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Dartmouth College SAT
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Thinking of attending Dartmouth College for your undergraduate degree? Dartmouth College is an Ivy League institution with a Liberal Arts core, making it a dream university for many teens pursuing a variety of fields. 

So how do you secure your Dartmouth College admission and prove yourself from thousands of applicants? Prepare yourself for your Dartmouth College application process by knowing Dartmouth College SAT scores, GPA cutoffs, admissions requirements and more by reading this article.

Dartmouth College SAT 

The SAT exam is a standardized test that many colleges across the US require candidates to take to prove their academic ability in their application. Knowing the Dartmouth College SAT cutoff score and Dartmouth College SAT requirements can help you set a goal score when preparing for the SAT exam to help secure your admission. 

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Dartmouth College SAT Testing Policy 2022-23

Dartmouth College SAT Policy for 2022-23 is test-optional. This change has been effective since 2020, and is reviewed on a yearly basis based on the College Board‘s recommendation. The Dartmouth College SAT test-optional policy is only currently applicable for the Dartmouth College 2022-23 first year admission cycle. 

This means that  while SAT and other standardised test scores like ACT can be considered if submitted, candidates are not required to do so and will not be at a disadvantage for not having taken the tests. That being said, a great SAT score can help boost you Dartmouth College application and by reaching the Dartmouth College SAT requirements you can prove your academic ability to admissions officers.

Dartmouth College SAT Requirements 2022-23

The following table provides a brief overview of the official Dartmouth College SAT requirements for 2022-23, based on official internal Dartmouth data from the class of 2024, with all scores being marked out of 800:

SectionMean ScoreMedian Score50% Range
SAT Critical Reading EBRW733750710-700
SAT Mathematics750770730-790
SAT Composite148315201440-1490

This table shows that the minimum SAT score you would require to secure admission at Dartmouth College would be 1483 on average. 

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Dartmouth College ACT

Dartmouth College ACT testing policy is the same as the policy for the SAT, i.e. it is test-optional. This means, it is not required but can be considered if submitted in your Dartmouth College application. According to Dartmouth ACT data, these can be considered the Dartmouth ACT cutoffs: 

The mean Dartmouth College ACT score is 33.

The mid-range Dartmouth College ACT score is between 32-35.  

Dartmouth College GPA Requirements

While there is no strict official Dartmouth College GPA cutoff, the average GPA (Grade Point Average) of admitted students to Dartmouth is 4.11. This high average Dartmouth GPA makes the college a very competitive institution, requiring students to rank in the top decile of 95% for their academic profile to qualify. 

That being said, Ivy Leagues like Dartmouth College rarely have a concrete GPA requirement as it may change based on your field of study and your overall application. A GPA of below 4.11 may still get into Dartmouth College if it is balanced out with extracurriculars, sports achievements, great standardised test scores or other outstanding achievements that show your application to be a cut above the rest.

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate

Dartmouth College is a very selective school, with the Dartmouth College acceptance rate being only 7.9%, meaning that on average less than 8 of every 100 applicants can secure their admission. This is why you need to meet the admission requirements for the Dartmouth College SAT score and Dartmouth College GPA cutoff, as these factors are just the first step into getting your application seriously considered by the university in order to make it in that 7.9%. 

How to secure admission to Dartmouth College

The admissions requirements itself only start with a GPA of 4.11 and SAT scores of 1483. In reality admissions officers at Stanford University are looking for extraordinary students that will go above and beyond to become the next generation of leaders and innovators.

A good way to demonstrate this drive to admissions committees is by providing proof of concept through real world experience. By interning and working in business environments you can demonstrate to the university that you’re able to apply theories and concepts you;ve learned in school- and show your prowess in your field of study.

Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA provides teens with a platform to hone these real world skills and work alongside industry leading companies like PUMA, Kellogg’s, Domino’s and more. Test drive your dream career in a variety of fields ranging from entrepreneurship and digital marketing to UX design and Data Analytics- before you spend years and money pursuing a degree and job in the industry.    

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