SAT Eligibility 2022 – Criteria, eligibility for Indian students, FAQ’s and more

SAT exam eligibility

If you are currently enrolled in high school or preparing for getting admission to colleges abroad, it is important that you know the process of getting shortlisted and securing admission. If you are already aware of the admission process, you might know that there are thousands of students who appear every year for the SAT Exam, and out of which very few of them really get the chance to study at their dream college abroad.

If you are one who is aspiring to be in top-tier colleges in US, UK, or Canada, then this is your golden opportunity that can open avenues for you to study abroad.

Being an SAT Applicant, it is important that you should become aware of requirements related to SAT Exam eligibility and other criteria before filling the registration form. To offer you more information, this article covers insights on SAT Eligibility, SAT Guidelines for Disabled Candidates, Requirements, etc.

SAT Eligibility Criteria – Key Highlights

Criteria for Nationalitycandidates from any country can appear for the SAT Exam.
Age requirementscandidate should be 13+ years old.
Provision for persons with disabilityyes, subject to approval by the College Board.
Documents requiredgovt. issued ID & Passport.
Educational eligibilitystudents from any stream can appear for the SAT Exam.

SAT Covid Update

The College Board has eliminated the requirement of the SAT Subject Test along with optional essays.

SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria – [ Detailed ]

The College Board has not laid down strict criteria due to which candidates from any subject or educational stream can appear for this test. The main purpose of this test is to help students get into universities abroad. 

Are you curious to know whether you are eligible for the SAT Exam or not? Here are a few key points which you can refer to.

Key points of SAT Exam eligibility for Indian Students

Here are the key points of SAT Exam Eligibility to understand whether you are eligible for the exam or not:

  • Age Limit: There is no specific minimum or a maximum age limit to appear for the SAT Exam. This exam can be given by you if you are currently in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. 
  • Educational Criteria: You can take this exam without strict limitation on the stream or educational background criteria. 
  • Frequency of Attempts: You can take the SAT Exam several times in a year without any complications. Since SAT is conducted 5 times a year, the student may choose to reappear if he/she wants to improve his score. 
  • Limits on Attempts: There is no limit on the attempts to appear for the SAT Exam.

SAT for Disabled Students – Eligibility & Facilities

The College Board allows candidates with disabilities to also appear for SAT Exams. The only requirement for it is to get it approved beforehand by the official college board authority.

There are various additional facilities that are provided to disabled candidates which are discussed in the next section. 

SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria for PWD (Persons with Disabilities)

Here are some of the SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria that you should keep in mind if you are applying for facilities under a person with disability norms:

  • You need to inform and take appropriate approval of College Board – Services for Students with Disabilities [SSD].
  • The scores will be canceled in case if approval is not granted by SSD.
  • It may take around 7 weeks to get the accommodations approved. You need to ensure that you start the process early to get the accommodations required.
  • You have to register online on the official College Board website to get an approved SSD Eligibility Code.
  • It is quite important for you to ensure approved aspects are mentioned and added in the SAT Exam Ticket so as to avoid any kind of confusion and inconvenience.

Facilities for Disabled Students appearing for SAT Exam 2022

The best part of the SAT Exam is that it is also open for disabled students who want to apply to universities in different countries. Since there are many universities that take students with disabilities.

The College Board that conducts this exam lays out specific guidelines for students with disability who want to avail extra facilities during the exam. Since the board officially acknowledges such demand on a case-to-case basis, the students need to inform them in advance.

The SSD or College Board Services for Students with Disabilities is responsible for approving or rejecting such extra demands as this is the sole body that takes care of specific needs and requirements of disabled students appearing for exams.

Facilities offered by SAT for Disabled Students

Want to know about which facilities are provided by the College Board for disabled candidates?

Here is a list of approved facilities :

  • The College Board approves the use of Braille and Large Print Text for visually impaired students.
  • The extra time is also offered to disabled students which are not offered in the case of general candidates.
  • The students can use computer aid for essays.
  • Extra breaks can be availed by the candidate during the exam duration.

SAT Eligibility Criteria – Things to Remember

Here are a few things which you should remember about SAT eligibility criteria so that you don’t miss anything important.

  • Application Requirement: Valid ID Proof with Photograph and Passport.
  • Registration: The journey of the SAT Exam starts from registration. The candidate should register well in advance referring to dates of SAT in year 2022 to check when the registrations are closing for specific exam dates.
  • Documents: You should take care of various important documents like correct ID Proof, Visible and Clear Passport Sized Photograph, Passport, etc. Failing to present these documents may invalidate the registration and you will not be allowed to appear in the exam.
  • Things to Carry: The examination center strictly prohibits mobile devices so you need to ensure that you don’t take any electronic device to the center. You should not forget to take an eraser, pencil, and calculator.
  • Eligibility on grounds of Education: You can appear for the SAT Exam from any stream.
  • Countries accepting SAT Scores: It is crucial that you should know which countries accept SAT Scores. To name a few, the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc. accept the SAT Scores to get admission into the colleges and universities in these countries.

