What does a Music Publicist do?

A specialist who manages media and public relations on behalf of a music artist or group. They represent their client by overseeing, shaping, and maintaining their public image.  They work to secure press coverage for their clients’ upcoming activities.

A Music Publicist is responsible for Influence public perception by using strategic communication and Organizing and oversee publicity campaigns for their clients

They also Build relationships with media outlets and journalists in the music scene and Provide insight into their client’s public communications

They Develop an understanding of the media’s role in the music industry and assist clients with brand marketing and other marketing strategies

They Put together an electronic press kit (EPK) for their client Work with clients to develop a social media presence and social media campaigns

They Secure interviews, photo shoots, video shoots, live show reviews, etc. and Write press releases, biographies, newsletters, blog features, an album review, social media posts, etc.

They also Secure media coverage to boost a client’s brand, fan base, and exposure and Help to develop their client’s public image and brand

The salaries of Music Publicists in the US range from $20,084 to $538,331 , with a median salary of $95,995 . 

Most publicists hold an undergraduate degree in English, public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism, or communications. A university degree will give aspiring publicists access to internships at local PR firms or record labels with PR departments.