😊

At what age does ‘time’ become ‘money’?

Well, the obvious reply would be, ‘when we start earning’! But wait, let’s take a holistic view here.

Have we taken the time to pause and ponder over this fact ever, that on average we are 17 or 18 years old by the time we complete school education? It is nearly one-fourth of our life, if not less. 😉 These formative years are going to dictate the quality of life we live in the remaining three-fourths of our journey on this planet. The competitiveness and rat-race for success and life-of-achievement are highly impacted by our financial stability and that in turn springs out from, how wisely we used our time!

Rather than waiting for the ‘working-age’ if we value our ‘time’ from the teenage we might workout wonders at a far early age in life. From the age of 11 to 19, we are blessed with much energetic, vibrant, observant, and impressionable psychology. It’s time to up the game beyond an academic priority and hanging out with friends. 😉 Nonetheless, if we start focusing on skill development at the early age of teens it gives us a head-start for greater success in any career of our choice. What else could be a more productive use of the ‘time’ we get in our teenage years!

What could an ideal skill-set be?

There are many skills that are a must-have for life, like, communication skills, creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, etc. The structure of the academic life provides co-curricular activities to hone on a few of these skills. To ensure we experience an all-around exposure we should try our hand at things that put us out in real-world scenarios. Interact more, think differently, excel at innovation, and ‘learn from doing’ is the need of the hour in today’s competitive era.

How to acquire these skills?

Imagine working with a team from big MNCs and gaining first-hand experience along with putting our talent to the test! 😍 That sounds cool and tempting, but why and how on earth will any MNC allow a teenager to join them for even a short duration? Well, JuniorMBA, looks after that part for you!! What is this, you must wonder! This is a unique opportunity that gives teenagers the prospect of interacting and involving in the world of commerce. Along with creative, solution-oriented thinking ability, we develop the communication and presentation skills that will take us a long way. Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA is a way to filter out our dream career without getting distracted by conventional career options flooding at our doorstep. Read more about it here. Let’s learn the talent of monetizing our time in the age when we have it in abundance! 🤓

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