Incase if you want to know about the SAT exam little bit more, you can check the below information or get detail info from this SAT article.

Purpose of SAT

The College Board conducts SAT Exam five times a year and if you are interested in appearing for the SAT exam, you can register through it online or offline (through school) modes. If you want to get admission abroad, It is a very important exam for you as it is considered as an entry point that can help you in getting admission to top colleges worldwide. 

The colleges like Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, etc. consider SAT scores to shortlist students on the basis of grading and performance.

Preparation for SAT

As a student planning to appear for the SAT Exam eligibility, you must make sure that you prepare well for the exam. As a recommendation by experts, the SAT preparation should start from the year before you plan to take the test.

This will allow you to give ample time to study without any stress. Apart from this, you can also choose to reappear if you fail to perform well in the exam. 

As per the college board, the students who retake SAT Exam eligibility increase their chances of raising their scores. 

Check here in detail – How to Prepare for SAT

Syllabus & Topics in SAT

The SAT Exam covers various sections like EBRW(writing, reading, grammar) and math. You will be given time duration of approximately 3 hours to complete the test. This exam also offers extra time for students with disabilities to complete their exams. Here are a few ideas on how you can prepare for various sections:

  • EBRW Section:

    To increase your understanding related to the Evidence Based Reading and Writing, you need to understand how you can reason an argument in a passage. Here is the video provided below to help you understand it in an easy way:
  • Mathematics Section:

    To improve your math skills, you should refer to sample tests on the official college board website which can help you understand types of questions related to arithmetic, algebra, etc.

Score and Grading for SAT

The grading of scoring in SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is done between the scale of 400-1600. In general terms, a good score is counted anywhere above 1400 which can help students get admission to top-ranked universities or colleges.

CategorySectionQuestionsTime in minutesTotal Marks
Evidence-based Reading and WritingReading Test5265200-800
Writing and Language Test 4435
Mathematics Math without a Calculator 2025200-800
Math with Calculator 3855
Source: CollegeBoard

Registering for SAT

If you are looking to appear for the SAT Exam, you can register on the official website of the College Board where you will be required to fill the form by uploading mandatory documents, details and paying the required fee. The SAT Exam Fee for Indian Students is USD 104 (Approx Rs. 7,700).

FAQs related to SAT Exam Eligibility

What is SAT Exam eligibility in India?

The SAT Exam Eligibility in India doesn’t require any specific criteria or eligibility requirements related to age, no. of attempt, educational background, etc.

What is the SAT Exam used for?

The SAT Exam is a qualifier that can help you get admission into colleges abroad. The scores obtained in the exam are used to shortlist candidates and then offered admission by the academic committee. The SAT Exam can also be used by you to get scholarships to study abroad.

What does the SAT Exam stand for?

The SAT Exam Stands for Scholastic Assessment Test.

How to register for the SAT Exam?

You can register for SAT on the official website of the College Board by filling up the required details and paying the examination fee.

It is important for you to remember that you need to track the registration opening and closing dates to ensure that you don’t miss out on the scheduled exam dates.

How many times is SAT Exam conducted in India?

The SAT Exam is conducted several times in the year. In India, it is conducted 5 times and you can choose any date as per your convenience to opt for it. You just need to make sure of registration dates so you don’t miss out in any case.

Is SAT an online exam?

No SAT is not an online exam. It is conducted offline at the official test centers approved by the College Board. In the majority of cities, there is a center through which students can appear for the exam.

What is the benefit of SAT Exam?

There are numerous benefits of the SAT Exam as students can use the scores generated in the exam to get admission to top universities and colleges. While some colleges mandatorily ask for SAT Scores, there are various other universities that are not prestigious or top-ranked but can offer you admission based on the SAT Score.

Is there any age limit for SAT Exam eligibility?

You need to be 13+ years of age to appear for SAT Exam.

How to prepare for SAT Exam?

The preparation for the SAT Exam starts right early a few weeks before the exam. It takes 7-8 weeks to help you understand and prepare for the syllabus

The syllabus of the SAT Exam eligibility is quite general and students who are in 11th and 12th grade can easily prepare for topics like Writing/Reading, Maths, etc.

Can we give SAT Exam multiple times?

Yes, As per the College Board, you are completely allowed to give an SAT Exam multiple times without any constraints. The College Board also gives you the choice to cancel SAT Scores.

What apart from SAT is required to get shortlisted for colleges abroad?

There are various other factors like portfolio, high school grades, extracurricular, etc. which play an important role to get shortlisted for colleges abroad.

In order to be prepared, it is recommended that you should indulge yourself in extracurricular activities or career-focused programs like Junior MBA by Clever Harvey which will give you a leap ahead in the path of securing admission by showcasing your portfolio.

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