How to boost your LinkedIn profile in 5 minutes

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Mr. Ratan Tata had rightly quoted. “In today’s modern world, it is not your assets, but your ‘network’ that decides your ‘net-worth’. 💲

Currency and financial transactions are not the only things that have gone paper-less! The educational industry, skill development, publishing, and many others have developed a huge virtual presence. Covid-19 has brought almost all services and professions in the virtual space. Having a ‘virtual CV’ is another addition to the list of things going digital. Yup! You heard it right. 😊 A digital CV, singing the song of our achievements and skill can now be made accessible on finger-tips, at the disposal of a click.

Having a LinkedIn profile is a must in these modern times. Alongside maintaining our virtual presence professionally we also get the opportunity of staying in touch with people we know or might wish to know. Hiring and being hired have gone paper-less with LinkedIn. While making a profile on it is super-easy, what might concern us is ‘how to boost our profile’. Let’s peep into some hacks here, that might turn helpful.

  • Filter:

A long list of skills is not as tempting as making that list really stand out. We may choose to remove run-of-a-mill skills like knowledge of power-point, word, etc. Instead, curating skills that are really sought-after in the industry we are looking to work in. Also using keywords that make us searchable is a good practice. 🗝

  • Customize:

Just like how our dream career paths are unique to us, so should be the URL of our LinkedIn profile. Our minds being overloaded with data and information is a common phenomenon in life. The simpler and more personal the URL is higher is the probability of it being memorable. And easier it is to recall, the higher is the probability of our network growth and bagging of more opportunities. 📧

  • Recommendations:

Internships are as common as a mobile phone these days. But alas! recommendations are still rare. When our profile speaks of the good things/skills we posses from the perspective of our internship boss or from our professional co-workers it works wonders. It adds professional appeal to our profile and serves as a ready reference for job applications. Prepare to upload one today! 📋

  • Photo:

A picture can speak a thousand words! Having a photo uploaded on your LinkedIn profile curates your personality well. But wait! Impression alert here! Selfies, party pics, or any other cropped pic (however good you might be looking) 😉 is a big NO NO!! A formal pic for a formal reason; is the formula. A proper portrait photograph with formal attire (if possible) serves the best here.

  • Official:

Making our profile official by connecting with our internship contacts, other professionals, etc is a good networking approach. Friends and colleagues, old and new they all matter. We should not even shy away from connecting with professionally inclined relatives and neighbors. Every contact kept unattended is a connection lost. Every connection lost can cost us an opportunity. 🔄

A LinkedIn makeover is on our way! These five easy steps pep up your professional appeal and virtual connectivity. Be found by the companies and organizations you would love to work with. Stay connected with us at Clever Harvey for more of such useful tips and tricks. Find our other interesting blogs here. Stay connected! 🥰 #HappyConnecting   #HappyNetworking


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