4 Clever Harvey JuniorMBA who climbed their wall of success


Success can be subjective! In general, ‘success’ can be measured not by the tangible gains and assets one collects in life, but from the journey they have accomplished in reaching that point. 

Stories of these four young entrepreneurs are sure to fill every reader’s heart with pride and patriotism! Beyond upgrading their own lives, they have scaled up the lives of people they work for! Being our junior MBA program alumni, they bring us pride too! 😊

Project Name: Artisans of India

Student’s Name: Shiv Jain

Empowering artists in a unique way to connect with customers who have a taste for quality and authentic Indian handicrafts, artifacts, and clothing has been the driving moto of this project. Shiv and his team connect with their customers via a variety of public platforms like feedback forms, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. 

The artisans have attained larger exposure, secured income, and an upscale life. Alongside this, the customers are satisfied with the genuine quality, exclusivity of products and the satisfaction of supporting the artists of India fills them with pride of social contribution. 

Project Name: KEFI

Student’s Name: Sreeja Mamidala

They aim at spreading ‘love’ not germs! What a beautiful thought has gone behind the making of this company. Who could have imagined that little teenager whom the adult population often tags as lethargic and insensitive has this tremendous inclination of being helpful to others? 

With India being the second worst-hit nation due to COVID-19 and many turning jobless KEFI empowers the rural women. They make environment-friendly sanitizer covers, jute bags, etc. Their distinctiveness is witnessed when they offer hand sanitizers with customized fragrances. Innovation and empowerment going hand-in-hand. 😊

Project Name: VirtuDopt

Student’s Name: Haashir Ahmed & Anish Garg

Animals own this planet as much as we do! Living up to this ideal, these young Indian entrepreneurs have designed a distinctive business. In VirtuDopt people will be able to adopt pets! Well, not the normal adoption though. This one comes with a twist!

 People can adapt and pay for the care and shelter of these pets. Keeping working people free to continue their work and at the same time support animal welfare is such an innovation! Now, the duty-bound will not have to sacrifice on their ‘animal-lover’.

Project Name: AR Digital

Student’s Name: Aryan Rai

Aryan is named under the Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of India 2021 by HubPages. He is an international email marketing champion and a finalist in India’s Future Tycoons Season 3. A 15-year-old student by profession, and an entrepreneur, digital media influencer, marketer, and tech geek by passion.

He runs an IT start-up under which varied services like, digital marketing, social-media handling, website designing, business consultancy etc are offered. One can imagine the thrill and delight of coming across gratifying testimonials from remarkable organizations, about his services.

At this point, one feels reminded of the ‘Shark Tank’ American reality series which is a platform for entrepreneurs to compete. It so seems that the day is soon to come when India will be able to showcase its own ‘Shark-tank’ series with famous young entrepreneurs exhibiting their innovation turned into an economic model of financial gains and social welfare.‘Make in India’ goes beyond being just a slogan for our shining stars as they live it, empower it and become trail-blazers of hope, inspiration, and patriotism! By enrolling for our Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA, come and explore the opportunity of making your child the next teenage entrepreneur India will love to celebrate. Explore here! 😊

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