Why is Clever Harvey organizing Advantage15?

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“Most teens spend 15 years of their life second-guessing what is a good career for them; and despite their best efforts, 70% end up in the wrong profession!”

The dilemma is called – What will I become in the future!

Think back to your teen years, fresh out of middle school – do you think you were prepared to make career-defining decisions at the time? Even choosing your stream has major repercussions; opting out of science ‘rules out a career in medicine or engineering, choosing commerce means you’re ‘confined to a life in business.’ As adults, we have the experience to know these statements aren’t entirely true, but as a teen, the words of your peers & relatives feel like the law and these misconceptions can force students into decisions they aren’t even sure of. 

So, where does this problem actually come from?

Today a teenager’s potential to do well may be compromised by confusion about how education and qualifications are related to jobs and careers. Data indicates that the current system is outdated, and today’s teens in the current climate are at a disadvantage following the antiquated ways of the past. A globalized world, connected by the internet means opportunities have increased tenfold, but without the right guidance and mentorship, these chances lie beyond their grasp. While choosing stream and career is not at all an easy task, we at Clever Harvey decided to bring together various experts, mentors, and counselors under a common platform to help you out with the same.

A curious case called Advantage15!

Clever Harvey takes the initiative to give teens all the information they need, to remove the career struggles and growing trials of 15 years, and help teens identify their dream career when they have the time, energy, resource, and most importantly focus to pursue it. 

By removing the fear of the future and the unknown, students can be liberated and confident in their own decision-making. 

“Choices made now can save them over 15 years down the line.” 

Why are we organizing Advantage15?

We are organizing this virtual career fest for teenagers and parents to –

Assesss >>> Explorere >>> Align >>> Accelerate

  • Help teenagers unleash their potential by assessing themselves

Since teens do carry a lot of hidden potential and curiosity with them, they need the right mentorship to unleash the best of themselves. This being one of the common problems they face, we at Clever Harvey have come up with this event where they can assess themselves.

  • Promote career exploration mindset among teens

Advantage15 is one such attempt to help both parents and teenagers quash some of the most common misconceptions regarding teen career choices, opportunities, and innovation by offering them the opportunity to interact with leading industry experts, mentors, and counselors under a common platform.

  • Give opportunities to align themselves with focused goals

When you are past the assessment and exploration part, it means you are now clear about your goal, but is that enough? Nope, aligning yourself with that goal will play a pivotal role in shaping your road ahead. 

  • Enable teenagers to accelerate towards the future they want

Well begun is only half done, similarly, it is accelerating your focused alignment towards your goal which will be the ultimate decider in making your journey an interesting one! Teenagers have immense potential and perseverance which shouldn’t go untested. Who knows where the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs can come from? Is it someone you know?

As an endnote…something from the heart of our founder Sriram Subramanian!

Through all the sessions and projects we realized one basic thing – mentoring a teenager means getting them to these 3 realizations:

  • Real world skills matter more today than rote learning of syllabus. Understanding how people, tech and money work is a long term, evergreen investment.
  • Finding your USP is key and there are better ways of doing it than going through several years of trial and error.
  • CVs are not the only way of signaling your ability as a young adult – a portfolio of the real world work you have done is a truer representation of your abilities. 

This was it. This is what we wish we had known when we were 15. We call these distilled insights ‘Advantage 15’ and it forms the bedrock of all products we build at Clever Harvey.

Every teen has the potential for greatness, we simply aim to get them there faster. We work to build a future where students are not judged by their grades, but motivated by their interests and skills to become the best versions of themselves and achieve everything they dream of. 

Exciting Enough? Join Us on 24th October 2021 at the Advantage15 – India’s first virtual career summit for teenagers & parents


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