UC Berkeley SAT Scores, GPA, Application Requirements and More [2022]

UC Berkeley SAT Scores

What are UC Berkeley SAT scores requirements for international students?

Does UC Berkeley require SAT scores for 2022?

Does UC Berkeley provide scholarships to students?

The University of California, Berkeley, or more popularly known as Cal, is one of the top universities in America. You are reading this article right now because you want to submit your application at UC Berkeley and we are here to help you with just that!

What GPA do you need to get into UC Berkeley and will you require SAT scores for 2022 to be considered as an applicant? Get all this information and more as you advance reading our very detailed article about all UC Berkeley SAT Scores, application and GPA requirements. 

What does UC Berkeley Expect from You as an Applicant?

UC Berkeley follows a holistic approach to shortlisting its potential candidates. And so, you have a lot more to focus on apart from your grades:

  • GPA score,
  • SAT scores, and 
  • Overall profile 

All of these will be evaluated equally to decide your enrollment at this prestigious university. 

To be a potential Golden Bear of UC Berkeley, you are expected to have a comprehensive profile apart from the expected UC Berkeley SAT Scores. Your academic record, extracurricular and personal experiences are evaluated eqaully while considering your application. 

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UC Berkeley SAT Scores Requirements

The expected UC Berkeley SAT average score is 1415. So, if you plan on taking the SAT and submitting your score for the same, then 1415 is the minimum score you should aim to achieve. 

Section-wise Requirement for UC Berkeley SAT Scores

Section25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage Score
Reading + Writing640740690

Although SAT scores are just one of the many criteria to select a future Berkeley student, they can hold a lot of value if you get an above-average score. For example, if your GPA is below 3.0 but you get an SAT score of 1480, then your application has a higher chance of being considered further. 

Is UC Berkeley SAT Scores a Mandatory Requirement?

Similar to many other American universities, UC Berkeley SAT requirement of standardized test scores is eliminated as one of the criteria for admission after the global pandemic. So, for the years 2021-2022, UC Berkeley SAT Scores requirement is not a mandate. However, if you wish to submit your UC Berkeley SAT scores to add more value to your application, you can do so. Send your scores directly to UC Berkeley SAT Scores at code 4833. 

What GPA do You Need to Get into UC Berkeley?

According to Cal, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your classes 11 and 12. This is one of the primary requirements that every applicant is expected to meet.

UC Berkeley’s average GPA requirements stand at 3.8 based on previous year’s GPA score submissions. This means that you need to aim for achieving a GPA score of at least 3.8 in your high school years to become a successful applicant at Cal. An average GPA of 3.8 is usually standard for all reputed American universities, making UC Berkeley SAT Scores one of the highly competitive and selective universities in the world.

What is UC Berkeley’s Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate of a university is one of the crucial factors in granting admission to applicants from all over the world. Apart from UC Berkeley SAT test scores and GPA, these factors also help in choosing a potential student at Berkeley:

  • Students with academic excellence
  • Students who are first-generation college-goers
  • Students from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Students with an top-notch holistic profile

These factors contribute to the holistic process of selecting candidates at UC Berkeley. If your application ticks off all these boxes apart from the competitive UC Berkeley SAT scores requirements and GPA score, your chances of admission take a huge leap!

So, what is Berkeley’s acceptance rate?

The percentage at which UC Berkeley generally accepts students in a given year is 17.5%. This implies that in a year if 100 applicants apply at Berkeley, only 18 students are granted admission in their respective course areas.

To be one of these 17.5% Berkeley students, you need to prepare your application that conforms to Cal’s requirements, one that helps you stand out! 

So, let’s help you prepare to apply at UC Berkeley with all the information you will require to submit a profile that truly makes you, you.

Read these important details of UC Berkeley’s application process and document requirements to become a strong applicant for the upcoming batch!

UC Berkeley Application Requirements

UC Berkeley’s application process and requirements are slightly different from other universities. Here is a brief list of application requirements at UC Berkeley:

  • Application fee
  • Language proficiency test
  • School reports & transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal insight questions

Let’s go over the process one-by-one to get the full picture of what’s required of you to submit a successful application apart from the average UC Berkeley SAT and GPA score.

UC Berkeley Application Fee

As you fill out the application form for Berkeley you will notice that you are required to pay an application fee to submit the form. For American residents, the application fee is $70. For all international students, including Indian students, who wish to apply at UC Berkeley are required to pay an application fee of $80

Now, according to the current rates this will cost you Rs. 6,059. But do not forget to check the conversion rates on the day you actually plan on filling out the form to get a clear idea of the application fee in Indian rupees.

Does UC Berkeley Provide Early Action Applications?

There are many universities, including Ivy Leagues, that offer two kinds of applications. One is early action or early decision application and the second is regular decision application.

But, UC Berkeley does not offer such an option to applicants. There is no provision for early action applications for students. There is only one type of application that students can fill to apply to all 9 campuses under UC Berkeley.

Generally there are separate application forms for different campuses of a college but not at Cal. This is a very unique quality of Berkeley. With 1 application form, you can apply to any course or program in all 9 campuses of UC Berkeley.

Berkeley Application Dates & Deadlines

There are various dates and deadlines that you need to be aware of before filling out the application form at Berkeley. Follow the table below to keep track of Berkley’s application timeline.

UC Berkeley Application Dates & Deadlines

Serial no.TypeAvailable DateDeadline
1Application FormAugust 1Nov 30
2Mandatory Documents/FormDecemberJan 31
3Decision on Application End-MarchMay 1
4Application for Financial AidOct 1March 2

Please note that you can only fill out the application between Nov 1 – Nov 30

UC Berkeley SAT Test Score Submission

Although UC Berkeley does not require you to submit your standardized test scores of SAT or ACT as a mandatory requirement for admission, you may do so if you wish to.

