How to become an Event Manager


If you like to be in charge of everything that happens around you? If you enjoy organizing and planning, this is the place to be. 

You should pursue a career in event management. This blog will walk you through how to become an event manager, courses, top colleges, and worldwide event manager salaries.

Who is an Event manager? 

An Event Manager is someone who plans an event, executes the plan within the budget, and ensures that everything runs smoothly. They are skilled at financial budgeting because they allocate the budget so that the planned event occurs within the budgeted amount. They are also problem solvers as they take care of any problem arising in the event.

How to become an Event manager (4-step guide)

Step 1: Stream to select 

To become an Event Manager one can do a course in Event Management after completing 10+2 from any stream. But the recommended stream would be commerce as it will help you gain financial knowledge.

You should try industry-certified courses like JR MBA in Finance, JR MBA in Advertising, or JR MBA in Entrepreneurship to help you decide whether you want to pursue a career in event management while also strengthening your entrepreneur and finance foundation, which will help you advance in your career as an event manager. This will assist you in determining the best career path for you.

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Step 2: Certification courses 

  • Certificate in Event Management
  • Certificate in Applied Tourism and Event Management
  • International Certificate Online Communication Event 
  • International Certificate Online Organizing Techniques and Practical Guide in Event 

Step 3: Educational Requirements 

How to become an Event Manager after 10th 

Rather than enrolling in a graduation program, you can pursue these programs to become an event manager. 

  1. Certificate in Event Management 
  2. Diploma in Event Management
  3. Diploma in Public Relation and Event Management
  4. Diploma in Communication Event 

To become an Event manager after 12th

  • Undergraduate Courses for Event Manager in India

The duration of the courses mentioned below is 3 years.

  1. Bachelors of Business Administration in Event Management
  2. Bachelors of Art in Event Management 
  3. Bachelors of Mass Media
  4. Bachelors in Event Management
  5. Bachelors of Public Relations
  6. Bachelors of Business Studies
  7. Bachelor of Business Management
  • Top Colleges for Event Manager in India

Some of the top colleges one may consider for pursuing a career in Event Management are:

Top 12 College for Event ManagementLocation 
National Institute of Event Management (NIEM)Delhi
National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD)Mumbai
Indian School of Media (ISM)Mumbai
EMDI Institute of Media & CommunicationMumbai
Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT)Delhi
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and StudiesDelhi
Pearl AcademyMumbai
National Academy of Media and EventsKolkata
MIT World Peace UniversityPune
PES UniversityBangalore
International Institute of Event Management (IIEM)Mumbai
  • Undergraduate programmes for an Event Manager abroad 
Courses Duration 
BSc Hospitality Management4 years
BSc Event Management4 years
BA Event Management4 years
Diploma Event Management16 months
BSc Sports and Event Management3 years
UG Diploma Hospitality & Event Management2 years
  • Top 10 Colleges abroad to study Event Management
University Courses Fees 
London Metropolitan University BA Hons Event Management ₹11.7 lakhs 
Iowa State University BSc in Event Management₹9 lakhs 
University of BedfordshireBA in Event Management₹11 lakhs
University of North Texas BSc in Event, Sport management ₹18.7 lakhs 
University of West London BA Hons Event Management ₹11 lakhs
Torrens University Bachelor of Business in Event Management ₹40 lakhs
Deakin University BA in Event Management₹16 lakhs 
University of Europe BSc in Sports and Event Management ₹ 9 lakhs
Auckland University of Technology BA in Event Management ₹14 lakhs
Central Washington University BSc in Tourism Management ₹18.9 lakhs 

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Step 4: Job Preparation 

  • Internship 

To become an event manager, it is necessary to gain practical experience, and the best way to do so is to intern with well-known event managers or with event management companies.

  • Freelance

To land clients, you must develop strong networking skills. Starting as a freelancer is a great way to practice your skills while also building a portfolio for a career as an event manager.

  • Portfolio Creation 

You should photograph the project you worked on as a freelancer or as part of an internship. To create mood boards, take photos of flowers, color, and texture combinations. This will help your clients understand the type of work they can expect from you. Don’t forget to include your internship experience and previous client feedback.

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10 Skills needed to become an Event Manager

  • Communication Skills 
  • Multitasking Skills 
  • Problem-Solving Skills 
  • Networking Skills 
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • can work under duress
  • Client-centred mindset
  • Financial Management 
  • Trend Awareness
  • Creative Thinking

Salary of an Event Manager 

Salary In India 

The average salary of an event manager is around ₹ 4 lakh per annum.

Salary Abroad 

CountriesSalary (per annum)
US₹41.5 L
UK₹35.4 L
Australia₹52.4 L
Canada₹43.8 L
Germany ₹30 L

Top Recruiters in India 

how to become an event manager
Top recruiters in India for Event Manager
  1. Wizcraft 
  2. Percept 
  3. Pegasus 
  4. Cineyug
  5. George P Johnson 
  6. DNA Entertainment Network 
  7. Geometry Encompass 
  8. E-Factor
  9. Fountainhead 
  10. Tafcon 

Top Recruiters Abroad 

  1. A Perfect Event 
  2. Rafanelli Event 
  3. Wonderland
  4. Colin Cowie 
  5. Eventive
  6. MKG
  7. Royal DSM
  8. Verizon
  9. Bassett Event Inc
  10. David Tutera

The road to becoming an event manager is not easy, but once you get a foothold in the industry, your earnings will skyrocket. If you enjoy planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing smooth events, don’t put it off any longer.

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FAQs about how to become an Event Manager

What qualifications do I need for event management?

To pursue a bachelors or diploma  in event management it is necessary to complete 10+2 from commerce or arts stream.

How long does it take to become an event manager?

An event management degree typically takes three years to complete, but you can become an event manager after completing a one-year diploma programmed.

Do event managers get paid well?

An event manager’s salary is quite good, but as a newcomer to the field, you may face some difficulties, but once established, you will be rewarded handsomely.

How do I make an event manager?

You can take up a diploma or certification course to become an event manager and later intern with a professional to gain relevant experience.

How do I start an event management career?

You can directly take an internship and create a portfolio which will help robust you career as an event manager.

Which degree is best for event management?

Best degrees for event management are communication, public relation and management studies.

What is the work of an event manager?

An Event Manager is someone who plans an event, executes the plan within the budget, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

How do I become an events manager without a degree?

You can become an event manager by creating a portfolio by freelancing your services, intern under a professional to get the relevant experience to get started with your career as an event manager.

How much can you earn in event management?

An average salary of an event manager in India is ₹ 4 lakh per annum.

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