Is a score of 1000 good on the SAT?

The SAT Exam is graded out of 1600, and has no strict cutoffs or pass fail system. Because of this a “good SAT score” is very relative.

What’s a good SAT Score for college?

Aim to be in the 25th percentile of your dream college- this means scoring in the top 25% of test taking applicants to secure your admission.

In 2021

The minimum score is 400

The average score was 1051

A good score was 1200+

A high score is 1500+

Most Ivy Leagues applicants have a score of 1480 at least, averaging around 1520 generally.

Thus, a score of 1000 on the SAT isn't good, it’s a little under average- but that doesn't mean you can't get into a great college!

The SATs are becoming less important in college applications, with admissions officers focusing more on real potential and growth of applicants