How to increase self-worth in teenagers!


Self-worth is the ‘value’ attached to our existence owing to the ‘talents’ we possess as an individual! 😊  And, ‘Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability’. – Roy Smith

The Theory: ✨

Various dictionaries define ‘self-worth’ as, ‘one’s own value as a human-being’. So also, the self-worth theory says, it is established by our self-evaluated aptitudes and our performance in activities that we deem precious.

When we attempt to understand it in detail, ‘self-worth’ refers to the significance we give ourselves owing to the contribution we do towards human-welfare in-general along with relevant achievements affecting our near and dear ones. It further enhances with the realization of respect and recognition we earn in return.

The Timeline: 🕰

However unassuming or implausible it may sound but, self-worth impacts our psychology pretty early in life. Though in childhood this feeling is present but remains vague in our psych. With the onset of adolescence, it captures our consciousness to stay-there forever. If this time of life is used well to carve-out our hidden abilities and talents we get a head-start at a life of ‘value’ and ‘self-worth’.

The Yardstick: 📏

What is its yardstick, you wonder?  Well, there are a plethora of ruling-factors here. Starting from the family we are born into, our location on the planet, our culture, ethic and values and then our exposure to worldly things, the latter one happening at the right age turns out to be the most important factor. Being able to perceive many facets of life, it tends to become easier to put ourselves in a spot. More the knowledge we acquire of things around us, the tinier we feel and yet paradoxically, we experience a feeling of growing self-worth.

How to increase self-worth in teenagers? Can sound a daunting question. Let’s look at some sources that can help.

The Sources: 😍

  1. Family– Our family is our constant! No matter what calamity may strike, they’ll always be there to help us realise our self-worth. They will stand-by us in times of crises and pull us from the glen of self-doubt to the surface of self-valuation.
  2. Discipline– The zenith of our success is designed by the depth in our discipline! Discipline prevents us from falling prey to distractions and losing sight of our own potential. It’s our safe-guard from becoming a loser. Discipline is not an option on the path of success, it is the basic tarmac. It gifts us with various priced skills like, time-management, concentration, regularity, calmness etc. Seeds of discipline are sown in early childhood by parents, teachers and educational institutions. If the one is able to pull-it-through the childhood and teenage, the red-carpet-of-success is bound to fall under their feet. 🏫
  1. Achievements– These are the fruits of our hard-work and so it never fails in gifting inner joy and inspiration to keep doing our best. Once we get into this cycle of achievements it is a virtuous wheel, we reap the pleasure and put in more efforts to reap even highly the next time, cyclically rising our self-worth!

New perspective: 🤓

‘Tried and tested’ things are always safe-runners in any field. Above mentioned methods are time-tested for infusing self-worth. With changing times, it is equally fair to look for new methods that can vibe better with the Gen Z. 

How about letting our teenagers experience self-worth in a new-light? Popularly known is the fact that success in life, be it academics or profession always earns us pride. To ride-on the wave of self-worth and enter the virtuous cycle success in academics with other activities can help. 

How about being start-up ready at such a young age? Getting a first-hand experience of working on real-business projects would be a jack-pot of creativity, innovation and grooming. Such empowerment in the age of adolescences is offered by Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA. World-class companies collaborate with us to help our teens hone their talent in particular niches of their choice. JuniorMBA combines exposure with skill-development. Our students’ self-worth meter rises to the peak and success is on the tail with a bright career prospects in-line. Read more about it here. 😊

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