How to get a perfect SAT     Math score ?

Take a full length practice test- this is the best way to prepare for competitive exams. Try to finish two full tests.

Understand all your mistakes- you need to make sure every single one of your weak points is covered.

Whether it is Content or Time Management, try to analyse your weaknesses and work on them one by one

Improve your Mathematical Formulas and understand their implementation logically.

Enhance your Mental Math Skills and improve your calculation abilities to reach your answers quickly.

if you don't understand exactly why you missed a question, you will make that mistake over and over again.

Time yourself on every question to improve your skills

On every practice test or question set that you take, mark every question that you are unsure of and then review them later

If you have math content gaps, be ruthless about filling them

You need to know basic algebra, advanced algebra, data analysis, and geometry.

Finish with extra time and double check

Your goal is to get so good at SAT Math that you have extra time left over at the end to recheck your work.

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