Career vs Jobs: following your passion


Career and Job; how are they even different? What is there to compare between the two? Isn’t having a job already a career? Passion; it’s the madness for something, isn’t it? How does it leave anything unstable?

On reading the topic, these questions instantaneously surface in our minds. Well, let’s check out some facts and see if it satiates our queries! 😊

By definition:

‘Job’ is a task accepted in the agreement with a remunerative exchange. Its primary objective is to generate a steady source of income.

In Other Words!

Its stability driven! The word ‘job’ can be better understood as a commitment given for fulfilling goals we may not be passionately attached to! 😉

By definition:

‘Career’ is an occupation undertaken based on one’s ‘inner calling’ for a significant period of life, with opportunities to progress, using skills and hard work.

In Other Words!

Its passion driven! The word ‘career’ can be better understood as a life-encompassing experience and learning gained across a collection of works done to achieve our ultimate goal. 😊 

Common perception:

As the two words are more often than not, used as synonyms of each other, it is difficult to perceive them as fundamentally-forked. Waking up each morning and going out to work which earns our bread, comforts, necessities is a ‘job’ but misunderstood as a ‘career’.  The above definitions highlight a perspective that can be quiet unsettling initially, but a little pondering will clear the air. 

Real meaning:

An oceanic difference lies in the crux of these two. ‘Job’ has its own perks of stable income, zero risk and high comfort but it settles at the status of ‘employment’ instead of ‘enjoyment’. The opportunity cost paid is, ‘freedom’ and ‘inner-calling’. 

‘Career’ on the other hand, allows one to follow their ‘heart’ and pursue an occupation which gives them inner-joy and fulfilment. For such individuals, since life goals are built around their passion, every single endeavour taken-up during the journey brings victory and pleasure. ‘Work’ never seems like a task while building a career of our dreams.

Impact on life:

It’s a well-established fact that ‘money’ is very important for not only living comfortably but it is a means for survival. More than 33% of our life is spent doing our ‘work’, and the remaining 2/3 of our life revolves around our family, social and financial status. A ‘job’ is able to fulfil these needs with little worry of market competition, investment risk, creative concerns or management woes. Whereas, a passion-driven career can be a roller-coaster ride. With ample of dedication and all the resources pumped into it, there is a whole another set of its own challenges and perks. Yet, the satisfaction of leading a life on our own terms is the bulkiest benefit here.

Which to choose?

Isn’t it a no-brainer that if the circumstances prevail in our favour and any pressing need for survival isn’t staring into our eye, we should choose to construct a ‘career’? We at Clever Harvey JuniorMBA have created a suitable, fun and perfect process for teenagers to analyse how it would be to follow their passion in the real world of churning economies. 

How to choose?

Find the ‘inner-calling’! that’s easier said than done! How to hear the inner-voice and interpret what it has to say? It is a complex feeling, often overpowered by the out-side world’s influence. Yet, the basic requirements of any career are, self-assessment, decision-making, focused-plan, clear-vision, occupational-awareness, innovation, exploration and implementation skills. 

Hence, it is safe to presuppose that if the teens are empowered with these kinds of skills moulded into his/her personality they will be ‘career-ready’. JuniorMBA is one such method of exploration, invention, self-assessment etc. A curated environment energies them into simulating innovation that makes their heart tick. Read more about this unique opportunity here.

Live a life of passion! happiness, joy and fulfilment will follow like a faithful pet! 😊

#HappyPassioning   #HappyCareering

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