Here’s a quick overview of the most important Skills required for an IPS Officer to grow in their career

#1 Communication

Being able to communicate well is vital since an IPS officer is expected to argue persuasively in front of officials and administrators from various states.

#2 Judgement Skill

One must be able to infer appropriate, logical inferences or assumptions from the scant information available to them

#3 Analytical Skills

An IPS student needs to be able to take in a lot of knowledge and then filter it through to something useful, manageable, and logical.

#4 Research Skills

For an IPS officer to comprehend the state's status, its requirements, and to formulate legal solutions, they must be able to conduct research swiftly and effectively

#5 People’s Skill

An IPS Officer must be able to navigate challenging circumstances in order to preserve peace and order in the state

When working on something, they must have the tenacity to do the tasks required to see it through to completion.

#6 Perseverance

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