Should I be a Music Therapist?

What is a Music Therapist?

A Music Therapist is a professional who uses music as a form of therapy to help his mental health patients feel better and heal faster.

Would it be right for You?

Careers in Music Therapy have emerged as an excellent choice for those candidates who are interested in mental health and have a passion for music.

Need for Music Therapists

Thanks to the fast pace of life, people are in need of Music therapists to escape the stress of their everyday life and to receive health benefits for them. 

#1 Qualification Needed

The minimum desired qualification to become a Music Therapist is the 12th class with music as one of the main subjects followed by some  Diploma courses in Music Therapy.

#2 Emotional Capability

As Music Therapists deal with people suffering from different mental problems, they must have a desire to help and offer emotional support to their patients.

#3 Healing Touch Skills

Skills like empathy, patience, imagination and creativity are a must to become a successful Music Therapist

#4 Musical Instinct

As a Music Therapist is supposed to use only music as his tool to heal he must have a high level of musical instinct and an appreciation for a wide range of music Instruments. 

#5 Education

After completing +2 in any stream, aspiring candidates have to go for a Certificate course in Music Therapy from a reputed Music Therapy Institute.

#6 Higher Studies

Acquiring a Diploma course in Music Therapy from an institute aspiring candidates can look for a job in Music Therapy Care Centres or can opt for their own Music Therapy Care Centres. 

Scope and Salary

There is a huge need for Music Therapist in the US ,hence the salary varies depending on experience. Only the top-level (90th percentile) music therapists are earning around $77K while a starting music therapist would be earning around $30K

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