5 ways to exercise our brain!


The moment we hear the word ‘exercise’ a set of images of someone doing physical work-out like, tread-mill, jogging, cardio, Zumba etc. captures our mind. It is worth noticing that we don’t ever think of brain-exercise! 😉

Wait! what? Is there a thing like brain exercise? is it even possible to give the brain any exercise? Or does it even need exercise, you ask? Well, the answer is a big YES! Our brain too needs a work-out! 🙄

Like our ‘physical body’ our ‘brain’ too has its own mechanics. Studies have shown that when we use our brain in activities drastically different from our routine, dopamine is released. New brain cells fire-up using uncommon neurological pathways leading to multiplication of brain-power along with triggering joy and amiability. Good health of the ‘brain’ amplifies the ability of focus, creativity and cognition.

Cognitive skills allow us to think, reason, follow directions, make decisions, and solve problems. The brain is responsible for all of these tasks, but if it is never put to work, it will lose the ability to do these things. Nevertheless, unlike physical-body, brain-power is directly proportional to its use! The more you use it, more powerful it becomes and our life’s success-rate piques.

Another good-news is, there are very easy and pleasant ways to make the brain more potent. Let’s find out which technique from these, works for us! 😊

Make Moves!

Chess, Jigsaw-puzzles and Scrabble are games of an ageless era. Mind-churning as they may be, but that hardly steals away the fun element from them. Modern addition of strategy-based computers games can also come handy in developing skills like hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, problem solving etc. Rule-bound moves in all these types of games trigger the brain into thinking of solutions to unwarranted situations. It enhances self-awareness, perspective, organisation-skills, intellect, memory and perspective. 

Fill Gaps!

Reading is considered the most important quality for success in any field as it opens-up new worlds that are otherwise out of our reach! Brain development happens at multiple levels when we read. It is said that reading allows us to comprehend great minds and widen our perspectives. Enhancement is observed in cognitive skills, empathy, imagination and prudence. 

Sound & Strokes!

Music and Art are synonymous to happiness and creativity. A plethora of hues and soul-soothing notes of magical music can not only undo the stress, anxiety and pressure felt from life challenges but also generate overall well-being. Neurosciences have time and again recognized the lasting positive impression music and art leaves of ones psych. 

Inner bliss!

Meditate and delve within. Seek the larger meaning of life by wandering inward. Benefits of meditation are well-established by now. Wellness benefits are popular but meditation also helps in reducing negative emotions, increasing tolerance, enhancing patience, it also improves mood and enthusiasm. These are all vital energizers for sustenance of life and indulgence in it. 

Hone Skills!

Nothing can replace the taste of practical experience! An environment of mental simulation as per studies, can create health benefits and enhance life-understanding. Skill-development is sure to help develop a personality beyond words and expectations. It is not the depth of knowledge on any subject matter, but skills to pull-off a task that dictates our success.

Technique that Works!

Five most invigorating benefits mentioned above can be viewed as life-essentials. As we strive to incorporate all of them into our lives, it can be time consuming. In the tender age of teenage, if we take-up the opportunity of early exposure on how to: Make Moves, Fill Gaps early-on, add new Sounds & Strokes of innovation, the Inner Bliss will follow. 😇

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