MIT SAT Scores – Information and Requirements For Admission


Looking to apply for MIT? While many students dream of MIT but very few really get admission. Since it is one of the top-ranked institutions, you need to have exceptional abilities in academics and extracurricular with a great MIT SAT Score to increase your chances.

There is a lot of effort and hard work which goes into it if you set the target which is as high as getting into top tech schools. To help you make your dream come true, here is everything that you need to know about the MIT SAT Scores and various other details related to admission.

What are your chances at MIT?

The MIT is no doubt one of the top colleges ranked worldwide but to secure admission, you need to be undoubtedly better than many of the candidates applying for it. Since the intake is limited and the number of applicants is high, it is something that you need to check first before planning for it.

If you are the one looking for admission into MIT, this is sure that you need to work hard day and night to make your dream come true. From great academic performance to higher SAT Scores, you need to become competitive in every area to increase your chances.

MIT Acceptance Rate

Every college has its own acceptance rate and being a candidate looking for admission you should know that it is the first thing that can help you define the strategy of success. When you compare the list of colleges and top institutions, you will find that every institution has a different acceptance rate. While some will have the rate as low as 2% or many may have it more than 5%, you should check it to know your chances of admission.

MIT has a 4% acceptance rate for the class of 2025. As per MIT, There are 1,365 applications selected out of 33240 applications in total. (Source: MIT)

What is the MIT’s take on Acceptance Rate?

MIT believes that an acceptance rate is just a number and it is not the criteria that solely decides your admission but it is a part of the process. As you know that MIT receives huge applications, it is obvious that they will be having high standards and requirements to shortlist you.

SAT Scores & more: What does MIT consider?

Do you want to know what it takes to get into MIT? As MIT has a holistic admission process, it requires you to have great skills along with the MIT SAT Score. You need to have diverse abilities covering educational and extracurricular activities defining your overall personality. To increase your chances, you need to make yourself better than others by having an exceptional portfolio and an amazing SAT Score.

MIT University SAT Requirements

Every college has its own set of requirements for offering admission to candidates which may vary from case to case basis. As you want to get admission into MIT, you need to refer to MIT SAT Requirements to understand what it takes to get the admission:

  • MIT Average SAT Score: MIT wants you to have an SAT Score above 1500 to secure a spot on the shortlist. In many cases, it may also go high or below this range. You need to target the highest as possible to increase your possibility of admission.
  • SAT Test-Optional: In 2022-23, MIT has made SAT Scores optional. If you already appeared for the SAT, you can choose to send your SAT Score otherwise it is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Other criteria: If you are not sending SAT Scores, it is advisable that you have a good GPA in high school, portfolio, volunteering roles, etc.

MIT SAT Scores

Are you looking for the answer to what is the Average SAT Score required for getting admission into MIT? 

The MIT SAT Scores may usually vary year by year but as per referring to the trend, it is seen that students need to target 1500 or above scores to increase their chances of getting into the shortlist. There is also a provision of waitlist which MIT offers. So to conclude, you really need to be above 1500 to hit the target. In 2022-23, however, it is not mandatory to submit SAT Scores.

Here is the table to help you understand the section-wise SAT score required for admission into MIT:

SAT SectionScore Required
Reading and Writing730-780

Source: IPEDS 

MIT Admission Statistics

Are you interested to know how many students really get into MIT? Here are MIT SAT admission statistics (Class of 2025) to help you get the insights related to admission and other aspects:

Admission Stats of International Students123 Students were admitted out of 9165 Applications.
Admission Stats of US Students1,241 Students were admitted out of 24,074 Applications.
Average SAT Score Requirement1500+
Admission Stats of Waitlisted Students25 Students were selected out of 680 Students.

SAT Syllabus for MIT

The SAT Syllabus for MIT is comprehensive and standardized. It applies to getting admission to other universities as well. Since the SAT Syllabus is the same for every college or university, you just need to focus on higher scores in order to increase your chances of getting on the shortlist. For example, MIT requires you to have scores above 1500 to have some chances of admission as it is highly competitive due to its popularity.

Referring to SAT Syllabus, here is the table to help you understand it well:

SectionWhat it Covers
ReadingIt consists of comprehensions having 10-11 questions with passages to test your skills related to the understanding of context.
WritingThis section tests the understanding of language along with the critical ability to find errors. It also consists of passages to check vocabulary and grammatical aspects.
MathsIt covers geometry, trigonometry, algebra, formula, graphs, statistics, arithmetic, graphs, etc.

