Get Teens to Learn by Doing! (Even Apes would agree)


We, humans, are eternally attracted towards growth, innovation and development. With the turn of millennium, an obsessive inclination towards attaining more ‘knowledge’ has captured everyone’s imagination. ‘Knowledge’ is being considered synonymous with ‘success’ but, are we overlooking anything? 👀

A brief look at ancient history shows that despite lack of academic inclination only by ‘doing’ and ‘innovation’ humans took humongous leaps of accomplishments. Now, we have transcended from the art of ‘learning-from-doing’ to ‘learning-from-knowing’ and somewhere the gist of innovation has scuffled! Are we on the right track? 

Let’s explore history; see if it can teach us something relevant! 😉

Ancient age

The oldest evidence of stone tools is 3.4 million years old. Stone-age was the era when humans learnt by innovation and discovery to make tools that supported their life. Excavations from various sites across the globe stand proof of how man became a tool-equipped dweller and attained the success of survival.

History says: They used practical knowledge and applied it. Their skills diffused across generations. Continuous improvisation came from implementation and observation. 

Middle age

Technological advancement happened and man surpassed from stone-age to Bronze-age. Learning the craft of mining, smelting, alloying and making bronze transmuted their lives. Trade development and civilization flourished.

History says: Neither google nor books were available then. They learnt by ‘doing’, excelled in the craft and sailed into the next age with a better scope of development.

New age

Iron-age is the final epoch of the three ancient divisions of ages. It harks back to a period followed by the Bronze-age on the timeline of human development and was characterized by the production of tools and weaponry by iron-working. This age played a significant role in putting a man on the path of rapid cultural and social evolutionary success.

History says: The virtue of implementation and innovation carried humanity from this age to the modern-age.

Modern age:

Theoretically speaking, the post-World War-I era is referred to as the modern age. Marked with rising in economies, population, poverty and war, it also witnesses a steep decline in innovation, tranquillity, experimentation and tolerance.

Today in this much competitive world ‘success’ is sought after by all. Nonetheless, very few are able to notice the virtues required to attain it. Blinded by academic lustre we tend to overlook the fact that only being able to recall the trigonometry rules or algebraic identities, chemistry equations or historic dates is not enough for materialistic success in today’s world. 

What then is required, you wonder? 😊

Well, skill development is the key! Isn’t that what our stone-age, bronze-age, and iron-age story tells us? Let us recall examples from modern times too, any-many number of world leaders from Steve Jobs who founded ‘APPLE’ to Bill Gates, founder of ‘MICROSOFT’ to Thomas Elva Edison, founder of ‘ELECTRIC BLUB’ and the list can go on, they all have been school drop-outs, they knew the art of knowledge-application. 

One may forget what one reads but one never forgets what one learns by ‘doing’! Success is a product of proper implementation of what we learn across our academic endeavours. From the formative years of teenage let our budding generation experience new avenues. 

 How to empower our teens, you wonder? 🎯

Alongside living our lives up to the fullest, it is our ingrained desire to empower our next generation with tools for success. JuniorMBA is one such tool. A refreshed take on exploring unique future opportunities allows the teenagers to experience the real-world working systems, methodology, prognosis and implementation techniques.

Rather than blindly following the rote academic system it’s time we actually modernize. So, at Clever Harvey JuniorMBA we open one such prospect by offering a unique opportunity of exploring the world-of-commerce with multinational companies. Read more about it here. Let’s take our teenagers on a journey of skill exploration i.e. from ‘books-to-business’ and success will follow!

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