Your UC Berkeley SAT scores should be directly sent to the university using the code 4833. 

Language Proficiency Test Score Submission

Language proficiency is one of the most important criteria for admission at Berkeley. You don’t need to start speaking in American accent to prove your language proficiency in English. But yes, you do need to prove it to your interviewer or admissions officer that you understand the language well. There are 2 ways to do it. 

If you have received English language instruction for more than 3 years then you are not required to take a language proficiency test. 

Alternatively, if you do not have 3+ years of proficiency in English language instruction or are willing to take a language proficiency test, then you may choose any of these 3 language tests and submit scores for the same.

UC Berkeley Language Proficiency Test Requirements

Serial no.Language Test NameMinimum Score Req.Test Score Submission Deadline 

School Reports & Transcript Requirements

Your past couple of years’ academic records says a lot about how you have progressed or improved in a given subject or subject area. Every college has their own set of rules to evaluate this aspect of your application. This is what UC Berkeley needs to evaluate your academic records.

  • UC Berkeley requires your school reports and transcripts from classes 9 to 12, covering the entire period of your high school. 
  • Your transcripts should be sent directly to the university preferably through electronic methods using Parchment. 
  • However, if your school is unable to send your documents electronically, they may choose to send a hard copy of your transcripts via mail (by post).

UC Berkeley Letter of Recommendation

The UC Berkeley SAT Scores and GPA requirements and your high school transcripts are a means to assess you on a quantitative basis. Next is to evaluate your profile on a qualitative basis.

A letter of recommendation acts as a different viewpoint to your application for the admissions officer at UC Berkeley. A teacher who has seen your ups and downs closely and is aware of your abilities and weaknesses at the same time, will surely have certain observations or insights to share about your overall experience at school. This is something that adds great value to your application as the admissions officer would get to know about you from a teacher’s perspective. 

Berkeley follows a standard policy of submitting two letters of recommendation. Out of these 2 letters, at least one should be written by your teacher or professor belonging to a core academic subject area. 

Here are a few qualities that your teacher(s) should include while writing you a letter of recommendation:

  • Your academic performance
  • Willingness to learn
  • Creative abilities
  • Leadership qualities
  • Your nature of interaction or relationship with others
  • Your grit

Please note that all letters of recommendation should be sent electronically to Berkeley no later than January 15

Now comes the final stage of your application where you get a chance to freely express yourself.

UC Berkeley SAT Scores Personal Insights Questions

Your scores says only so much about you. Even though hundreds of students might score the same numbers on the same subjects, every students has their own unique journey or experience that led to their personal and academic growth. That is exactly what UC Berkeley expects you to highlight in the personal insights questions part of your application. 

  • Did you face any hardships as a young student? How did you overcome them? 
  • Was there any instance in which you had to choose between two options? Which one did you choose and why?
  • What makes you passionate about the field of study you are seeking admission to and how can UC Berkeley help you?

These are just a couple of examples that you can write about in this important section of your application. 

While writing answers to your personal insights questions, remember to tap on these qualities, whichever applies best to your experiences:

  • Leadership skills
  • Innovative initiatives
  • Community service or social welfare
  • Achievements outside academics 
  • Cultural exposure
  • Life challenges faced, if any, and your journey in overcoming them
  • An important learning gained from a difficult or unusual situation

You will be given 8 personal insight questions out of which you need to pick any 4 to answer. This part of your application does not judge you on the basis of your language skills. Rather it evaluates you as a person, how you express yourself and present your answers. So take sufficient time to draft your answers and revisit them to check for any corrections. 

How Hard Is It for You to Get into UC Berkeley?

Getting into UC Berkeley is definitely possible for you. While you must be ensuring that your quantitative part of the application conforms to the requirements at Berkeley, it is the qualitative part of your application that has the potential to actually make your profile stand out. 

So, how can you prepare yourself to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to make yourself a competitive applicant at UC Berkeley?

You can start with developing your reasoning and critical thinking skills with this free Argument Walls Assessment by Callido Learning. 

Embed video here, link: https://callidolearning.com/wp-content/uploads/web/G9/9A1/2/index.html 

UC Berkeley SAT Scores

You will learn to solve a situation based on certain evidence. The skills learned from this exercise will help you solve questions in your SAT exam and give you ideas to support your statements in the personal insights questions section of your Berkeley application. 

Focus on building your profile strong, to make your overall application stronger!

All the best!

FAQ’s related to UC Berkeley SAT Scores

How to apply for the SAT exam?

To register for the SAT, you have to visit the official website of the College Board and click on the ‘Register Now’ tab. Fill in all the required information to place a successful application.

How to prepare for the SAT exam?

For sound preparation for the SAT exam, you should start studying 3 months prior to the scheduled exam date. Do these 4 things to achieve maximum results:

Study 2-4 hours every day for 3 months.
Revise all foundational concepts.
Take as many SAT practice tests as you can in 3 months.
Work towards acquiring essential skills such as critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, logical reasoning, etc. with Callido’s free skill assessment videos

Is the SAT exam tough?

SAT is one of the most competitive exams in the world. With the right preparation, you can give your SAT exam without any difficulty.

Does the SAT exam have negative markings?

There is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the SAT exam.

What are the subjects in the SAT exam?

There is no such set syllabus for the SAT exam. It covers topics that you have learned in school. It covers 3 main subject areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

Who can give the SAT exam?

There is no age limit or minimum age requirement to give the SATs. Anyone can register for the SAT exam. However, your SAT scores will only be valid in foreign universities if you have successfully graduated from school.

When can I write SAT exams?

Every year SAT exams are held five times a year. So far, the College Board has announced two dates in 2022 for SAT. It is scheduled for 12th March and 7th May 2022.

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