SAT 1 Test – What it measures & how it impacts MIT SAT Scores

The SAT 1 is the general reasoning test that evaluates you on the grounds of how prepared you are to get into colleges abroad. While it covers sections related to reading, writing, passages, and mathematics, it seeks your readiness for how well you know about these basic subjects. Referring to the syllabus, you might already know that you study these subjects in class 9-12 and this is what SAT tests you on.

“How does SAT 1 impact MIT SAT Scores?”

The SAT 1 is the only test that you have to take in 2022-23. Since subject tests or SAT 2 tests have now been discontinued, you need to focus on preparing well for SAT 1 so that you can score good marks in sections like EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading Writing) and Mathematics. If you are planning to target MIT as your goal, then you need to score more than 1500 out of 1600 as a cumulative score.

SAT 2 Test: Does it still matters in 2022-23

The SAT 2 is commonly referred to as the subject test where the college board used to evaluate students on the basis of varied subjects to check their readiness in doing majors in a particular field or area of study. From 2021, MIT no longer accepts the Subject Tests. This can be a great thing if you are taking the SAT Exam as you just need to focus on SAT 1 to score good grades.

Your chances to get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There are a lot of questions that you might be having in your mind related to getting into MIT. While you might be wondering about what are the scores needed and how you can grab the best opportunities, here we have covered everything to help you with the same:

Acceptance Rate: What are the chances of getting into MIT?

Will I get into MIT with a 1500 SAT Score? This might be the common question you might be having in your mind. The answer to this is that MIT has its own process and procedure to shortlist you and there are many requirements that you have to fulfill. While referring to Acceptance Rate, MIT has a nearly 4% acceptance rate as per the statistics released by MIT for the class of 2025.

While talking about the chances of admission, it is a true fact that you need to target as high as possible to increase your chances of getting into MIT.

SAT Test Requirements

Are you the one planning to appear for the SAT Exam anytime soon? Here are various SAT test requirements which you need to fulfill in order to appear for it.

  • Eligibility: You need to be above 13 years of age and have passed class 9th to appear for the SAT Exam.
  • Educational Requirements for SAT: There is no specific requirement related to education to appear for SAT. 
  • Documents Required: You must have valid photo identification like Adhar Card(For Indian Students) and Passport to register for the exam.
  • Frequency & attempts allowed: As a student, you can register and appear for the SAT Exam multiple times in a year.

SAT Score Choice Policy

Sending SAT Scores is one of the requirements that can assist the admission committee to evaluate your application. In terms of referring to the SAT Score Choice Policy, it gives you the advantage to select which SAT Scores you need to send to the college. As you already know that you are allowed to sit for the SAT Exam multiple times, you can choose the best SAT Score from tests and send it to the college. In the case of MIT, it follows a super score formula where you can send the best scores out from the multiple test dates.

How you can send SAT Scores?

You can send SAT scores through your College Board account where you will have the option to choose which SAT scores you want to send to college.


Does MIT require SAT Score in 2022-23?

The MIT has chosen the option to go “Test Optional” under which it has advised students to submit SAT scores if they have already appeared for it. In case you have not taken the SAT Exam, you will still be able to apply for admissions.

If I don’t submit my SAT Score, How will my application be evaluated?

In case you don’t submit your SAT Score, you will be evaluated on the basis of your high school grades, coursework, and portfolio.

How can I improve my portfolio for applying to MIT?

Since MIT requires applicants to be exceptional and all-rounder, you should have an impressive portfolio and work experience to showcase your capabilities. You can do this by joining career discovery programs by Clever Harvey which is one such opportunity that can help you improve your portfolio by working on industry-linked projects. After the completion, you will get an industry-recognized certificate from organizations such as PUMA, Infinity Cars, and Samsonite. 

What SAT score I should target for MIT?

In most cases, getting anywhere above 1500 as a score can increase your chances of shortlisting. It is advisable that you aim for the highest grades possible.

What is the acceptance rate for MIT for the class of 2025?

MIT has an acceptance rate of 4% for the class of 2025. 

How easy is it to get admission into MIT?

If you are applying for MIT, it is not at all a matter of how hard or easy it is to get admission. You need to showcase your best of yourself and become competitive in terms of academics and extracurricular to increase your chances. 

What is the MIT Score Choice Policy?

The MIT score choice policy allows you to send your best SAT Scores from multiple test dates for which you have appeared. Under the super score policy, You are allowed to choose the best score from one date and another best score from another date.

How to send SAT scores to MIT?

You can send SAT Scores through your account on the official college board portal.

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