A Day in the Life of a

Performance Marketing Expert

(according to the marketing team at Clever Harvey)

Who is a Performance Marketer?

Someone who is in charge of managing digital ad campaigns to increase the number of views, clicks and sales.

10- 11 am

Monitoring the performance of existing campaigns

Using platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager

10- 11 am

Creating content for new campaigns to align with your strategy

Identifying which headlines and text will work best for your target audience

2-3:30 pm

Working with content writers and graphic designers to develop new creatives

Communicating your vision for the creative they will be working on

3:30-4 pm

Altering aspects of your campaigns to optimise results

Analysing metrics like CAC (how much does it cost to get a new customer) and ROAS (how much revenue you are earning compared to how much advertising money you are spending)

4-5 pm

Conducting experiments between campaigns to get data

Performing tests such as A/B tests (trying out two versions of the same concept) and  scaling tests (seeing if the current system can work well on a larger scale)

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