Teenagers’ growing-up needs that every parent faces


Messy, fussy, private, and personal are the words that come to mind while describing the teenage time! Adolescents face dilemmas and delusions while parents are faced with some needs that go beyond money and assets. Is it only this, or are we to look beyond what meets the eye? Let’s explore. 😊

Teenage Defined!

Teenage is a terrific age. Why terrific, one may ask? Oh boy! It’s the age of physical as well as mental growth. It is that time of a child’s life when he/she is like a soft earthen pot being shaped on a pottery wheel. Every curve, wrinkle or crack embedded on the pot in this time is to stay forever. It is that ‘make-or-break’ situation. Any effort to reconstruct those shaped personalities later on will be as futile as trying to reshape an old earthen vessel. 😉

Parental need: Make all the right moves while the pot is on the wheel.

Teenage Woes!

One thing all teenagers would easily agree upon is the belief that ‘their parents do not understand them’. However, parents claim the vice-versa. 😉 Problems between parents and teenagers are as eternal as time! This is basically an epic fight, the generation gap showing its might! Parents have the eyes of experience and harbor foresight for what’s good and right for their kids. Teenagers have eyes brimming with fresh vision that is beyond the horizon of parental perception. 

Parental need: Develop a bird-eye view to encapsulate their horizons too.

Teenage Psychology!

With adrenaline rushing through their blood, on one hand, these children feel the world is at their feet. Energized to conquer the planet, everything seems doable at that age. But, on the other hand, they feel the pangs of peer pressure, performance pressure, career concerns, and above all the burden of being judged all the time. They constantly ride on the highs and the lows of social acceptance and self-esteem.

Parental need: Lend a helping hand to help them strike a balance between the extremes.

Teenage Fads!

Solo trips, vacations with friends, night out with bestie, and fashionable trends are some of the most common aspirations of today’s teens. At certain times it is the clothing brand and at other times, the latest device, their demands often seem endless and useless too. On giving a deeper thought one might understand that kids are always trying to do one of the two things. First is the desire to ‘live more’ and second is the desire to ‘belong’. Via an exploration of the world, places, people, and ideas they try to ‘live more’ to experience life in its entirety. By following the fancy fads, they try to seek attention and acceptance, they try to ‘belong’. It is this struggle within themselves that more often than not, portrays them as disobedient children.

Parental need: Help them explore their core desires and personality. 

Teenage Pros!

Teenagers view their world as a series of exciting opportunities, though they lack the ability of realistic evaluation. Above and beyond the academic and co-curricular activities they crave to connect with the much lively processes of the economic and creative world. While the kids are still on the pottery wheel, parents need to energize the wheel’s spinning by opening up more opportunities for them. Let these children have new, beautiful molds we might have never imagined.

Parental need: The need is for a wider vision to apprehend the teens’ desires and help them outlive their personality crisis. We as a society should develop a bird-eye view to better understand adolescents’ needs. Clever Harvey JuniorMBA opens a new door of possibilities where an environment of learning with fun, thinking outside the box, and freedom to explore new horizons of creativity is offered. Growth and development happen at multiple levels. Personality, finance, and future all are curated with care under the umbrella of JuniorMBA. Find the details here. Let’s assist them to trek the path of self-exploration and experience life in its entirety. 

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