Here’s a quick overview of How to become an Image Consultant

Who is an Image Consultant?

A client's appearance, both socially and professionally, is improved with the help of an image consultant

Step 1: Stream Selection

You can pursue studies in any profession if you want to work as an image consultant, but the arts are the greatest choice.

Step 2: After 12th

– In order to become an Image Consultant,     aspirants might enroll in a diploma or     bachelor's degree program after     completing grade 12. – Fashion Styling & Image Design – Certified Virtual Personal Stylist – Certified Fashion Stylist – Certified Image Consultant

Step 3: Job Preparation

The following preparation will give you an idea of what the company is expecting from you.

#1 Internships

Interning with well-known image consultants or with image consultant businesses is the greatest method to obtain the practical expertise needed to become an image consultant.

This is used to choose candidates for many services and positions.

#2 Freelancing

#3 Portfolio

Make a mood board with various texture, colour, and shape combinations and interesting snippets of your clients' makeovers.

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