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Columbia University SAT

Are you planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at Columbia University? Columbia University is an Ivy League accredited university based in New York that offers prestigious and world renowned education and research facilities.

In order to uphold these standards, as you are searching for a college that matches you, Columbia is looking for candidates that match them. To make the most of your application, this article will outline the Columbia University SAT requirements, Columbia University GPA cutoffs and more details on the application process. 

Columbia University SAT Requirements 

Columbia University SAT standards, like many other Ivy League colleges, are very high as the SAT provides a standardized unit to measure your academic ability. The college typically requires standardized test scores, but will allow super scoring to meet Columbia University SAT requirements, and does not require subject SATs or the optional writing section. Below are the key factors around the Columbia University SAT requirements. 

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Columbia University SAT Testing Policy 2022

For first year applicants and transfer students, Columbia University SAT policy is test-optional in the 2021-22 application cycle. Additionally, students applying for Fall intake 2022 and 2023 will also be able to waive testing requirements. This means that while SAT and other standardised test scores like ACT can be considered if submitted, candidates are not required to do so and will not be at a disadvantage for not having taken the tests.

That being said, a great SAT score can help boost your Columbia University application and by reaching the Columbia University SAT requirements you can prove your ability to admissions officers.

Columbia University SAT Requirements 2022

The table below describes the average scores of previously admitted Columbia students which can be used as the basis for Columbia University SAT requirements in 2022:

SAT Section Score25%75%
Reading & Writing 735710760
Composite Score150514501560

The first column provides the average score of admitted first year students, meaning a composite score of 1505 will keep you comfortably in Columbia University SAT target. Scoring in the 25% puts you below average while still being considered whereas scoring in the 75% puts you above average- or above 75% of other successful test takers. 

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Submitting Columbia University SAT Scores

Columbia University SAT code number is 2116, and this is the code you should use to correctly register to submit your scores via an official Columbia University SAT score report.

When submitting your SAT scores to Columbia University you have multiple options:

Option 1: Adding your scores through the Common Application
This will allow you to send in your Columbia University SAT scores ahead of time.

Option 2: Updating your scores on your Columbia application status page
This will only be available after submitting your completed Columbia application.

Option 3: Sending scores directly from your school
This can be done via mail or e-mail, but should be checked with individual school policies.

Option 4: Official Score Reports

These will be required if your admission is granted either way, and should match up with the self-reported scores in the previous options so as to not revoke your admission. 

Columbia University GPA Requirements 

Columbia University GPA requirements are typically around a 4.12 minimum. While not explicitly stated by the University themselves, this figure is the average GPA of successful applicants who succeeded in getting accepted to Columbia University. This makes Columbia a very competitive college, and requires you to achieve very high grades throughout your schooling. 

That being said, Ivy Leagues like Columbia University rarely have a concrete GPA requirement as it may change based on your field of study and your overall application. A candidate with a GPA of below 4.12 may still get into Columbia University if it is balanced out with extracurriculars, sports achievements, great standardised test scores or other outstanding achievements that show your application to be a cut above the rest.  

Columbia University Acceptance Rate

Columbia University has an acceptance rate of only 5.9%, meaning that of every 100 applicants, less than 6 are able to secure their admission and get accepted to Columbia University. This low acceptance rate makes Columbia University a very competitive college to get into and so maintaining the Columbia University SAT scores and Columbia University GPA averages is essential. 

How to secure admission to Columbia University

The admissions requirements itself only start with a GPA of 4.12 and SAT scores of 1450+, in reality admissions officers at Columbia University are looking for extraordinary students that will go above and beyond to become the next generation of leaders and innovators.

A good way to demonstrate this drive to admissions committees is by providing proof of concept through real-world experience. By interning and working in business environments you can demonstrate to the university that you’re able to apply theories and concepts you’ve learned in school- and show your prowess in your field of study.

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Introducing Clever Harvey College Catapult - Get in to your Dream College.
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