A Day in the Life of a

Content Writer

(according to the marketing team at Clever Harvey)

Who is a Content Writer?

Someone who writes relevant content to aid in multiple aspects of a business, such as advertising, social media posts, search engine optimisation.

10- 11 am

Speak to members from other teams like product, sales, SEO etc to understand new content briefs

Make edits to previous work based on feedback and fact-checking

11- 1pm

Research extensively on relevant topics for new content

Read related articles, blogs and social media posts to understand main themes

2- 3:30 pm

Write drafts in the necessary format and tone

The purpose of the content could vary, from advertising copy to LinkedIn post to blog article

3:30 - 4:30 pm

Communicate with graphic designers and UX designers

Collaborate with them to decide on branding style, graphics and text hierarchy

4:30- 5 pm

Send the draft of the creative to editors and supervisors

Plan out content for the next day

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