Career as a Wildlife Photographer: 2023 Guide

Along with technical photography skills, a career as a Wildlife Photographer calls for patience and knowledge of animals, their behaviour, and the surrounding environment. Wildlife photographers frequently visit wildlife areas because they capture animals’ images in their natural habitat. Travelling to remote locations involves hiking, canoeing, or kayaking (and bringing equipment with you), which ups […]

Career as a Cinematographer- A guide to creating stories through a lens!

Movies are an amalgamation of moving pictures. That’s simple right? Just merge those moving pictures and here you have your own film.  If this was true, movies would not be as fun and entertaining as they are. It would just be like a boring album. So what is it that makes movies, not boring albums? […]

Career as a Film Director – A guide to making your own films! 

For any film, the film director is the captain. They are the ones whose creative vision we see on screen. However, there are some interesting ways certain directors convey their stories.  For instance, Sanjay Leela Bhansali uses colours and inanimate objects to show the feelings of his characters. Zoya Akhtar’s film usually focuses on perspective […]

Career as a Screenwriter- A guide to your Movie writing!

When you are watching a horror movie, have you ever wondered why is that particular character going to the attic when obviously the ghost is present there? Why is she climbing the crooked stairs? Why are the children planning to play in the house that they know is haunted? I have so many times called […]

Career as a Producer – Complete Guide!

Have you heard of names like Sajid Nadiadwala, Ritesh Sidwani, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar. Of course, you have! These are the greatest producers in the country. These are the people who wish their movies do really great at the box office.  But do these people only care about money? No! These are the people […]

Career as a Music Director

Do you desire a career in the arts and creative fields? Do you want to organise sounds and experiment with different pairings to discover harmony and a rhythm to use music to convey emotions? Do you desire to instruct musicians on how to perform better? This blog is a detailed guide about the career as […]

Career as an Actor – A Guide to your journey from off stage to on stage!

The acting business might even be successful. Actors are paid to show up on set and give their all for every acting gig. Additionally, large cities like London and New York City provide acting jobs to people all around the world. An excellent career that lets you meet new people and gain new abilities is […]