Career as an SEO Expert in 2023


Any company that wants to succeed needs to be simple to find in a Google search. As more companies use the internet to sell to a sea of prospective online clients, the online marketing sector is expanding.

SEO is a crucial skill, regardless of whether you’ve just started a new website or are a smart business expert eager to experiment with search marketing.

Do you want to help people research their potential clients? Do you want to aid businesses in expanding? Do you want to be Tech savvy expert who can guide people to become famous?

This blog is a detailed guide on a career as an SEO Expert, what an SEO Expert does, different paths you can take to become an SEO Expert, and different job opportunities.

What is a Career as an SEO Expert? 

A career as an SEO expert invlves the handling of a variety of functions. An SEO consultant specializes in search engine optimization and uses this knowledge to assist their clients in increasing traffic to their websites. So in a career as an SEO expert you would implement SEO strategies to make their clients’ websites more search engine friendly.

  • An expert in search engine optimization (SEO) raises a website’s placement on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • The expert makes sure that on-page SEO results in appropriate search results and a good user experience, increasing site traffic, lead volume, and brand exposure.
  • Like any marketer, the main goal of an SEO specialist is to: increase sales for the business.
  • A website’s visibility in search results can be improved by an SEO consultant, which ultimately boosts traffic and sales.
  • Implementing and maintaining title and meta tags, URL redirects, and 404 errors are just a few of the additional tasks.
  •  Other responsibilities include researching competitors’ websites, keeping an eye on Google Search Console and other webmaster tools, finding opportunities for link building, and negotiating contracts with vendors and agencies.

Job Roles in a Career as an SEO Expert 

  • Business Marketing Consultant 
    A marketing consultant aids businesses in developing and putting into action the best methods for reaching their target market. In this career as an SEO expert you can offer guidance on anything from client communication to articulating the message they should hear depending on their needs or wants.
  • Marketing Analyst 
    A marketing analyst is one career as an SEO expert, he is a specialist who examines data to aid a business’s marketing initiatives. The marketing analyst may use the information they unearth to assist a corporation in making better business decisions, such as boosting sales or improving marketing initiatives.
  • Entrepreneur
    But every business owner needs to put in daily work. This could entail making calls to potential investors or clients, running social media marketing campaigns online to spread the word about your product, or haggling over production costs with manufacturers.
  • Content Specialist  
    A vital job role, this career as an SEO expert is a requirement for many. For a variety of organisations in print and digital media, content specialists establish content strategy, research content and consumer trends, and produce content. To make sure the material is interesting and consistent across all media platforms, they collaborate closely with the design and marketing teams.

Career path for a Career as an SEO Expert

Path 1 

  • Complete 12th from Science Stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).
  • Prepare for JEE examination to get admission into an engineering college
  • Take up B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering, Software Engineering). 
  • Complete an SEO Certification Course to gain the knowledge required to start your career as an SEO Expert. 

Path 2

  • Complete 12th from any stream.
  • Do a Bachelors in Digital Marketing, Computer Science or a related subject. 
  • Do an SEO Course to acquire the skills required for a career as an SEO expert.
  • Work under an SEO Expert as an Intern.

Path 3

  • Complete 12th from any stream
  • Do a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing 
  • Do a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing 
  • Study in detail Content Marketing, SEO & Strategies, and SEO Tools. 
  • Work under a digital marketing firm as an Intern and keep practising your SEO Skills to start your career as an SEO expert.

Although there is no one way to become an SEO expert, it is possible to do so via a number of different techniques. Although many people with the career as an SEO expert start in conventional marketing before concentrating solely on SEO. For employment as an SEO Expert, you do not need to have any specific prior experience. People typically transition into a career as an SEO expert from a range of areas, including marketing and communications, business, and IT.

Salary of SEO Expert in different stages of career 

Profile Salary
Content Specialist₹11 Lacs
Marketing Analyst₹8 Lacs 
Seo Expert₹4 Lacs
Search Engine Marketing₹13 Lacs
Seo Strategy ₹6 Lacs

Skills required for a career as an SEO expert

  • Analytical
    Analytical abilities are one of the crucial abilities needed for a career as an SEO expert. An SEO specialist should be able to gather information regarding the what, when, who, and where as well as comprehend the “why” and “how” to inquiries that frequently accompany them.

    An SEO specialist’s task in this situation is to examine the case study and identify the strategies that led to the unexpected increase. To identify the true causes of that specific issue, they will also look at recent ranking decreases. To find the best answer for this setback, they will employ tens of thousands of phrases.
  • Research
    The second skill that one should possess after analysis is research ability. A career as an SEO expert required you to conduct extensive research. The most popular research method begins with a keyword analysis. 

    It will give the crucial knowledge needed to lay the strategic groundwork for campaigns. The specialists conduct more research in SEO, though. It is beneficial to study the most recent news and updates on global developments with search engine technologies.
  • Coding
    To succeed in the world of SEO, one need not be a skilled programmer or coder. Nowadays, CMS systems frequently include basic SEO functions and makes it easier to have a career as an SEO expert.

    However, having a foundational understanding of coding and associated technologies will be helpful. Examining the source code of the given website in detail would be beneficial to professionals. It also aids in identifying the pertinent important aspects.
  • Communication
    In the world of SEO, communication is crucial. To make sure that the right quantity of work is completed and to check whether your instructions are followed, it is essential to communicate with your team members in a proactive manner and this is a cornerstone in a career as an SEO expert.

