How to ensure a career that’s a money-magnet?


Money moves the world! 😉 Money ‘matters’, and there are no two ways about it. The dynamics of money scales from its relevance to planning, and stalking to investing! As a currency, it’s a wonderful slave, but as a master, it can be terrible!

Money Reels! 😊

Money is a mode, that paves the road to a life of desires. It dictates success, longevity, social status, acceptance, and much more. From basic amenities to luxuries, education to healthcare, best careers to dream life, money can afford it all. Being a medium of exchange its ability to buy all tangibles makes it an undisputedly important factor of human existence. 

Money Dumps! 😉

Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like. –Will Rogers

Our habits and compulsiveness are our money mongers! It’s futile to blame brands or luxuries for burning a hole in our pockets. Every earned penny will ‘go’ or ‘grow’ is decided by the priorities we set. Be it expenses, investment, savings or necessities, what goes first on our list decides the fate of our financial status. The ability to differentiate between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ is a game-changer. 

Money Flows! 😉

Money is in constant rolling. Monthly income to monthly expense, pocket money to savings, money ‘goes’ as it ‘comes’. It’s a task to make it stay. Budgeting is one way of tackling whereas, earning ‘more’ is another. But the best way is; to invest rightly. Money will ‘soar’ when you have a source in place. What better a source than investing in an assured future?

Money Grows! 😊

Warren Buffet; the ninth richest man in the world says, “If you don’t learn the art of making money while you’re sleeping you will be working your entire life.”

Well now that sounds understandable, but the question that tags along with this is, ‘How to earn while your sleeping?’ Some would say, classification of the budget should work, while others will feel expense tracker can help. Well, how about investing right? 

So, the next impending question is, how to do that? Two ways; invest in the market and in the future. If we already have a good source of income, investing is an art that can be learned via market research or by hiring an investment consultant. But, investing in the future needs brainstorming!

Invest in the present to forge a secured future. Also, invest early on to reap better profits. To invest in the future let’s invest in our children! At the tender age assist them in their own talent-hunt by skill development and the right kind of exposure. Today this investment may seem like INR 10 on our budget list, but it will add the value of INR 1000 into our child’s ‘tomorrow’!

Money Magnet! 😊

Best careers turn into money-magnets! To have a career that can not only make a ‘better life’ for our kids but the whole family, we need to be extra choosy about careers. The selection process happens in the teenage years when the child is having limited access to the working world. The children aren’t able to comprehend the actual feeling of being in a particular career/profession. 

To aid their selection process and empower them with relevant know-how of various careers and entrepreneurship, it’s imperative to open up the working-world for the children. Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA does just that. With access to the practical world and the opportunity of learning from multinational companies, the kids get future-ready via various programs of JuniorMBA.

So, the ‘money-magnet’ to gather riches is not any device but the exposure to innovation and involvement from the teenagers. Investment done in honing skills right now is negligible but it will empower the child to convert it into a profit-making, compounding income of millions! The journey of INR 10 to INR 1000 begins here. 

Invest right, and make it fight,

to steal your plight, for a future bright!


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