9 Alternate Careers for Music-lovers

9 Alternate Careers for Music-lovers

Music Producer

What they do

– Understand the creative &    commercial aspects of music

– Oversee all production activities

– Maintain recording budget

Recording Engineer

What they do

- Capture & manipulate sound

– Oversee all production activities

– Maintain recording budget

Artist Manager

What they do

- Create music production    opportunities for artists

- Plan and direct their artist’s schedule    and music

- Negotiate contracts with record    labels

Music Publicist

What they do

- Build network with media outlets,    marketers & venues

- Ensure media coverage for concerts    & music releases

- Manage artist reputation


What they do

- Compose music for film, TV, games    and more

- Arrange live and recorded music

- Capture compositions through    notation or recording

Sound Mixer

What they do

- Visit filming location to identify    required sound effects

- Choose and source right recording    equipment

- Manage volume and sound quality    of final product


What they do

- Work with music publishers, record    companies and producers

- Discuss and understand the theme    of the project

- Write the lyrics to match the music


What they do

- Act as an intermediary between    artist and audience

- Work for print, media or online media    outlets

- Review live or recorded       performances

Music Therapist

What they do

- Assess patients to establish    individual goals

- Design music-based interventions

- Use music to aid mental, physical    and social well-being

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