    In addition, you may need to explain complicated ideas to clients or consumers who may not be highly technical in their understanding of this subject. It is also crucial to produce material that your website’s visitors can relate to. 

Is A Career as an SEO Expert a Good Career Option? 

Yes. A career as an SEO expert is a great career choice because it is one of the most in-demand jobs in the field of digital marketing.

Many businesses all around the world employ SEO specialists to create better content and, as a result, increase the number of business leads.

As businesses need search engine optimization to stay competitive, SEO specialists are in high demand. 

To assist marketing teams in generating high-quality online traffic, developing effective digital campaigns, and generating new revenue for the organisation, A career as an SEO expert is needed.

 Working closely with the stakeholders and contributing to the business’s subtle and gradual growth are two benefits of a career in this area. 

Additionally, you will collaborate closely with the marketing department of your business to ensure that the material supports the goals and analysis.

Now, you need to have a particular set of abilities if you want to succeed as an SEO specialist. Let’s look at the necessary abilities and how to get them later in this article.

Places to work as an SEO Expert 

  • Private Companies
  • MNC’s
  • HNWI Pvt Ltd
  • Marketing Consultancy firm 
  • IT Companies 

Top Recruiters for SEO Experts

  1. SEO Expert India 
  2. Big Leap
  3. Techmagnate 
  4. Page Traffic 
  5. Ignite Visibility
  6. SEO Brand
  7. Seoplus+

Courses to Upskill as SEO Expert

  • Google’s Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification
  • Google Analytics
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication
  • SEO Strategy 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Optimization of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Analytics & Marketing Metrics

To start your learning towards becoming an SEO consultant you start by taking up some SEO online courses or digital marketing courses. Don’t know where to get started, you can try JuniorMBA in Digital Marketing which will help you find your niche in the field. 

Qualification to become SEO Expert 

Undergraduate in India 

You can get a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and computer science and then specialize in the field by taking an SEO course. Some of the bachelor’s degrees you can consider are as follows;

  1. Bachelor in Digital Marketing
  2. Bachelor in Information Technology 
  3. B.Sc Computer Science
  4. BBA in Marketing 
  5. Bachelors in Communication 
  6. B.Tech

Postgraudate in India

The courses will last for two years. Pursuing a Master’s degree is optional and not compulsory to become an SEO Expert. 

  • M.Tech 
  • M.Sc in Computer Science
  • MBA in Marketing 
  • Master in Information Technology

Degrees Abroad

A bachelor’s degree with a focus on data analysis, content marketing, or social media marketing is something you might want to think about. You can enrol in an SEO course to give yourself improved work possibilities and the necessary career skills.

Do you want to significantly increase the likelihood that you’ll be accepted abroad? Enrol in the Clever Harvey JuniorMBA course to enhance your academic résumés with a real-world project.

Start by preparing for the TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT exams if you want to enrol in foreign universities. Visit this blog to learn more about how to take the SAT.

I want to know More! 

A Day in SEO Experts life

When questioned about a typical workday, the majority of SEO experts describe a combination of the aforementioned responsibilities, adding that the amount of time spent on each varies on the current situation. 

For instance, while designing a new campaign or website, you’ll spend more time on keyword research, whereas keeping up with industry news may only happen sometimes when there’s time.

The majority of the day was nonetheless taken up by emails and meetings, which were a daily occurrence for everyone. Depending on the type of SEO task you have, different emails and meetings will be required.

 There are two options for working as an SEO expert: either for an employer or for clients. Although the daily activities in both roles are generally the same, there are some variances, particularly with regard to emails and meetings. 

For instance, client-facing meetings and internal meetings are typically very different types of gatherings, and a portion of the time you spend on email may very well be used to instruct customers on the nuances of SEO.


  • SEO For Beginners
  • Product-Led SEO
  • Entity SEO
  • How Google Works
  • The Art Of SEO
  • The Psychology Of A Website

Famous Personalities 

  • Neil Patel
  • Eric Enge
  • Brian Dean
  • Stephan Spencer
  • Aaron Wall
  • Danny Sullivan

Although it’s not simple, becoming an SEO expert is also not tough. The easiest method to get started with SEO right away is to enrol in a good course, use the appropriate SEO tools, and, most importantly, begin using SEO. The best investment you can make for your business and personal abilities is in search engines and SEO, which are here to stay for years to come.

 Follow the pathway provided in the article if you want to progress toward being an SEO expert. We hope the best for you. That’s all for now, guys. If you want to learn more, keep coming back to our site.


How long does it take to become an SEO expert?

You must master advanced SEO ideas, which might take anywhere from 6 to 18 months, in order to become an SEO expert. You can accomplish this as long as you seek out professional guidance and regularly learn new things.

How much do SEO experts earn?

Professionals with more than 5-8 years of SEO expertise can earn about Rs. 3.5-6.6 LPA, while recent graduates can expect to make about Rs. 1.8-2.8 LPA. Regarding the pay scale for senior SEOs in India.

Is SEO is a good career?

To produce better content and, as a result, boost the number of business leads, many companies all over the world use SEO consultants. SEO consultants are in high demand since businesses need them to stay competitive.

Is SEO difficult to learn?

Although it’s not simple, becoming an SEO expert is also not tough. The easiest method to get started with SEO right away is to enrol in a good course, use the appropriate SEO tools, and, most importantly, begin using SEO.

What skills do you need for SEO?

The skills one would need to start a career in SEO are as follows;
1. Analytical Skills 
2. Research Skills 
3. Technical aptitude
4. Communication Skills 
5. Programming Skills

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