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Are you thinking of applying to the University of Pennsylvania?

UPenn is certainly an excellent choice as alumni from this school have gone on to be extremely successful in all kinds of different professional fields. There are 25 billionaires in the world who graduated from UPenn’s undergraduate program.

The University of Pennsylvania or UPenn is an Ivy League college located in Philadelphia. Given these great statistics, it’s no surprise that UPenn is a highly selective school. This article will tell you about the University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate, University of Pennsylvania SAT requirements, ACT requirements, GPA requirements and application deadlines. 

University of Pennsylvania SAT Requirements

UPenn is Test Optional for 2022-23

Since the Covid pandemic started UPenn has been test-optional. This means that SAT and ACT scores are not required as part of your application to UPenn . The students who choose not to submit their test scores will not be at a disadvantage to other UPenn applicants as a result of this policy. However, the college will accept the test scores for those students who want to include SAT or ACT scores as part of their applications to  UPenn. 

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UPenn SAT Requirements 2022

The University of Pennsylvania is a very competitive University when it comes to SAT scores. There is no official SAT cutoff for applying to this university however only the students with top UPenn SAT scores are accepted to the college. The university does offer super scoring which means that they consider your highest section scores from the multiple scores that you may have submitted. Below is a breakdown of the UPenn SAT Score range for different SAT sections for students who were admitted to UPenn in 2020- 2021. 

SAT SectionSAT Score Range
Reading and Writing710-770

This would make the average UPenn SAT score of an accepted student 1525. The average Reading and Writing SAT score for a UPenn student would be 740. The Average Math SAT score for a UPenn student is 775. 

University of Pennsylvania ACT Requirements 

Since the University of Pennsylvania adopted a test-optional policy in 2020 and they are continuing this policy for the admissions class of 2022-23, that means ACT test scores are not required as part of your UPenn application. However, having a good ACT score can always help to boost your application or make it stand out from the other applicants.

The ACT score range for students who were accepted into UPenn in 2021 was 35-36. This makes UPenn an extremely competitive school, with most accepted students who chose to submit their ACT scores scoring the maximum score of 36. 

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University of Pennsylvania GPA Requirements

The average highschool GPA of students who were admitted to UPenn was 3.9 on a 4.0 GPA scale. Primarily students scoring in the top 1% and scoring mostly As in their last few years of school get into UPenn. However these GPA requirements are not explicitly stated by the university in their application requirements. There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply to UPenn.

This means that other parts of your application which stand out, like a good SAT or ACT score can give you an edge over other UPenn applicants. According to the University of Pennsylvania website, “it is difficult to pinpoint one metric for a student’s success in the classroom”. 

University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate

Out of 56,332 total UPenn applicants in 2021, 3304 students were accepted to the university, making their acceptance rate 5.9%. This is a very low acceptance rate, and UPenn being an Ivy League school is naturally a highly selective and sought after school.

It is important to boost your application as much as you can with internships and extra-curricular activities. Work experience with major companies is a great way to prove that you have real world skills. 

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Clever Harvey’s JuniorMBA program gives you the chance to work on real projects at real companies like PUMA, Kellogg’s and Samsonite. The certificate you receive from these companies upon completion of the project is recognized by universities around the world.

The projects you work on, like building an ad campaign or solving a technical problem for a mobile application, give you skills that you can actually apply in the working world and the admissions team will recognize this. 

UPenn Application Timeline

Below is the timeline you should follow for your University of Pennsylvania application.

Application PlanApplication Deadline Decision DateReply/ Enrollment Date
Early DecisionNovember 1Mid DecemberJanuary 5
Regular DecisionJanuary 5Mid AprilMay 2

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Introducing Clever Harvey College Catapult - Get in to your Dream College.
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